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Leonardo Da Vinci - Virgin of the Rocks - LondonVirgin of the Rocks - LondonLeonardo Da Vinci

The Virgin of the Rocks (the Madonna of the Rocks) is one of the two different paintings with almost identical compositions, which are at least largely by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting is in the National Gallery, London. Originally thought to have been partially painted by Da Vinci's assistants, ...

Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
Pablo Picasso - La GommeuseLa GommeusePablo Picasso

“La Gommeuse” is a portrait of Picasso’s Catalan anarchist friend and dealer Pere Mañach which was discovered during conservation arranged by Mr. Koch in 2000. Hidden under lining for a century, the “whimsical and wicked rendering depicts the dealer wearing an exotic headdress, with his head on a fe...