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Diego Velazquez - Las Meninas (detail)Las Meninas (detail)Diego Velazquez

This baroque painting is considered one of the most important of all-time. The central figure is the young Margarita Teresa of Spain but the painting also shows the artist himself, an image of the king and queen, several servants, two dwarfs, and a dog.

Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain)
John William Waterhouse - The Favourites of the Emperor HonoriousThe Favourites of the Emperor HonoriousJohn William Waterhouse

The Favourites of the Emperor Honorius (1883) is an oil painting by the English Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse. Flavius Honorius (born 384, died 423) was Roman Emperor in the West from 393 to 423, a period when much of the Western Empire was overrun by invading tribes and Rome was ca...

Lucas Cranach The Elder - A Princess of SaxonyA Princess of SaxonyLucas Cranach The Elder

There is a companion piece showing a prince. The two children, dressed in characteristic Saxon costumes of the finest type, have been thought to be brother and sister, perhaps the children of Duke George the Bearded. The crown worn by the boy, however, signifies his engagement to be married, and the...

National Gallery of Art (Washington, United States)