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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Children and containing the word edouard manet, oil on canvas, realism, animals, boys, children, 1850

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Georgios Jakobides - First StepsFirst StepsGeorgios Jakobides

First Steps (Greek: Τα πρώτα βήματα) is an 1893 oil painting by Georgios Jakobides, one of the main representatives of the Greek artistic movement of the Munich School. It was completed in 1892 and painted on Realism style on painting genre. The painting shows a grandmother helping her granddaughter...

Edouard Manet - The old musicianThe old musicianEdouard Manet

The Old Musician is an 1862 painting. The painting shows the influence of the work of Gustave Courbet and also Spanish art. This work is one of Manet's largest paintings and is now at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.. The painting is composed of six characters and a baby in a landscape...

National Gallery of Art (Washington, United States)