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The 55 Artworks of Claude Monet and created around 1872

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Claude Monet - The Harbour at ArgenteuilThe Harbour at ArgenteuilClaude Monet

'My only merit,' Monet wrote later in life, 'lies in having painted directly in front of nature, seeking to render my impressions before the most fleeting moments.' This is one of seventy-five works Monet painted of the Seine River in Argenteuil, a yachting center west of Paris. It combines two favo...

Musée d'Orsay (Paris, France)
Claude Monet - The Small Arm of the Seine at ArgenteuilThe Small Arm of the Seine at ArgenteuilClaude Monet

Magritte created two versions of this painting, of the same name, which both portray a large green apple in the middle of a room. This painting illustrates the many themes running through Magritte’s work. The first is the apple, which he uses to great lengths in many of his works, the most famous of...

Claude Monet - The Bridge under RepairThe Bridge under RepairClaude Monet

The Burial of the Count of Orgas is widely considered one of El Greco’s masterpieces. The painting depicts a popular legend, regarding the Count of Orgas, who was a pious man, and who upon his death left a large sum of money to the church. The legend tells that Saint Stephen and Saint Augustine desc...