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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Landscape

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Michelangelo Buonarroti - The Separation of Land and WaterThe Separation of Land and WaterMichelangelo Buonarroti

The Separation of Land and Water is a part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling artwork by the Italian master artist Michelangelo. Along the centre of the ceiling are nine scenes depicting the Story of Creation, the Downfall of Humanity and the Story of Noah as told in the Book of Genesis. It depicts that ...

Nicolas Poussin - Autumn (The Spies with the Grapes of the Promised Land)Autumn (The Spies with the Grapes of the Promised Land)Nicolas Poussin

The Four Seasons is the last set of four oil canvases painted by Poussin between the years of 1660 and 1664, for the son of the Cardinal Richelieu, Duc de Richelieu. They were created during Poussin’s last years of life, during which he suffered hand tremors, which made the execution of the painting...

Pieter Bruegel The Elder - The Land of CockaigneThe Land of CockaignePieter Bruegel The Elder

In medieval times, Cockaigne was a mythical land of plenty. Bruegel's depiction of Cockaigne and its residents is not meant to be a flattering one; he chooses rather a comic illustration of the spiritual emptiness believed to derive from gluttony and sloth, two of the seven deadly sins. In the paint...