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The ball by Abraham Bosse (1603-1676, France)

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Abraham Bosse

Abraham Bosse (c. 1602-1604 – February 14, 1676) was a French artist, mainly as a printmaker in etching, but also in watercolour.

He was born to Huguenot (Calvinist) parents in Tours, France, where his father had moved from Germany. His father was a tailor, and Bosse's work always depicted clothes in loving detail . He married Catherine Sarrabat at Tours in 1632. He remained a Huguenot, dying before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, but was happy to illustrate religious subjects to Catholic taste .

Roughly 1600 etchings are attributed to him, with subjects including: daily life , religion , literature , history , fashion , technology , and science . Most of his output was illustrations for books, but many were also sold separately. His style grows from Dutch and Flemish art, but is given a strongly French flavour. Many of his images give fascinating and informative detail about middle and upper-class daily life in the period, although they must be treated with care as historical evidence . His combination of very carefully depicted grand interiors with relatively trivial domestic subjects was original and highly influential on French art, and also abroad — William Hogarth's engravings are, among other things, a parody of the style. Most of his images are perhaps best regarded as illustrations rather than art.

He was apprenticed in Paris about 1620 to the Antwerp-born engraver Melchior Tavernier (1564–1641), who was also an important publisher. His first etchings date to 1622, and are influenced by Jacques Bellange. Following a meeting in Paris about 1630, he became a follower of Jacques Callot, whose technical innovations in etching he popularised in a famous and much translated Manual of Etching(1645), the first to be published . He took Callot's highly detailed small images to a larger size, and a wider range of subject matter.

Unlike Callot, his declared aim, in which he largely succeeded, was to make etchings look like engravings, to which end he sacrificed willingly the freedom of the etched line, whilst certainly exploiting to the full the speed of the technique. Like most etchers, he frequently used engraving on a plate in addition to etching, but produced no pure engravings.

In 1641 he began to attend classes given by the architect Girard Desargues (1591–1661) on perspective and other technical aspects of depiction. Bosse not only adopted these methods but also published a series of works between 1643–1653 explaining and promoting them .

In 1648, when Cardinal Mazarin established the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, Bosse was made a founding member. However his publicising of Desargues' methods embroiled him in a controversy with Charles Le Brun and his followers who had different methods, and also a belief that "genius" rather than technical method should be the guide in creating artworks. In 1661 Bosse was forced to withdraw from the Academy; he established his own school as an alternative.

 Abraham Bosse, né à Tours en 1604 et mort à Paris en 1676, membre de l'Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, fut l'un des meilleurs graveurs français du XVIIe siècle. Théoricien de la gravure, prosélyte des méthodes projectives de Girard Desargues, son œuvre est un emblème de l'art baroque français. Abraham Bosse est le fils de Louis Bosse, ...

 Abraham Bosse (spr. boss') (* um 1604 in Tours † 1. oder 14. Februar 1676 in Paris) war ein französischer Kupferstecher und Radierer. Bosse lieferte eine ungeheure Menge Blätter mit kulturhistorisch interessanten Schilderungen von Zeremonien, Festen und Szenen aus dem Volksleben. Er war ein Freund des Architekten und Mathematikers Gérard Desargues...

 Abraham Bosse (Tours, 1604 – Parigi, 1676) è stato un incisore francese. Membro dell'Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, fu uno dei maggiori incisori francesi dell'XVII secolo. Teorico dell'incisione, divulgatore delle teorie geometrico-prospettiche di Girard Desargues, la sua opera è un emblema dell'arte barocca francese. Ugonotto e figli...

 Abraham Bosse (Tours, Francia c. 1602-1604 – 14 de febrero de 1676) fue un artista francés, principalmente como ilustrador, tanto en el grabado, como en la acuarela. Nacido de padres hugonotes (calvinistas) en Tours, Francia, donde su padre se había trasladado de Alemania. Su padre era un sastre, y el trabajo de Bosse representa siempre la ropa co...

 Abraham Bosse (1602-1604 - 14 de fevereiro de 1676) foi um artísta francês, principalmente gravação por água-forte, mas também aquarelista. Cerca de 1.600 gravuras são atribuídas a ele, com temas como: vida diária , religião , literatura , história , tecnologia e ciência . A maior parte de sua produção foram ilustrações para livros, mas muitas tamb...