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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Colour and containing the word henry ossawa tanner, oil on canvas, colour, usa, 1900

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Georgia Totto O-keeffe - Blue wave maineBlue wave maineGeorgia Totto O'keeffe

Excerpts from the essays written for O'Keeffe's 1927 exhibition which featured Blue Wave Maine (1926), reveal the extent to which this ideology permeated O'Keeffe's work. Oscar Bluemner wrote lyrically of O'Keeffe: 'All nature seen as organic living flesh – form transposed into line and color – sur...

Thomas Cole - The Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch)The Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch)Thomas Cole

The Notch of the White Mountains (1839) is oil on canvas painting by the founder of the Hudson River School and American artist Thomas Cole. The painting (109 x 92 cm) is now in the collection of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.

Piet Mondrian - Avond (Evening): The Red TreeAvond (Evening): The Red TreePiet Mondrian

One of Mondrian’s earliest paintings, this was the first in which he implemented his color palette of red, blue and yellow, the three primary colors. Also as one of his earlier paintings, it was still a clearly representational form of a tree. As a budding artist, Mondrian began painting simple past...