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Still Life: Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890, Netherlands) | Museum Art Reproductions Vincent Van Gogh |

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Still Life: Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers

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The first version differs in size, is painted on a size 20 canvas—not on a size 15 canvas as indicated—and all the others differ in the number of flowers depicted from Van Gogh's announcement. The second was evidently enlarged and the initial composition altered by insertion of the two flowers lying in the foreground, center and right] Neither the third nor the fourth shows the dozen or 14 flowers indicated by the artist, but more—fifteen or sixteen. These alterations are executed wet-in-wet and therefore considered genuine rework—even the more so as they are copied to the repetitions of January 1889: There is no longer a trace of later alterations, at least in this aspect.
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Vincent Van Gogh

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