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Façade by Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446, Italy) | Museum Art Reproductions |

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“The most impressive of Brustolon's works was a set of forty pieces executed around 1700 for the palace of a Venetian nobleman, Pietro Venier. The chairs were made of boxwood, carved so that the supports resembled gnarled branches of trees, laces with vines and tendrils. The front supports included moors carrying the armrests on their shoulders and moorish putti sporting on armrests themselves. The flesh of the moors was carved from ebony to convey a lustrous dark hue, and the backrests displayed embroidered allegories of vanity, fire and music, amongst others.There were also small stands (guéridons) carved to look like moors supporting trays for candelabra, but the most extravagant piece was a large vase-stand of box and ebony. On this occasion, the ancient hero Hercules was called upon to perform another labour, for he appears between the multi-headed monster Hydra and the three-headed Cerberus, supporting a large platform with his club; two river-gods recline on either side of the platform between two Japanese vases while the centre is given to an ebony group of three moors supporting a further vase. Such creations were prized for their novelty and craftsmanship.“
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Filippo Brunelleschi

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