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The 6 Artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci and created around 1485

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Portrait of a Young MaPortrait of a Young MaLeonardo Da Vinci

Portrait of a Musician is an oil on wood painting attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci by some scholars. The man in the painting was at one time thought to be Franchino Gaffurio, who was the maestro di cappella of the Milanese Cathedral. Although some believe it to be a portrait of Gaffurio, others think...

Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Milan, Italy)
Leonardo Da Vinci - Virgin of the Rocks - ParisVirgin of the Rocks - ParisLeonardo Da Vinci

The Virgin of the Rocks (the Madonna of the Rocks) is one of the two different paintings with almost identical compositions, which are at least largely by Leonardo da Vinci. This version is in the Louvre painted around 1483-1486, or earlier. Most authorities agree that the work is very largely by Le...

Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)