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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Religious and containing the word tiziano vecellio, titian, oil on canvas, christianity, religious, saints, 1550

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Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Madonna in Glory with the Christ Child and Sts Francis and Alvise with the DonorMadonna in Glory with the Christ Child and Sts Francis and Alvise with the DonorTiziano Vecellio (Titian)

Philip II (1527-1598) was the only son of Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. In 1551, following the imperial Diet of Augsburg, he became the regent of Spain. After his father's abdication, he was crowned the king of Spain. Titian portrays the prince, aged about twenty-four dressed in a magnificent,...

Museo Civico (Ancona, Italy)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Pope Paul IIIPope Paul IIITiziano Vecellio (Titian)

Among Titian's very last works, produced in 1575-76, two were official commissions: one for the Palazzo Ducale, depicting Doge Antonio Grimani Kneeling Before the Faith, and the second for Philip II, depicting Spain Succouring Religion. The latter commemorates the participation of the Spanish fleet ...

Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte (Naples, Italy)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Christ and the AdulteressChrist and the AdulteressTiziano Vecellio (Titian)

The identity of the richly dressed young man in this portrait is not known. Formerly the painting was attributed to Giorgione. It is interesting to point out that the portrait closely resembles the central figure of The Concert, a painting that also has been ascribed both to Titian and to Giorgione.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Pope Paul III with his Grandsons Alessandro and Ottavio FarnesePope Paul III with his Grandsons Alessandro and Ottavio FarneseTiziano Vecellio (Titian)

'Titian executed three ceiling paintings (Sacrifice of Isaac; Cain and Abel; David and Goliath) for the ceiling of the church Santo Spirito in Isola (now they are in the sacristy of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice). These paintings are characterized by the spiraling movement of the figures, the c...

Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte (Naples, Italy)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Pope Alexander VI Presenting Jacopo Pesaro to St PeterPope Alexander VI Presenting Jacopo Pesaro to St PeterTiziano Vecellio (Titian)

At the sides of the altar in the sacristy of the Santa Maria della Salute, there are eight tondi by Tiziano, painted originally for the monastery of Santo Spirito. They portray the Four Evangelists: St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and St John, as well as the Doctors of the Church: St Jerome, St Augusti...

Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Antwerp, Belgium)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Entombment of ChristEntombment of ChristTiziano Vecellio (Titian)

A magnificent work of Titian's early maturity, this is certainly one of his greatest portraits. The half-figure in three-quarter view is shown beside a window open on a distant landscape whose high-keyed harmonies contrast with the low tones of the interior in the foreground. The figure is stylistic...

Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) - Pope Paul III with his Grandsons Alessandro and Ottavio Farnese (detail)Pope Paul III with his Grandsons Alessandro and Ottavio Farnese (detail)Tiziano Vecellio (Titian)

This painting has been given a variety of dates ranging from the early 1550s to the 1560s. The manner in which the white is applied as a thick mass of paint in irregular and occasionally very large sections is reminiscent of Titian's style in about 1560, but the painting was not completed. There is ...

Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte (Naples, Italy)
Salvador Dali - Christ of St. John of the CrossChrist of St. John of the CrossSalvador Dali

Christ of Saint John of the Cross is a painting by Salvador Dalí made in 1951. It depicts Jesus Christ on the cross in a darkened sky floating over a body of water complete with a boat and fishermen. Although it is a depiction of the crucifixion, it is devoid of nails, blood, and a crown of thorns, ...

André Derain - The Last Supper of JesusThe Last Supper of JesusAndré Derain

The famous Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni praised Longhi’s works, because, like his plays, they favored the contemporary scenes of regular Venetian life. Longhi’s paintings, just like Goldoni’s plays, are full of humor and implication, portraying a light comedy of contemporary society, and provid...