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The 9 Artworks exhibited in Victoria and ... and ...

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Donatello - Chellini Madonna, versoChellini Madonna, versoDonatello

Cast in bronze, Judith's figure looming majestic above the defeated, slumped figure of Holofernes. Judith is a composite work made up of pieces cunningly joined, probably using techniques that Donatello had discovered when examining ancient Roman works.

Victoria and Albert Museum (London, United Kingdom)
Donatello - Chellini Madonna, rectoChellini Madonna, rectoDonatello

'The difficult bronze sculpture of Judith and Holofernes was made by Donatello for the Signoria of Florence ''... a casting in metal, showing Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes, which was placed in the piazza under one of the arches of their loggia. This is an excellent and accomplished work ...

Victoria and Albert Museum (London, United Kingdom)