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All 35 artists from country Denmark | List of 35 Artists born in Denmark

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Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (1743 - 1809) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (September 11, 1743 – June 4, 1809) was a Danish neoclassical and royal history painter, sculptor, architect, and professor of painting, mythology, and anatomy at the New Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. Many of his works were in the royal Christiansborg Palace (some destroyed by fire 1794), Fredensborg......

Carl Heinrich Bloch

Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834 - 1890) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Carl Heinrich Bloch (23 May 1834 – 22 February 1890) was a Danish painter. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and studied with Wilhelm Marstrand at the Royal Danish Academy of Art (Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi) there. Bloch's parents wanted their son to enter a respectable profession - an officer in the Navy. This, however, was not what Carl w......

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783 - 1853) - Denmark (Blåkrog)

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (2 January 1783 – 22 July 1853) was a Danish painter. He was born in Blåkrog in the Duchy of Schleswig (now in Aabenraa Municipality, in the southern part of Jutland in Denmark), to Henrik Vilhelm Eckersberg, painter and carpenter, and Ingeborg Nielsdatter. He went on to lay the foundation for the period of art known ......

Christen Købke

Christen Købke (1810 - 1848) - Denmark (Kastellet)

Christen Schiellerup Købke (26 May 1810 – 7 February 1848), Danish painter, was born in Copenhagen to Peter Berendt Købke, a baker, and his wife Cecilie Margrete. He was one of 11 children. Købke is one of the best known artists belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Painting. In 1815 the family moved from a bakery near Hillerød to Kastellet, a mili......

Bertel Thorvaldsen

Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770 - 1844) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Bertel Thorvaldsen (Danish: [bæɐ̯dl̩ ˈtɒːvalˀsn̩] 19 November 1770 – 24 March 1844) was a Danish/Icelandic sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life (1797–1838) in Italy. Thorvaldsen was born in Copenhagen into a Danish/Icelandic family of humble means, and was accepted to the Royal Danish Academy of Art when he was eleven years ol......

Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn (1914 - 1973) - Denmark (Vejrum)

Asger Oluf Jorn (3 March 1914 – 1 May 1973) was a Danish painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, and author. He was a founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA and the Situationist International. He was born in Vejrum, in the northwest corner of Jutland, Denmark, and baptized Asger Oluf Jørgensen. The largest collection of Asger Jorn's works—inc......

Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (1788 - 1857) - Denmark-Norway (Bergen)

Johan Christian Claussen Dahl (24 February 1788 – 14 October 1857), often known as J. C. Dahl or I. C. Dahl, was a Norwegian artist who is considered the first great romantic painter in Norway, the founder of the "golden age" of Norwegian painting, and one of the greatest European artists of all time. He is often described as "the father of Norwegi......

Anna Kirstine Ancher

Anna Kirstine Ancher (1859 - 1935) - Denmark (Skagen)

Anna Ancher (18 August 1859 – 15 April 1935) was a Danish artist associated with the Skagen Painters, an artists' colony on the northern point of Jutland, Denmark. She is considered to be one of Denmark's greatest visual artists. Anna Kirstine Brøndum was born in Skagen, Denmark, the daughter of Erik Andersen Brøndum (1820–1890) and Ane Hedvig Møll......

Jens Jørgensen Juel

Jens Jørgensen Juel (1745 - 1802) - Denmark (Falster)

Jens Juel (12 May 1745 – 27 December 1802) was a Danish painter, primarily known for his many portraits, of which the largest collection is on display at Frederiksborg Castle. He is regarded as the leading Danish portrait painting of the 18th century. He was born in the house of his mother's brother Johan Jørgensen, who was a school teacher in Bals......

Laurits Tuxen

Laurits Tuxen (1853 - 1927) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Laurits Tuxen (9 December 1853 – 21 November 1927) was a Danish painter and sculptor specialising in figure painting. He was also associated with the Skagen Painters. He was the first head of Kunstnernes Frie Studieskoler, an art school established in the 1880s to provide an alternative to the education offered by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine A......

Jens Juel

Jens Juel (1745 - 1802) - Denmark (Falster)

Jens Juel (12 May 1745 – 27 December 1802) was a Danish painter, primarily known for his many portraits, of which the largest collection is on display at Frederiksborg Castle. He is regarded as the leading Danish portrait painting of the 18th century. He was born in the house of his mother's brother Johan Jørgensen, who was a school teacher in Bals......

Wilhelm Marstrand

Wilhelm Marstrand (1810 - 1873) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Nicolai Wilhelm Marstrand (24 December 1810 – 25 March 1873), painter and illustrator, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Nicolai Jacob Marstrand, instrument maker and inventor, and Petra Othilia Smith. Marstrand is one of the most renowned artists belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Painting. Marstrand studied at Copenhagen's Metropolitan Schoo......

Paul Gustave Fischer

Paul Gustave Fischer (1860 - 1934) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Paul Gustav Fischer (22 July 1860 in Copenhagen – 1 May 1934 in Gentofte) was a Danish painter. Paul Fischer belongs to the fourth generation of Fischers to live in Denmark. This Jewish family originally came from Poland. The family was upper middle class Paul's father had started as a painter, but later succeeded in the business of manufacturing p......

Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz

Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz (1804 - 1832) - Denmark (Odense)

Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz (20 March 1804 – 14 November 1832) was a Danish painter mainly known for genre works and portraits which often portray his artist colleagues and their daily lives. He was one of the most talented artists in the successful generation of painters who studied under Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg but died early and has therefore......

Fritz Sigfried Georg Melbye

Fritz Sigfried Georg Melbye (1826 - 1896) - Denmark (Helsingør)

Fritz Sigfred Georg Melbye (24 August 1826 – 14 December 1869) was a Danish marine painter, the brother of Anton Melbye and Vilhelm Melbye who were also marine painters. He traveled widely, painting seascapes, coastal and harbour scenes as well as some landscapes in Europe, the Caribbean, Venezuela, North America and Asia. Fritz Melbye was born on ......

Peter Vilhelm Carl Kyhn

Peter Vilhelm Carl Kyhn (1819 - 1903) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Peter Vilhelm Carl Kyhn, (30 March 1819 – 11 May 1903) was a Danish landscape painter who belonged to the generation of national romantic painters immediately after the Danish Golden Age and before the Modern Breakthrough. Even though he outlived many of his artistic peers by several decades, he remained a traditionalist and expressed strong critic......

Viggo Johansen

Viggo Johansen (1851 - 1935) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Viggo Johansen (3 January 1851 – 18 December 1935) was a Danish painter and active member of the group of Skagen Painters who met every summer in the north of Jutland. He was one of Denmark's most prominent painters in the 1890s. As a boy, Johansen already had a talent for drawing which was recognized by Wilhelm Marstrand. He studied at the Royal D......

Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen

Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen (1850 - 1921) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen (November 2, 1850 – February 2, 1921) was a Danish-born American maritime artist known as the "Audubon of Steam Vessels". Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark where he attended the Royal Academy of Design before heading across the Atlantic Ocean. He arrived in the United States in August 1873. He settled in West ......

Johan Thomas Lundbye

Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818 - 1848) - Denmark (Kalundborg)

Johan Thomas Lundbye (1 September 1818 - 25 April 1848) was a promising young Danish painter and graphic artist, known for his animal and landscape paintings who died at the age of 29. He was artistically inspired by Niels Laurits Høyen's call to develop a Danish nationalistic art by exploring as motif the characteristic landscapes, the historical ......

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (1819 - 1895) - Denmark (Brede)

Joachim Ferdinand Richardt (10 April 1819 - 29 October 1895) Danish-American artist, in Denmark known for his lithographs of manor houses, and in the U.S. for his paintings of Niagara Falls and other landscapes. Ferdinand Richardt, the son of Johan Joachim Richardt and Johanne Frederikke née Bohse, was born in Brede, north of Copenhagen in 1819. Hi......

Otto Bache

Otto Bache (1839 - 1927) - Denmark (Roskilde)

Otto Bache (21 August 1839 – 28 June 1927) was a Danish Realist painter. Many of his works depict key events in Danish history. At the age of only eleven, he received a dispensation and was admitted into the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, studying under Wilhelm Marstrand, among others. In 1866, he received the Academy's travel grant and went to......

Christen Dalsgaard

Christen Dalsgaard (1824 - 1907) - Denmark (Krabbesholm)

Christen Dalsgaard (30 October 1824 – 11 February 1907) was a Danish painter, a late student of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg. The son of the estate owner, Christen Dalsgaard was born on 30 October 1824 at Krabbesholm Manor near Skive in Jutland. He showed early signs of artistic talent, and received training as a craft painter. In the spring of 1......

Soren Emil Carlsen

Soren Emil Carlsen (1853 - 1932) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Soren Emil Carlsen (October 19, 1853 – January 2, 1932, New York City, U.S. ) was an American Impressionist painter who emigrated to the United States from Denmark. He became known for his still lifes and while by some he has been described as "The American Chardin" he was in fact a far more sensitive aesthetically oriented artist. In an era when m......

Johan Laurentz Jensen

Johan Laurentz Jensen (1800 - 1856) - Denmark (Gentofte)

Johan Laurentz Jensen, often referred to as J. L. Jensen (8 March 1800, Gentofte – 26 March 1856, Copenhagen) was a Danish artist who specialized in flower painting. In parallel with his studies at the Danish Academy, he became a pupil of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg and also of Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Specializing in flower painting, Jensen con......

Vilhelm (Hammershøi)Hammershoi

Vilhelm (Hammershøi)Hammershoi (1864 - 1916) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Edvard Petersen

Edvard Petersen (1841 - 1911) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Edvard Petersen (4 February 1841 – 5 December 1911) was a Danish painter. He also designed the Stork Fountain on Amagertorv in Copenhagen From 1851 he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1860s and 1870s he painted romantic landscape paintings under influence of Vilhelm Kyhn. He was a close friend of fellow painter Theodor Philips......

Peder Mork Monsted

Peder Mork Monsted (1859 - 1941) - Denmark (Balle Mølle)

Realism, Realism

Kay Rasmus Nielsen

Kay Rasmus Nielsen (1886 - 1957) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Otto Didrik Ottesen

Otto Didrik Ottesen (1816 - 1892) - Denmark (Broager)

Berthel Thorvaldsen

Berthel Thorvaldsen (1770 - 1844) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Bernhard Keil (Keyl)

Bernhard Keil (Keyl) (1624 - 1687) - Denmark (Helsingør)

Emil Jens Baumann Adolf Jerichau

Emil Jens Baumann Adolf Jerichau (1816 - 1883) - Denmark (Assens)

Carl Vilhelm Holsoe

Carl Vilhelm Holsoe (1863 - 1935) - Denmark

Nils Hans Christiansen

Nils Hans Christiansen (1850 - 1922) - Denmark

Peder Vilhelm Ilsted

Peder Vilhelm Ilsted (1861 - 1933) - Denmark


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