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A Box in the Theater des Varietes, 1898 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919, France) | Paintings Reproductions Pierre-Auguste Renoir |

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A Box in the Theater des Varietes

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Woman oil paintings, A Box in the Theater des Varietes, created by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.Renoir was well known for his figure paintings,the most classic brush of Renoir's famous painting is being sweet,laid-back atmosphere as well as plump, bright face and hands.This is a remarkable oil painting with e vibrant light and saturated color. Impressionist style of Renoir, which features charming in depicting the feeling from his paintings you rarely feel pain or religious feelings, but often can feel the warmth of the family, such as the mother or older sister smiles. Renoir painting is not considered scientific analysis of the light, it is not clever arrangement layout of the heart, because the painting is to bring the viewer pleasure, let paintings hang environment full of artists want to feel.
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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