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The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute, 1730 by Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto) (1730-1768, Italy) | Museum Art Reproductions Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto) |

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The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute

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The Grand Canal at the Salute Church (Italian: El Gran Canal en la Iglesia Salute) is an oil on canvas painting by Canaletto. It is a Rococo landscape painting, and was completed in 1730. It measures 151 by 121 centimeters. This is one of a series of 12 views of the [[Grand Canal (Venice)|Grand Canal]] by Canaletto which are all the same format. The pictures in this series form the basis of engraved plates in Visentini’s ‘Prospectus Magni Canalis Venetiarum’ (Venice, 1735). The paintings were all acquired by George III with the collection of Consul Smith. Canaletto used a range of tones to pick out the architectural details of the view.
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Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)

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