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Canny Glasgow, 1887 by John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893, United Kingdom) | Museum Quality Copies John Atkinson Grimshaw |

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Canny Glasgow

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This painting is one of the later works of John Atkinson Grimshaw, who devoted his life to painting, who believed: “Music (except composing) is ephemeral-Art (painting and so on) is eternal-relatively speaking.“ In the early 1880s, J. A. Grimshaw became increasingly prolific, and he began to examine new subjects, widening his scope to include paintings of the Thames, urban centres and a larger number of dock scenes. His paintings of this period were extremely popular, favoured for their accurate evocation of late Victorian England, and there was a large waiting list for his work. The dock scenes were in such great demand that a Liverpool art dealer called Jackson told Grimshaw that he would buy as many as he could paint.
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John Atkinson Grimshaw

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