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79 famous artists painters born around 1400 .

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Jan Van Eyck

Jan Van Eyck (1390 - 1441) - Netherlands (Maaseik)

Northern Renaissance, Renaissance

Jan van Eyck (Dutch: [ˈjɑn vɑn ˈɛik]) (before c. 1390 – 9 July 1441) was an Early Netherlandish painter active in Bruges. He is one of the founders of Early Netherlandish painting and one of the most significant representatives of Early Northern Renaissance art. The few surviving records of his early life indicate that he was born around 1380–1390,......

Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico (1395 - 1455) - Italy (Rupecanina)

Early Renaissance, Abstract Expressionism

Fra Angelico (born Guido di Pietro c. 1395 – February 18, 1455) was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance, described by Vasari in his Lives of the Artists as having "a rare and perfect talent". He was known to contemporaries as Fra Giovanni da Fiesole (Brother John of Fiesole) and Fra Giovanni Angelico (Angelic Brother John). In modern Italia......

Paolo Uccello

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475) - Italy (Pratovecchio)

Early Renaissance, Early Renaissance

Paolo Uccello (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaːolo utˈtʃɛllo] 1397 – 10 December 1475), born Paolo di Dono, was an Italian painter and mathematician who was notable for his pioneering work on visual perspective in art. In his book Lives of the Artists Giorgio Vasari wrote that Uccello was obsessed by his interest in perspective and would stay up all ni......


Donatello (1386 - 1466) - Italy (Florence)

Early Renaissance, Early Renaissance

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (c. 1386 – 13 December 1466), better known as Donatello (Italian: [donaˈtɛllo]), was an Italian Renaissance sculptor from Florence. He studied classical sculpture and used this to develop a complete Renaissance style in sculpture, whose periods in Rome, Padua and Siena introduced to other parts of Italy a long and p......

Luca Della Robbia

Luca Della Robbia (1399 - 1482) - Italy (Florence)

Luca della Robbia (1399/1400–1482) was an Italian sculptor from Florence. Della Robbia is noted for his colorful, tin-glazed terracotta statuary, a technique which he invented and passed on to his nephew Andrea della Robbia and great-nephews Giovanni della Robbia and Girolamo della Robbia. Though a leading sculptor in stone, he worked primarily in ......

Gentile Da Fabriano

Gentile Da Fabriano (1370 - 1427) - Italy (Fabriano)

Gothic Art, Gothic Art

Gentile da Fabriano (c. 1370 – 1427) was an Italian painter known for his participation in the International Gothic painter style. He worked in various places in central Italy, mostly in Tuscany. His best-known works are his Adoration of the Magi from the Strozzi Altarpiece, (1423) and the Flight into Egypt. Gentile was born in or near Fabriano, in......

Jacopo Bellini

Jacopo Bellini (1396 - 1470) - Italy (Venice)

Early Renaissance, Gothic Art

Jacopo Bellini (c. 1400 – c. 1470) was one of the founders of the Renaissance style of painting in Venice and northern Italy. His sons Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, and his son-in-law Andrea Mantegna, were also famous painters. Few of Bellini's paintings still exist, but his surviving sketch-books (one in the British Museum and one in the Louvre) s......

Filippo Brunelleschi

Filippo Brunelleschi (1377 - 1446) - Italy (Florence)

Early Renaissance, Early Renaissance

Filippo Brunelleschi (Italian: [fiˈlippo brunelˈleski] 1377 – April 15, 1446) was an Italian designer and a key figure in architecture, recognised to be the first modern engineer, planner and sole construction supervisor. He was one of the founding fathers of the Renaissance. He is generally well known for developing a technique for linear perspect......

Claus Sluter

Claus Sluter (1340 - 1406) - Netherlands (Haarlem)

Claus Sluter (1340s in Haarlem – 1405 or 1406 in Dijon) was a sculptor of Dutch origin. He was the most important northern European sculptor of his age and is considered a pioneer of the "northern realism" of the Early Netherlandish painting that came into full flower with the work of Jan van Eyck and others in the next generation. The name "Claes ......

Masolino Da Panicale

Masolino Da Panicale (1383 - 1447) - Italy (Panicale)

Masolino da Panicale (nickname of Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini c. 1383 – c. 1447) was an Italian painter. His best known works are probably his collaborations with Masaccio: Madonna with Child and St. Anne (1424) and the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel (1424–1428). Masolino ("Little Tom") was possibly born in Panicale near Florence. He may have been......


Pisanello (1395 - 1455) - Italy (Pisa)

Pisanello (c. 1395 – c. 1455), known professionally as Antonio di Puccio Pisano or Antonio di Puccio da Cereto, also erroneously called Vittore Pisano by Giorgio Vasari, was one of the most distinguished painters of the early Italian Renaissance and Quattrocento. He was acclaimed by poets such as Guarino da Verona and praised by humanists of his ti......

Spinello Aretino

Spinello Aretino (1350 - 1410) - Italy (Florence)

Spinello Aretino (c. 1350 – c. 1410) was an Italian painter from Arezzo, whose style influenced the development of late 14th- and early 15th-century painting in Tuscany. Spinello Aretino was the son of a Florentine named Luca, who had taken refuge in Arezzo in 1310 when the rest of the Ghibelline party was exiled from Florence. His actual name was ......

Melchior Broederlam

Melchior Broederlam (1350 - 1409) - Belgium (Ypres)

Gothic Art, Gothic Art

Melchior Broederlam (born Ypres, perhaps c. 1350 died Ypres?, after 1409) was one of the earliest Early Netherlandish painters to whom surviving works can be confidently attributed. He worked mostly for Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and is documented from 1381 to 1409. Although only a single large pair of panel paintings can confidently be att......

Bartolo Di Fredi

Bartolo Di Fredi (1330 - 1410) - Italy (Siena)

Bartolo di Fredi (c. 1330 – January 26, 1410), also called Bartolo Battiloro, was an Italian painter, born in Siena, classified as a member of the Sienese School. He had a large studio and was one of the most influential painters working in Siena and the surrounding towns in the second half of the fourteenth century. He registered in the Guild of t......

Taddeo Di Bartolo

Taddeo Di Bartolo (1362 - 1422) - Italy (Siena)

Taddeo di Bartolo (c. 1363 – 26 August 1422), also known as Taddeo Bartoli, was an Italian painter of the Sienese School during the early Renaissance. He is among the artists profiled in Vasari's biographies of artists or Vite. Vasari claims he is the uncle of Domenico di Bartolo. Taddeo di Bartolo was born in Siena. The exact year of Taddeo di Bar......

Jean Malouel

Jean Malouel (1375 - 1415) - Netherlands (Nijmegen)

Jean Malouel, or Jan Maelwael in his native Dutch, (c. 1365 – 1415) was a Netherlandish artist, sometimes classified as French, who was the court painter of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and his successor John the Fearless, working in the International Gothic style. He was presumably born in the old Ottonian city of Nijmegen, then in the Duchy ......

Lorenzo Monaco

Lorenzo Monaco (1370 - 1425) - Italy (Siena)

Lorenzo Monaco (born Piero di Giovanni c. 1370 – c. 1425) was an Italian painter of the late Gothic-early Renaissance age. He was born Piero di Giovanni in Siena. Little is known about his youth, apart from the fact that he was apprenticed in Florence. He was influenced by Giotto and his followers Spinello Aretino and Agnolo Gaddi. In 1390 he joine......

Lorenzo Ghiberti

Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378 - 1455) - Italy (Florence)

Lorenzo Ghiberti (Italian: [loˈrɛntso ɡiˈbɛrti] 1378 – 1 December 1455), born Lorenzo di Bartolo, was a Florentine Italian artist of the Early Renaissance best known as the creator of the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery, called by Michelangelo the Gates of Paradise. Trained as a goldsmith and sculptor, he established an important workshop f......

Jacopo Della Quercia

Jacopo Della Quercia (1374 - 1438) - Italy (Quercegrossa Near Siena)

Jacopo della Quercia (Italian pronunciation: [ˈjaːkopo della ˈkwɛrtʃa] c. 1374 – 20 October 1438) was an Italian sculptor of the Italian Renaissance, a contemporary of Brunelleschi, Ghiberti and Donatello. He is considered a precursor of Michelangelo. Jacopo della Quercia takes his name from Quercia Grossa (now Quercegrossa), a place near Siena, wh......

Hubert Van Eyck

Hubert Van Eyck (1366 - 1426) - Belgium (Maaseik)

Hubert van Eyck (also Huybrecht van Eyck) (c. 1385–90 – 18 September 1426) was an Early Netherlandish painter and older brother of Jan van Eyck, as well as Lambert and Margareta, also painters. The absence of any single work that he can clearly be said to have completed continues to make assessment of his achievement highly uncertain, although for ......

Bicci Di Lorenzo

Bicci Di Lorenzo (1350 - 1427) - Italy (Florence)

Lorenzo di Bicci (c. 1350 – 1427) was an Italian painter of the Florentine School considered to be one of the most important painters in Florence during the second half of the 14th century. He is believed to have learned his trade from his father, about whom little is known. Lorenzo’s style, as well as that of his contemporaries Jacopo di Cione and......

Andrea Di Vanni D'andrea

Andrea Di Vanni D'andrea (1332 - 1414) - Italy (Siena)

Andrea Vanni (1332 – c. 1414) was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance, active mainly in his native Siena. Vanni was born in about 1332 in Siena. The first notice of him as a painter comes from 1353 when he was associated with Bartolo di Fredi, though it is uncertain if Vanni was a painter or assistant. His last activities date around 1400 a......

Lluis Borrassa

Lluis Borrassa (1375 - 1425) - Spain (Girona)

Lluís Borrassà (died 1424/1426) was a Catalan painter born in Girona. He died in Barcelona. He is widely considered to have introduced the International Gothic painting style into Catalonia. More......

Andrea Di Bartolo

Andrea Di Bartolo (1365 - 1428) - Italy (Siena)

Andrea di Bartolo or Andrea di Bartolo Cini (1360/70 – 1428) was an Italian painter, stained glass designer and illuminator of the Sienese School mainly known for his religious subjects. He was active between 1389–1428 in the area in and around Siena. Andrea di Bartolo was the son and pupil of Bartolo di Fredi, a very prominent painter in Siena. Hi......

Francesco Squarcione

Francesco Squarcione (1397 - 1474) - Italy (Padua)

Francesco Squarcione (c. 1395 – after 1468) was an Italian artist from Padua. His pupils included Andrea Mantegna (with whom he had many legal battles), Cosimo Tura and Carlo Crivelli. There are only two works signed by him: the Madonna with Child and an altarpiece (Padua). Squarcione, whose original vocation was tailoring, appears to have had a re......

Paolo Di Giovanni Fei

Paolo Di Giovanni Fei (1345 - 1411) - Italy (San Quirico D'orcia)

Paolo di Giovanni Fei (c. 1345 – c. 1411) was a painter of the Sienese school. He came to Siena from San Quirico, Castelvecchio (it), held public positions in Siena from 1369 and was first mentioned in the Sienese register of painters in 1389. His earliest signed and dated work is of 1381. He appears among the documents of the Duomo di Siena, 1395–......

André Beauneveu

André Beauneveu (1335 - 1403) - France (Valenciennes)

André Beauneveu (born c. 1335 in Valenciennes, died c.1400 in Bourges) was an Early Netherlandish sculptor and painter, born in the County of Hainaut (Valenciennes is today in France), who is best known for his work in the service of the French King Charles V, and of the Valois Duke, Jean de Berry. His work in all media shows a generally naturalist......

Lukas Moser

Lukas Moser (1390 - 1443) -

Lucas Moser (c 1390 - c 1434), was a German Late-Gothic painter. Moser was born in Ulm, and is part of the early Ulm School of artists such as Hans Multscher. Not much is known about his life. Moser's name is known only through an inscription on the frame of the altarpiece above the altar of St. Mary Magdalene parish church in Tiefenbronn. This alt......

Michelino Molinari Da Besozzo

Michelino Molinari Da Besozzo (1370 - 1455) - Italy (Besozzo)

Michelino Molinari da Besozzo (c. 1370 – c. 1455) was a notable fifteenth century Italian painter and illuminator, who was widely praised for his work. He worked mostly in Milan and Lombardy, and was employed by the Visconti family, rulers of Milan. Michelino's work follows the traditions of the Lombard School, and maintains the Trecento style. Mic......

Nanni D Antonio Di Banco

Nanni D Antonio Di Banco (1380 - 1421) - Italy (Firenze)

Nanni d'Antonio di Banco (c. 1384 – 1421) was an Italian sculptor from Florence. A contemporary of Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti, Nanni was a sculptor in fifteenth-century Florence. He is well known for his sculpture group Four Crowned Martyrs (Quattro Santi Coronati) (1412–15) which was commissioned by the stone carvers and wood workers guild for......

Jacobello Del Fiore

Jacobello Del Fiore (1370 - 1439) - Italy (Venezia)

Jacobello del Fiore (c. 1370 – 1439) was a Venetian artist in the late fourteenth century and early fifteenth century. His early work is in the Late Gothic style popularized by Altichiero da Verona and Jacopo Avanzi, two of his contemporaries, while his mature work displays a local Venetian style established by the school of Paolo Veneziano, an art......

Cenni Di Francesco Di Ser Cenni

Cenni Di Francesco Di Ser Cenni (1369 - 1415) - Italy (Florence)

Cenni di Francesco di ser Cenni was an Italian Gothic painter active in Florence between 1369/1370 and 1415. His only signed work is fresco of the True Cross at the Cappella della Croce di Giorno at the church of San Francesco in Volterra, painted in 1410. A couple of dozens work have been attributed to Cenni di Francesco of the basis of the simila......

Giovanni Dal Ponte

Giovanni Dal Ponte (1385 - 1438) - Italy (Firenze)

Giovanni dal Ponte (1385 – ca. 1438, Florence) was a Florentine minor master painter of the late-Gothic period, known as one of the greatest minor masters contemporary to Masaccio. He is known by Giorgio Vasari as dal Ponte, a name derived from the location of his studio at the Piazza di Santo Stefano a Ponte. Many other documents cite his name as ......

Lorenzo Di Bicci

Lorenzo Di Bicci (1350 - 1427) - Italy

Lorenzo di Bicci (c. 1350 – 1427) was an Italian painter of the Florentine School considered to be one of the most important painters in Florence during the second half of the 14th century. He is believed to have learned his trade from his father, about whom little is known. Lorenzo’s style, as well as that of his contemporaries Jacopo di Cione and......

Mariotto Di Nardo

Mariotto Di Nardo (1365 - 1424) - Italy (Florence)

Mariotto di Nardo di Cione (fl. 1388–1424) was a Florentine painter in the Florentine Gothic style. He worked at the Duomo of Florence, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, and the Orsanmichele. He created both frescoes and panel paintings, and was also active as a manuscript illuminator. Mariotto flourished from 1394 to 1424. He was the grandson of......

Niccolò Di Pietro Gerini

Niccolò Di Pietro Gerini (1368 - 1415) - Italy (Florence)

Niccolò di Pietro Gerini (c. 1340 – 1414) was an Italian painter of the late Gothic period, active mainly in his native Florence although he also carried out commissions in Pisa and Prato. He was not an innovative painter but relied on traditional compositions in which he placed his figures in a stiff and dramatic movement. Gerini's father, Pietro ......

Giacomo Jaquerio

Giacomo Jaquerio (1375 - 1453) - Italy (Turin)

Giacomo Jaquerio (c. 1375 – 1453) was an Italian medieval painter, one of the main exponents of Gothic painting in Piedmont. He was active in his native town Turin, Geneva and other localities of Savoy. He was born into a family of painters, and his early life he moved frequently from Turin to Geneva, Thonon-les-Bains and other French localities, m......

Battista Di Biagio Sanguigni

Battista Di Biagio Sanguigni (1392 - 1450) - Italy (Florence)

Battista di Biagio Sanguigni, formerly known as the Master of 1419 (active 1393–1451) was an Italian painter from the region around Florence in the first half of the 15th century. The painter's work bears a good deal of resemblance to that of Lorenzo Monaco. His previous name is derived from the central panel of a now-dismantled triptych, depicting......

Jacopo Avanzi

Jacopo Avanzi (1350 - 1416) - Italy (Bologna)

Jacopo d'Avanzi (after 1350s – 1416) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He is also known as Jacopo Avanzi or Jacopo de Avanzi, although apparently often confused with other artists, including Jacopo de' Bavozi and the Vicentine Avanzo. Born in either Bologna,[clarification needed] he trained supposedly with Vitale da Bologna. He work......

Piero Di Niccolò Lamberti

Piero Di Niccolò Lamberti (1370 - 1451) - Italy (Firenze)

Niccolò di Piero Lamberti (ca. 1370 – 1451), also known as Niccolò di Pietro Lamberti, Niccolo Aretino, Niccolò d'Arezzo and as il Pela, was an Italian sculptor and architect. Little is known about his life other than that he was married in Florence in 1392. His son, Piero di Niccolò Lamberti (1393–1435), was also a sculptor, and the two are notabl......

Jacquemart De Hesdin

Jacquemart De Hesdin (1355 - 1414) - France (Hesdin)

Jacquemart de Hesdin (c. 1355 – c. 1414) was a French miniature painter working in the International Gothic style. In English, he is also called Jacquemart of Hesdin. During his lifetime, his name was spelt in a number of ways, including as Jacquemart de Odin. Jacquemart was a painter from Artois. Hesdin, the town from which he took his name, was a......

Cecco Di Pietro

Cecco Di Pietro (1330 - 1402) -

Cecco di Pietro was an Italian painter of the Pisan School. While his date of birth cannot be confirmed, there is some mention of a Cecco Pierri working with the painter Paolo di Lazzarino in 1350. If this was a reference to di Pietro, then his date of birth can be placed around 1330. He was active starting from around 1370 and died sometime before......

Lippo D'andrea Di Lippo

Lippo D'andrea Di Lippo (1352 - 1410) - Italy (Firenze)

Filippo Scannabecchi (1352 – c. 1410), known as Lippo di Dalmasio, was an Italian painter from Bologna, a son of Dalmasio Scannabecchi. His father was Dalmasio Scannabecchi (sometimes referred to as pseudo-Dalmasio), a Bolognese painter from a minor noble family who migrated to Pistoia during a period of Guelph rule in Bologna. Lippo presumably tra......

Bartolomeo Di Fruosino

Bartolomeo Di Fruosino (1366 - 1441) - Italy (Florence)

Bartolomeo di Fruosino (1366 or 1369 – 7 December 1441) was an Italian painter and illuminator of the Florentine School and Renaissance art. Bartolomeo was born, and lived and worked his whole life in Florence. Part of the indecision about his age and birth year comes from differing statements he had made: in 1427 he gave 61, and 64 in 1433. His br......

Francesco Di Valdambrino

Francesco Di Valdambrino (1375 - 1435) - Italy

Pietro Di Giovanni Tedesco

Pietro Di Giovanni Tedesco (1386 - 1402) - Italy (Florence)

Piero di Giovanni Tedesco (died c. 1402) was a German or Flemish sculptor active in Italy. He was born before 1386. According to Lorenzo Ghiberti, he owed his nickname 'Tedesco' to his origins in Germany or (according to others) in the Duchy of Brabant. He is first recorded in Florence in 1386 - there he worked on Florence Cathedral up until 1399 a......

Ramon De Mur

Ramon De Mur (1380 - 1436) - Spain (Tarragona)

Antonio Baboccio Da Piperno

Antonio Baboccio Da Piperno (1351 - 1435) - Italy (Piperno)

Ottaviano Nelli

Ottaviano Nelli (1375 - 1444) - Italy (Gubbio)

Gregorio Di Cecco

Gregorio Di Cecco (1390 - 1424) - Italy (Siena)

Lorenzo Di Niccolò Di Martino

Lorenzo Di Niccolò Di Martino (1373 - 1412) -

Lorenzo di Niccolò or Lorenzo di Niccolò di Martino was an Italian painter who was active in Florence from 1391 to 1412. This early Renaissance artist worked in the Trecento style, and his work maintains influences of the Gothic style, marking a transitional period between the Gothic sensibilities of the Middle Ages while simultaneously beginning t......

Giovanni Di Turino

Giovanni Di Turino (1384 - 1455) - Italy (Siena)

Rossello Di Jacopo Franchi

Rossello Di Jacopo Franchi (1377 - 1456) -

Rossello di Jacopo Franchi: An Italian Renaissance Artist Rossello di Jacopo Franchi (c. 1376/77 – c. 1456) of Florence was an Italian painter. He worked in Florence beginning sometime around 1404 and was active until 1451. Rossello di Jacopo Franchi was born in the year 1376 or 1377. He was most likely the son of Jacopo del Rosso and Catherine. Hi......

Bernardo Ciuffagni

Bernardo Ciuffagni (1381 - 1458) - Italy (Florence)

Matteo Di Ser Cambio

Matteo Di Ser Cambio (1351 - 1424) - Italy (Perugia)

Nicolas Bataille

Nicolas Bataille (1330 - 1405) -

Michelozzo Di Bartolomeo

Michelozzo Di Bartolomeo (1396 - 1472) - Italy (Florence)

Master Bertram

Master Bertram (1345 - 1415) - Germany (Minden)

Manfredi De Battilor Bartolo Di Fredi Fredi

Manfredi De Battilor Bartolo Di Fredi Fredi (1330 - 1410) - Italy (Siena)

Gherardo Di Jacopo Starnina

Gherardo Di Jacopo Starnina (1354 - 1411) - Italy (Firenze)

Theophanes The Greek

Theophanes The Greek (1340 - 1410) - Greece (Constantinople)

Stefano Da Zevio

Stefano Da Zevio (1375 - 1451) - Italy (Verona)

Master Francke (Frater Francke)

Master Francke (Frater Francke) (1380 - 1440) - Netherlands (Zutphen)

Konrad Von Soest

Konrad Von Soest (1370 - 1422) - Germany (Dortmund)

Andrey Rublyov (St Andrei Rublev)

Andrey Rublyov (St Andrei Rublev) (1360 - 1428) - Russia (Moscow)

Don Simone Camaldolese

Don Simone Camaldolese (1378 - 1405) - Italy (Florence)

Joan Mates

Joan Mates (1370 - 1431) - Spain (Vilafranca Del Penedes)

Niccolò Di Piero Lamberti (Niccolo Aretino)

Niccolò Di Piero Lamberti (Niccolo Aretino) (1370 - 1451) - Italy (Firenze)

Jacobello Dalle Masegne

Jacobello Dalle Masegne (1350 - 1409) - Italy (Venezia)

Giovanni Bon

Giovanni Bon (1380 - 1442) - Italy (Campione D'italia)

Giovanni D'alemagna

Giovanni D'alemagna (1379 - 1450) - Italy (Padua)

Zanino Di Pietro

Zanino Di Pietro (1389 - 1448) - Italy (Bologna)

Jacopino Da Tradate

Jacopino Da Tradate (1371 - 1445) -

Matteo Di Filippo Torelli

Matteo Di Filippo Torelli (1365 - 1442) -

Nicolo Di Pietro

Nicolo Di Pietro (1394 - 1430) -

Andrea Nofri

Andrea Nofri (1388 - 1455) -


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