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The 21 Artworks of Henri Matisse and created around 1905

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Henri Matisse - Portrait of Mme. MatissePortrait of Mme. MatisseHenri Matisse
41 x 33 cm, (1905)

In his green stripe portrait of his wife, he has used color alone to describe the image. Her oval face is bisected with a slash of green and her coiffure, purpled and top-knotted, juts against a frame of three jostling colors. Her right side repeats the vividness of the intrusive green; on her left,...

Henri Matisse - Woman with a HatWoman with a HatHenri Matisse

A painting by Henri Matisse from 1905. It is believed that the woman in the painting was Matisse's wife, Amelie. It was exhibited with the work of other artists, now known as 'Fauves' at the 1905 Salon d'Automne. The pictures gained considerable condemnation, but also some favourable attention. The ...