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Green Wheat Field with Cypress, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890, Netherlands) | Paintings Reproductions Vincent Van Gogh |

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Green Wheat Field with Cypress

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Writing to his brother Theo from the asylum in Saint-Rémy in early July 1889, Van Gogh described his latest work in the series he had begun in June: “I have a canvas of cypresses with some ears of wheat, some poppies, a blue sky like a piece of Scotch plaid; the former painted with a thick impasto . . . and the wheat field in the sun, which represents the extreme heat, very thick too.“ Van Gogh regarded this sun-drenched landscape as one of his “best“ summer canvases, and he reproduced the composition in a reed pen drawing (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) and in two variants in oil paint (National Gallery, London, and private collection).
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