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The 1000++ Artworks created around 1925

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Franz Marc - TyrolTyrolFranz Marc

The full implication of this motif for the art of Franz Marc can best be seen in one of his last oil paintings, Tirol, painted in 1913 and retouched in 1914. The overall image of this painting is, as in Fate of the Animals, one of cataclysmic destruction. The heavens have broken asunder and mountain...

Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst (Munich, Germany)
Henri Matisse - View of Notre DameView of Notre DameHenri Matisse
147 x 94 cm, (1914)

View of Notre-Dame (Une vue de Notre-Dame) is an oil painting by Henri Matisse from 1914. Tt belongs to the 'experimental period' of Matisse's oeuvre. Pentimenti reveal that it was originally painted in a more detailed manner before it was radically simplified into a geometric composition. It was no...

Max Beckmann - The KingThe KingMax Beckmann

The king's features are akin to Beckmann's own, although no formal self-portrait may have been intended. The collar with its triangular flaps has the shape the artist usually assigned to clown and harlequin costumes, so we may suspect that the ominous scene is really just part of a play. Beckmann wo...

Saint Louis Art Museum (United States)
John William Waterhouse - Fair RosamundFair RosamundJohn William Waterhouse

Fair Rosamund (1917) is an oil painting by the English Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse. Rosamond (born circa 1140, died circa 1176). Also spelled Rosamund, known as 'The Fair Rosamond'. Rosamond was a mistress of Henry II of England. She was the subject of many legends and stories. Ro...