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Self portrait, Panel by Joachim Wtewael (1566-1638, Netherlands)

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Self portrait

Although Manet often painted himself into his scenes, this self-portrait is one of only two of just the artist himself. The painting, which was painted in the style of Diego Velazquez self-portrait in Las Meninas, portrays the artist in a brown coat and cap, paint brush and palette in hand. Although the painting shows the brush in the left hand, we can assume that it was mirror image, as Manet was right handed. X-ray analysis of this work has shown that Manet painted over a portrait of his wife, Suzanne Leenhoff (Manet), in profile. This is the only self-portrait in which Manet depicted himself as an artist, as he has included himself in many of his other paintings, albeit as a figure in the scene, as in Music in the Tuileries and The Ball of the Opera.

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Joachim Wtewael

Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (also spelled Uytewael) (1566 – 1 August 1638), was a notable Dutch painter and draughtsman.

Wtewael was most likely born in Utrecht, where, according to Carel van Mander, he began his career as a glass maker and glass engraver with his father. In 1586, he began six years of voyaging through France and Italy, in the company of the bishop of St. Malo, Charles de Bourgneuf de Cucé.

Returning to Utrecht in 1592 at the age of twenty-five, Wtewael joined the saddlemakers’ guild as a painter and began producing paintings, drawings, engravings, and stained glass. One of the last Mannerist painters, Wtewael stuck to the tradition even as most painters adopted the naturalistic style. In 1596 he had a son Peter Wtewael, who became a painter as well.

He became one of the leading Dutch exponents of Northern Mannerism. His highly distinctive, charmingly artificial style, which remained untouched by the naturalistic developments happening around him, was characterized by acidic colours and elegant figures in wilfully distorted poses. The best collection of his work, including a self-portrait (1601), is in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

 Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael né en 1566 et mort le 1er août 1638 à Utrecht, est un peintre maniériste hollandais. Il commence comme graveur dans l'atelier de son père. Vers 1588-1590, il voyage pendant six mois en France et en Italie (Padoue) où il commence à peindre. Retournant à Utrecht en 1592 à l’âge de 25 ans, Wtewael joint la confrérie des fabri...

 Joachim Anthonisz. Wtewael (* 1566 in Utrecht † 1. August 1638 ebenda) war ein niederländischer Maler. Der Sohn des Glasmalers Anthonis Jansz. Wtewael verbrachte den Großteil seines Lebens in Utrecht. Durch Karel van Mander überliefert arbeitete er bis zu seinem 18. Lebensjahr als Glasmaler bei seinem Vater und trat dann für zwei Jahre in die Werk...

 Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (Utrecht, 1566 circa – Utrecht, 1 agosto 1638) è stato un pittore e incisore olandese. Ebbe il primo apprendistato presso la bottega del padre Anthonis Wtewael, in cui si dipingevano vetrate, e presso Joost de Beer. Visitò la Francia e l'Italia nel corso di circa quattro anni e nel 1592 fu maestro nella gilda Zadelaar di U...

 Joachim Anthonisz. Wtewael (Utrecht, h. 1566 - Utrecht, 1 de agosto de 1638) fue un pintor holandés del manierismo que en su madurez se aproximó tímidamente hacia el naturalismo bajo influencia de Caravaggio. Hijo de un artesano de vidrios pintados, nace hacia 1566 en Utrecht, localidad de la actual Holanda que entonces se englobaba en los Países B...

 Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (Utrecht, 1566 — Utrecht, 1 de agosto de 1638) foi um notável pintor, desenhista e gravurista) holandês. Wtewael (cujo sobrenome é por vezes grafado Uytewael) iniciou a sua carreira fazendo gravuras em vidro com seu pai em sua terra natal, na cidade de Utrecht. Em 1586, ele começou uma viagem de seis anos pela Europa, espe...

 ヨアヒム・ウテワール (Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael、Uytewaelの署名もあった、1566年 - 1638年8月1日)は、オランダの画家・銅版画家。 ウテワールはユトレヒトで生まれ、ステンドグラス職人の父の工房で働くことで芸術家としてのキャリアをスタートさせた。1586年、彼はフランスからイタリアへの6年間の旅を始め、パドヴァで絵画を始めた。 1592年、25歳でユトレヒトへ戻ると、ウテワールは画家として馬具職人組合へ入り、絵画、エングレービング、ステンドグラス制作を始めた。最後のマニエリスム画家の一人であるウテワールは、多くの画家たちが自然主義的な様式を採用したときにマニエリスムの伝統を守った。 彼はマニエリスムのオランダ人主唱者となった。彼の非常に特徴ある、魅力...