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45 famous artists painters born around 1350 .

Taddeo Gaddi

Taddeo Gaddi (1290 - 1366) - Italy (Florence)

Taddeo Gaddi (c. 1290, Florence – 1366, Florence) was a medieval Italian painter and architect. He was the son of Gaddo di Zanobi, called Gaddo Gaddi. He was a member of Giotto's workshop from 1313 to 1337, when his master died. According to Giorgio Vasari, he was considered Giotto's most talented pupil: in 1347 he was placed at the top in a list o......

Claus Sluter

Claus Sluter (1340 - 1406) - Netherlands (Haarlem)

Claus Sluter (1340s in Haarlem – 1405 or 1406 in Dijon) was a sculptor of Dutch origin. He was the most important northern European sculptor of his age and is considered a pioneer of the "northern realism" of the Early Netherlandish painting that came into full flower with the work of Jan van Eyck and others in the next generation. The name "Claes ......

Paolo Veneziano

Paolo Veneziano (1333 - 1358) - Italy (Venice)

Paolo Veneziano, also Veneziano Paolo or Paolo da Venezia (born before 1333, died after 1358) was a medieval painter from Venice. He has been called 'the most important Venetian painter of the 14th century'. Many signed and dated works of this artist are known. He was regarded as the official painter of the Venetian Republic. He was born to a famil......

Giovanni Da Milano

Giovanni Da Milano (1346 - 1369) - Italy (Lombardy)

Giovanni da Milano (Giovanni di Jacopo di Guido da Caversaccio) was an Italian painter, known to be active in Florence and Rome between 1346 and 1369. His style is, like many Florentine painters of the time, considered to be derivative of Giotto's. Vasari misidentified him as a student of Taddeo Gaddi, a noted Giotto protégé. Hailing from Lombardy,......

Lippo Memmi

Lippo Memmi (1291 - 1356) - Italy (Siena)

Lippo Memmi (c. 1291 – 1356) was an Italian painter from Siena. He was the foremost follower of Simone Martini, who was his brother-in-law. Together with Martini, in 1333 he painted what is regarded as one of the masterworks of the International Gothic, the Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Ansanus (now in the Uffizi), probably mainly working ......

Bartolo Di Fredi

Bartolo Di Fredi (1330 - 1410) - Italy (Siena)

Bartolo di Fredi (c. 1330 – January 26, 1410), also called Bartolo Battiloro, was an Italian painter, born in Siena, classified as a member of the Sienese School. He had a large studio and was one of the most influential painters working in Siena and the surrounding towns in the second half of the fourteenth century. He registered in the Guild of t......

Lorenzo Veneziano

Lorenzo Veneziano (1336 - 1379) - Italy (Venice)

Lorenzo Veneziano ('Lorenzo the Venetian') (active 1356–1372) was an important painter in Venice during the second half of the 14th century. He was the first painter of the Venetian school who commenced the move away from the Byzantine models preferred by the Venetians towards the Gothic style. His work had an important influence on the next genera......

Altichiero Da Zevio

Altichiero Da Zevio (1330 - 1390) - Italy (Zevio Bei Verona)

Altichiero da Verona (c. 1330 – c. 1390), also called Aldighieri da Zevio, was an Italian painter of the Gothic style. A follower of Giotto, Altichiero is credited with founding the Veronese school. He worked in Verona and Padua—works by him survive in the church of Sant'Anastasia in Verona and in the basilica of Sant'Antonio and the Oratorio di Sa......

Andrea Di Vanni D'andrea

Andrea Di Vanni D'andrea (1332 - 1414) - Italy (Siena)

Andrea Vanni (1332 – c. 1414) was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance, active mainly in his native Siena. Vanni was born in about 1332 in Siena. The first notice of him as a painter comes from 1353 when he was associated with Bartolo di Fredi, though it is uncertain if Vanni was a painter or assistant. His last activities date around 1400 a......

Barnaba Da Modena

Barnaba Da Modena (1328 - 1386) - Italy

Barnaba da Modena was a mid-14th-century Italian painter who painted in a style that was still much indebted to the Byzantine model. He is considered the first Lombard painter of note and was active in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Pisa in Tuscany. As his name indicates, the artist was a native of Modena (Emilia). The first records regarding Barnaba date......

André Beauneveu

André Beauneveu (1335 - 1403) - France (Valenciennes)

André Beauneveu (born c. 1335 in Valenciennes, died c.1400 in Bourges) was an Early Netherlandish sculptor and painter, born in the County of Hainaut (Valenciennes is today in France), who is best known for his work in the service of the French King Charles V, and of the Valois Duke, Jean de Berry. His work in all media shows a generally naturalist......

Paolo Di Giovanni Fei

Paolo Di Giovanni Fei (1345 - 1411) - Italy (San Quirico D'orcia)

Paolo di Giovanni Fei (c. 1345 – c. 1411) was a painter of the Sienese school. He came to Siena from San Quirico, Castelvecchio (it), held public positions in Siena from 1369 and was first mentioned in the Sienese register of painters in 1389. His earliest signed and dated work is of 1381. He appears among the documents of the Duomo di Siena, 1395–......

Jacopo Di Cione

Jacopo Di Cione (1325 - 1399) - Italy (Florence)

Jacopo di Cione (c. 1325 – after 1390) was an Italian Gothic period painter in the Republic of Florence. Born in Florence between 1320 and 1330, he is closely associated with his three older brothers Andrea di Cione di Arcangelo (called Orcagna), Nardo di Cione and Matteo di Cione. The di Cione (pronounced dee choh’ nay) brothers often worked colla......

Nardo Leonardo Di Cione

Nardo Leonardo Di Cione (1320 - 1366) -

Nardo di Cione (died c. 1366) was an Italian painter, sculptor and architect from Florence. He was the brother of the more accomplished Andrea di Cione, called Orcagna, as well as Jacopo di Cione they were important members of the Painters Guild of Florence. While Orcagna has been noted as the more accomplished artist, Nardo developed his own uniqu......

Tommaso Da Modena

Tommaso Da Modena (1326 - 1379) - Italy (Modena)


Orcagna (1310 - 1368) -

Andrea di Cione di Arcangelo (c. 1308 – August 25, 1368), better known as Orcagna, was an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect active in Florence. He worked as a consultant at the Florence Cathedral and supervised the construction of the facade at the Orvieto Cathedral. Orcagna's works include: The mosaic decoration and the rose window of the c......

Guariento D'arpo

Guariento D'arpo (1310 - 1370) -

Guariento di Arpo (1310 – 1370), sometimes incorrectly referred to as Guerriero, was a 14th-century painter whose career was centered in Padua. The painter is buried in the church of San Bernardino, Padua. Guariento's major commissions in Padua include the choir frescoes for the Augustinian hermits' church of the Eremitani, which depict scenes from......

Niccolò Di Ser Sozzo

Niccolò Di Ser Sozzo (1334 - 1363) - Italy (Siena)

Niccolò di Ser Sozzo (fl. 1334–63) was an Italian painter and manuscript illuminator. He generally has been identified as Niccolò di Ser Sozzo di Francesco Tegliacci, but recent research points instead to a Niccolò di Ser Sozzo di Stefano. Whatever his true identity, Niccolo was one of the leading panel painters and miniaturists at work in Siena in......

Wang Meng

Wang Meng (1308 - 1385) -

Wang Meng (王蒙, Wáng Méng Zi: Shūmíng 叔明, Hao: Xiāngguāng Jūshì 香光居士) (c. 1308 – 1385) was a Chinese painter during the Yuan Dynasty. Wang Meng was born in Wuxing (吴兴), now known as Huzhou (湖州), Zhejiang. He was a maternal grandson of Zhao Mengfu, thus making him a descendant of the Song Dynasty's royal bloodline on his mother's side. Wang Meng was ......

Luca Di Tommè

Luca Di Tommè (1330 - 1389) - Italy

Luca di Tommè (or Luca Thome) (c. 1330–1389) was an Italian painter active between 1356 and 1389 in Siena. He worked in the style established by earlier Sienese painters Duccio, Simone Martini, Pietro Lorenzetti and Ambrogio Lorenzetti. More than 50 works have been attributed to him. This large output contributed to the long-term survival of the de......

Jean De Beaumetz

Jean De Beaumetz (1335 - 1396) - France (Beaumetz-Les-Loges)

Jean de Beaumetz is recorded to have been "painter and valet" to Philip the Bold, for whom he painted numerous works, and decorated, among other chapels, that of the Castle of Argilli, in Burgundy. Some of his mural paintings are still preserved at château de Germolles. Jean de Beaumetz was employed by his patron from about 1375 to 1395. More......

Cecco Di Pietro

Cecco Di Pietro (1330 - 1402) -

Cecco di Pietro was an Italian painter of the Pisan School. While his date of birth cannot be confirmed, there is some mention of a Cecco Pierri working with the painter Paolo di Lazzarino in 1350. If this was a reference to di Pietro, then his date of birth can be placed around 1330. He was active starting from around 1370 and died sometime before......

Lippo Vanni

Lippo Vanni (1315 - 1375) -

Lippo Vanni was a 14th-century Italian painter and miniaturist who was active in his native Siena. He painted miniatures for the Santa Maria della Scala in Siena in 1344, and his name first appears in the Guild in 1355. In 1352 he executed a Coronation of the Virgin for the Biccherna, the Sienese Ministry of Finance. In 1359, together with Nello Be......

Bonino Da Campione

Bonino Da Campione (1325 - 1397) - Italy (Campione D'italia)

Nino Pisano

Nino Pisano (1315 - 1370) -

Nino Pisano (fl. 1349 – 1368) was an Italian sculptor, the son of Andrea Pisano. He collaborated with his father in sculptures for the churches of San Zanipolo at Venice and in Santa Caterina at Pisa, and provided some panels for the bell tower of Santa Maria del Fiore. Nino succeeded his father in the works of the Orvieto Cathedral in 1349. Works ......

Giovanni Da Campione

Giovanni Da Campione (1320 - 1375) - Italy (Champion Of Italy)

Serafino Serafini

Serafino Serafini (1324 - 1393) - Italy (Modena)

Serafino de' Serafini (1323-1393), also spelled Seraphino de' Seraphini was an Italian painter, active in Modena in the late 14th century. He is known by a Coronation of the Virgin and other subjects in Modena Cathedral. The Coronation bears the inscription "Seraphinus de Seraphinis pinxit 1385 die Jovis x.x.i.i.i. Marcii. Little is known of this a......

Zhao Yong

Zhao Yong (1289 - 1360) -

Zhao Yong (simplified Chinese: 赵雍 traditional Chinese: 趙雍 pinyin: Zhào Yōng Wade–Giles: Chao Yung style name Zhongmu (仲穆) 1289 – c. 1360), was a noted Chinese painter, calligrapher, and poet in the Yuan Dynasty. A native of Wuxing (吳興, now Huzhou (湖州) in Zhejiang Province), he was the second son of Zhao Mengfu. Zhao was a descendant of the Song Imp......

Don Silvestro Dei Gherarducci

Don Silvestro Dei Gherarducci (1339 - 1399) - Italy (Florence)

Andrea Di Bonaiuto (Andrea Da Firenze)

Andrea Di Bonaiuto (Andrea Da Firenze) (1343 - 1379) - Italy (Firenze)

Andrea Di Cione Di Arcangelo (Orcagna)

Andrea Di Cione Di Arcangelo (Orcagna) (1308 - 1368) - Italy (Florence)

Nicolas Bataille

Nicolas Bataille (1330 - 1405) -

Master Bertram

Master Bertram (1345 - 1415) - Germany (Minden)

Bartolommeo Bulgarini

Bartolommeo Bulgarini (1305 - 1378) - Italy (Siena)

Manfredi De Battilor Bartolo Di Fredi Fredi

Manfredi De Battilor Bartolo Di Fredi Fredi (1330 - 1410) - Italy (Siena)

Theophanes The Greek

Theophanes The Greek (1340 - 1410) - Greece (Constantinople)

Vitale Da Bologna

Vitale Da Bologna (1299 - 1365) - Italy (Bologna)

Jacopo Del Casentino (Jacopo Landino)

Jacopo Del Casentino (Jacopo Landino) (1330 - 1380) - Italy (Firenze)

Giusto De' Menabuoi

Giusto De' Menabuoi (1330 - 1390) - Italy (Florence)

Peter Parler

Peter Parler (1330 - 1399) - Germany (Schwäbisch Gmünd)

Matteo Giovanetti

Matteo Giovanetti (1322 - 1368) - Italy (Viterbo)

Domenico Di Agostino

Domenico Di Agostino (1317 - 1366) - Italy (Siena)

Simone Dei Crocefissi (Simone Di Filippo Benvenuti)

Simone Dei Crocefissi (Simone Di Filippo Benvenuti) (1330 - 1399) - Italy (Bologna)

Jean De Liège

Jean De Liège (1330 - 1381) - France

Filippo Calendario

Filippo Calendario (1315 - 1355) - Italy


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