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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Boats and containing the word william turner, oil on canvas, weather, boats, night, harbour, 1850

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Rene Magritte - The seductiveThe seductiveRene Magritte

The Seducer is a 1953 painting of Rene Magritte. It was created in Brussels, Belgium on surrealism style to depict Mature Period. The dimension of painting is 38 cm by 46 cm and is based on storyline of marina. The night effect has been prominently featured in this painting by use of dark blue and l...

Ivan Aivazovsky - The Ninth WaveThe Ninth WaveIvan Aivazovsky

The Ninth Wave is perhaps the most impressive and well-known painting by Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky; it was painted in 1850. It depicts a sea after a night storm and people facing death attempting to save themselves by clinging to debris from a wrecked ship. The painting has warm tones i...

Maxime Emile Louis Maufra - The Port of La Rochelle at TwilightThe Port of La Rochelle at TwilightMaxime Emile Louis Maufra

Raphael never married. Although he was engaged for a short time, he was unmotivated to wed, and the bride-to-be died before they were wed. He did, however, have a long-time mistress, Margherita Luti, who was the daughter of a baker. X-ray analysis of the painting has revealed that the background of ...