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Still Life before an Open Window aka Place Ravignan, 1915 by Juan Gris (1887-1927, Spain) | Paintings Reproductions Juan Gris |

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Still Life before an Open Window aka Place Ravignan

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In this breakthrough work, Juan Gris combined indoor and outdoor views within the same painting. The artist achieved this blend of interior and exterior through interrelated pictorial elements and subtle modulations of color, including an intense, unearthly blue that suffuses the work with a dreamy softness. The foreground contains a still-life arrangement featuring a newspaper, book, wineglass, carafe, compote, and bottle of Médoc wine on an upturned tabletop. These objects are refracted through shafts of colored light from the open window that bring the neighboring houses and trees into the composition, as well as the canopy of leaves that frames the top of the picture like an umbrella.
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Juan Gris

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