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The 103 Artworks of Lucas Van Leyden

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Lucas Van Leyden - The Last Judgment 1The Last Judgment 1Lucas Van Leyden

The Last Judgment(1527), is an oil on panel painting, (301 x 435 cm).Now in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden. This triptych originates from the Pieterskerk in Leyden. It was one of the few altarpieces to survive the iconoclasm of 1566. This is the central panel of the Last ...

Lucas Van Leyden - Worshipping of the Golden Calf 1Worshipping of the Golden Calf 1Lucas Van Leyden

This well-preserved triptych was intended for domestic use for an unknown patron. The interlocking composition shows the people of Israel disobeying God's commandment by setting up a golden calf in the desert of Sinai and giving themselves over to dissipation. This took place after the long absence ...