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The 292 Artworks of topic Priests

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John William Godward - The Delphic OracleThe Delphic OracleJohn William Godward

The Delphic Oracle is an oil on canvas painting by the English painter John William Godward. It is painted in 1899. The vast majority of Godward's extant images feature women in Classical dress, posed against these landscape features, though there are some semi-nude and fully nude figures.

Francisco De Goya - Two MonksTwo MonksFrancisco De Goya
146 x 66 cm, (1823)

Painted during Turner's second visit to Rome in 1828, aged 53, Two Recumbent Nude Figures depicts a reclining woman with auburn hair wearing only a red earring. The beginnings of a second figure in pencil are also visible on the canvas.