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Abstract Painting, 1976 by Gerhard Richter | Museum Quality Reproductions |

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Abstract Painting

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“In 1976, Richter first employed the term ““Abstract Painting““ as a formal title for many of his works, such as this example. Cool tones of purple and blue create a hazy, shallow atmospheric perspective. The composition is structured with geometric shapes and lines that might at first appear as fractured icebergs emerging from the painted surface, only to settle down, as it were, into pure abstraction. Richter did not want to offer a definitive explanation for his abstract work, stating only that he was ““letting a thing come, rather than creating it.““ Standing in relation to such work, a viewer begins to question whether what he/she perceives is fact or fiction, the real or the artificial, as though slowly being trained in a new school of visual philosophy. “
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Gerhard Richter

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