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The 127 Artworks exhibited in Museo Nazionale Del Bargello Florence, Italy and ...

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Bertoldo Di Giovanni - Battle (with Hercules)Battle (with Hercules)Bertoldo Di Giovanni

'Bertoldo was the disciple of Donatello and the Medici court artist of the late 15th century. He specialized in small bronze sculptures, medals, plaques and reliefs. He also served as curator of the Medici collection of antiquities in their palace and gardens. His role as the reputed teacher of the ...

Museo Nazionale del Bargello (Florence, Italy)
Jacopo Sansovino - Madonna with the ChildMadonna with the ChildJacopo Sansovino

This altarpiece, known from its subject as the Madonna delle Nevi (the Madonna of the Snows) was originally commissioned for one of the oldest and most venerable altars in the Siena cathedral. It stood immediately left of the doorway known as the Porta del Perdono - the side entrance to the cathedra...

Museo Nazionale del Bargello (Florence, Italy)
Bertoldo Di Giovanni - Battle (detail)Battle (detail)Bertoldo Di Giovanni

Blake's visionary drawing style is demonstrated in this illustration to Milton's Paradise Lost, III. Christ floats in the air before God the Father, the position of his body referring to his death on the cross. The expressive, outsized hands of his father touch him lightly. Four angels accompany Chr...

Museo Nazionale del Bargello (Florence, Italy)