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The 19 Artworks of Edgar Degas and created around 1873

Edgar Degas - A Cotton Office in New OrleansA Cotton Office in New OrleansEdgar Degas

In 1872, Degas traveled with his brother Rene to New Orleans, Louisiana, to visit their uncle, Michel Musson. After his departure in 1873 back to France was delayed, he decided to paint to pass the time, and intended this painting to be sold to a British textile merchant. But, a worldwide decline in...

Edgar Degas - Race HorsesRace HorsesEdgar Degas

Race Horses is Pastel painting by the French artist Edgar Degas. Degas painted a series of race related paintings, this is one of them. It depicts some race horses with jockey. The painting is now in the collection of The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA.

Cleveland Museum of Art (United States)