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Matthias Grünewald - Isenheim Altarpiece (second view)Isenheim Altarpiece (second view)Matthias Grünewald

The Isenheim Altarpiece is an altarpiece painted by the German artist Matthias Grünewald in 1506-1515. It is on display at the Unterlinden Museum at Colmar, Alsace, now in France. By far his greatest, as well as his largest work, it was painted for the Monastery of St. Anthony in Isenheim near Colma...

Leonardo Da Vinci - Madonna with the Yarnwinder (detail)Madonna with the Yarnwinder (detail)Leonardo Da Vinci

'There are two versions of the Virgin of the Rocks, one (the earlier) in the Louvre, Paris and another in the National Gallery, London.This version of the painting for the ancona (a carved wooden altar with frames where paintings were inserted) in the chapel of the Immacolata in the church of San Fr...

Private collection (New York, United States)
Filippo Brunelleschi - FaçadeFaçadeFilippo Brunelleschi

'The most impressive of Brustolon's works was a set of forty pieces executed around 1700 for the palace of a Venetian nobleman, Pietro Venier. The chairs were made of boxwood, carved so that the supports resembled gnarled branches of trees, laces with vines and tendrils. The front supports included ...

San Lorenzo (Florence, Italy)