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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1500 .

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Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli Da Castelfranco)

Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli Da Castelfranco) (1477 - 1510) - Italy (Castelfranco Veneto)

High Renaissance, High Renaissance

Andrea Mantegna

Andrea Mantegna (1431 - 1506) - Italy (Isola Di Carturo)

Italian Renaissance, Renaissance

Andrea Mantegna (Italian: [anˈdrɛːa manˈteɲɲa] c. 1431 – September 13, 1506) was an Italian painter, a student of Roman archeology, and son-in-law of Jacopo Bellini. Like other artists of the time, Mantegna experimented with perspective, e.g. by lowering the horizon in order to create a sense of greater monumentality. His flinty, metallic landscape......

Lucas Cranach The Elder

Lucas Cranach The Elder (1472 - 1553) - Germany (Kronach)

Northern Renaissance, Northern Renaissance

Lucas Cranach the Elder (German: Lucas Cranach der Ältere German pronunciation: [ˈluːkas ˈkʁaːnax dɛɐ̯ ˈʔɛltəʁə], c. 1472 – 16 October 1553) was a German Renaissance painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving. He was court painter to the Electors of Saxony for most of his career, and is known for his portraits, both of German princes and those......

Luca Signorelli

Luca Signorelli (1450 - 1523) - Italy (Cortona)

High Renaissance, Early Renaissance

Luca Signorelli (c. 1450—16 October 1523) was an Italian Renaissance painter who was noted in particular for his ability as a draftsman and his use of foreshortening. His massive frescoes of the Last Judgment (1499–1503) in Orvieto Cathedral are considered his masterpiece. He was born Luca d'Egidio di Ventura in Cortona, Tuscany (some sources call ......

Gentile Bellini

Gentile Bellini (1429 - 1507) - Italy (Venice)

Early Renaissance, Early Renaissance

Gentile Bellini (c. 1429 – 23 February 1507) was an Italian painter of the school of Venice. He came from Venice's leading family of painters, and at least in the early part of his career was more highly regarded than his younger brother Giovanni Bellini, the reverse of the case today. From 1474 he was the official portrait artist for the Doges of ......

Vincenzo Foppa

Vincenzo Foppa (1427 - 1515) - Italy (Bagnolo Mella)

Vincenzo Foppa (c. 1427 – c. 1515) was an Italian painter from the Renaissance period. While few of his works survive, he was an esteemed and influential painter during his time and is considered the preeminent leader of the Early Lombard School. He spent his career working for the Sforza family, Dukes of Milan, in Pavia, as well as various other p......

Juan De Flandes

Juan De Flandes (1450 - 1519) - Belgium (Flanders)

Juan de Flandes ("John of Flanders" c. 1460 – by 1519) was an Early Netherlandish painter who was active in Spain from 1496 to 1519 his actual name is unknown, although an inscription Juan Astrat on the back of one work suggests a name such as "Jan van der Straat". Jan Sallaert, who became a master in Ghent in 1480, has also been suggested. He was ......

Hans Süss Von Kulmbach

Hans Süss Von Kulmbach (1476 - 1522) - Germany (Kulmbach)

Hans Suess, known as Hans von Kulmbach, was a German artist. He was born around 1480 in Kulmbach, Franconia and died prior to 3 December 1522 in Nuremberg. Hans von Kulmbach was the artist who created the Kraków St John's Altar. Kulmbach probably arrived in Nuremberg around 1505. He received instruction by Jacopo de' Barbari, who for a time worked ......

Hans Leonhard Schaufelein

Hans Leonhard Schaufelein (1480 - 1540) - Germany (Nuremberg)

Hans Leonhard Schäufelein (c. 1480–1540) was a German painter, designer, and wood engraver. He was born in Nuremberg, probably studied under Wohlgemut, and then became the assistant of Dürer, whom he imitated. In 1512 he went to Augsburg and in 1515 removed to Nordlingen. He is a graceful narrator, and his types, though rarely accurately drawn, are......

Amico Aspertini

Amico Aspertini (1475 - 1552) - Italy (Bologna)

Amico Aspertini (c. 1474 – 1552), also called Amerigo Aspertini, was an Italian Renaissance painter whose complex, eccentric, and eclectic style anticipates Mannerism. He is considered one of the leading exponents of the Bolognese School of painting. He was born in Bologna to a family of painters (including Giovanni Antonio Aspertini, his father, a......

Marinus Van Reymerswaele

Marinus Van Reymerswaele (1490 - 1546) - Netherlands (Reimerswaal)

Marinus van Reymerswaele or Marinus van Reymerswale [a] (c.1490–c.1546) was a Dutch Renaissance painter mainly known for his genre scenes and religious compositions. After studying in Leuven and training and working as an artist in Antwerp, he returned later to work in his native Northern Netherlands. He operated a large workshop which produced man......

Cosimo Rosselli

Cosimo Rosselli (1439 - 1507) - Italy (Florence)

Cosimo Rosselli (1439–1507) was an Italian painter of the Quattrocento, active mainly in his birthplace of Florence, but also Lucca earlier in his career, and from 1480 in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, where he painted some of the large fresco panels on the side walls. Despite being roughly the same age (slightly older in each case) as Sandro Bottice......

Alonso Gonzalez De Berruguete

Alonso Gonzalez De Berruguete (1488 - 1561) - Spain (Paredes De Nava)

Alonso González de Berruguete (Alonso Berruguete) (c. 1488 – 1561) was a Spanish painter, sculptor and architect. He is considered to be the most important sculptor of the Spanish Renaissance, and is known for his emotive sculptures depicting religious ecstasy or torment. Born in the town of Paredes de Nava, Berruguete studied art under the tutelag......

Wolf Huber

Wolf Huber (1485 - 1553) - Austria (Feldkirch)

Wolf Huber (c. 1485 – June 3, 1553) was an Austrian painter, printmaker, and architect, a leading member of the Danube School. Records show that Huber was born in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, but that by 1515 he was living in Passau. His relationship with other painters of that name living in Feldkirch is unknown, although it is widely believed that he w......

Gil De Siloe

Gil De Siloe (1495 - 1563) - Spain (Burgos)

Diego Siloe (anglicized) or Diego de Siloé (c. 1495–1563) was a Spanish Renaissance architect and sculptor, progenitor of the Granadan school of sculpture. He developed the majority of his work in Andalusia. Siloe was most likely the son of the Spanish-Flemish Gothic sculptor Gil de Siloé. He spent the first part of his artistic career (1519–1528) ......


Franciabigio (1482 - 1525) - Italy (Florence)

Franciabigio (1482 – January 24, 1525) was an Italian painter of the Florentine Renaissance. His true name may have been Francesco di Cristofano, however he also is referred to as either Marcantonio Franciabigio or Francia Bigio. He was born in Florence, and initially worked under Albertinelli until about 1506. In 1505 he befriended Andrea del Sart......

Jan Mostaert

Jan Mostaert (1475 - 1555) - Spain (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza)

Jan Mostaert, also known by the names Joannes Sinapius and Master Of Oultremont (c. 1475 – 1552/1553) was a Dutch Renaissance painter of portraits and religious subjects, though his most famous creation was the West Indies Landscape. According to Karel van Mander, Mostaert was born in Haarlem and had been a pupil of Jacob van Haarlem, the painter t......

Bernt Notke

Bernt Notke (1440 - 1509) - Germany (Pomerania)

 Bernt Notke (help·info) (c. 1440 – before May 1509) was a late Gothic artist, working in the Baltic region. He has been described as one of the foremost artists of his time in northern Europe. Very little is known about the life of Bernt Notke. The Notke family came from Tallinn (Estonia) and his father was probably the trader and ship-owner Miche......

Francesco Di Giorgio Martini

Francesco Di Giorgio Martini (1439 - 1502) - Italy (Siena)

Italian Renaissance, Italian Renaissance

Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1439–1501) was an Italian architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, and writer. As a painter, he belonged to the Sienese School. He was considered a visionary architectural theorist -- in Nikolaus Pevsner's terms: "one of the most interesting later Quattrocento architects". As a military engineer, he executed architectur......


Giampietrino (1495 - 1549) - Italy

High Renaissance, High Renaissance

Giampietrino, probably Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli (active 1495–1549), was a north Italian painter of the Lombard school and Leonardo's circle, succinctly characterized by Sidney J. Freedberg as an "exploiter of Leonardo's repertory." Giampietrino was a very productive painter of large altarpieces, Madonnas, holy women in half figure, and mythological ......

Giovan Francesco Penni

Giovan Francesco Penni (1488 - 1528) - Italy (Firenze)

Gianfrancesco Penni (1488/1496–1528), also known as Giovan Francesco, was an Italian painter. His brother Bartolommeo was an artist of the Tudor court of Henry VIII, and another brother, Luca, ended up as one of the Italian artists of the School of Fontainebleau. Born in Florence to a family of weavers, Penni entered Raphael's workshop very early i......

Giovanni Di Niccolò Mansueti

Giovanni Di Niccolò Mansueti (1465 - 1527) - Italy (Venice)

Giovanni di Niccolò Mansueti (also known as Giovanni Mansueti c. 1465 – March 26, 1527) was an Italian painter. Little is known of his biography. He was active in Venice from 1485 to 1526. A pupil of Gentile Bellini, he worked in the antique style in the Miracles of the Cross painted around 1496-1502 for the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelist......

Vittore Crivelli

Vittore Crivelli (1440 - 1501) - Italy (Venice)

Vittorio (or Vittore) Crivelli was an Italian painter, brother of Carlo Crivelli. Born ca. 1440 in Venice, dead in Venice 1501 or 1502. His works are similar in style to his brother's, but less accomplished. There are examples of his work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the El Paso Museum of Art, Texas, the Pinacoteca Brera in Milan,......

Tilman Riemenschneider

Tilman Riemenschneider (1460 - 1531) - Italy (Heiligenstadt Im Eichsfeld)

Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460 – 7 July 1531) was a German sculptor and woodcarver active in Würzburg from 1483. He was one of the most prolific and versatile sculptors of the transition period between late Gothic and Renaissance, a master in stone and limewood. Tilman Riemenschneider was born around the year 1460 at Heiligenstadt im Eichsfeld in ......

Vincenzo Catena

Vincenzo Catena (1470 - 1531) - Italy (Venezia)

Vincenzo Catena (c. 1480–1531) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance Venetian school. He is also known as Vincenzo de Biagio. Nothing is known of the date and place of Catena's birth. The earliest known record of him is in an inscription on the back of Giorgione's Laura, in which he is described as the painter's Cholego. Catena's early style is......

Giuliano Bugiardini

Giuliano Bugiardini (1475 - 1555) - Italy (Firenze)

Giuliano Bugiardini (January 29, 1475 – February 17, 1555) was an Italian painter and draughtsman working in the late-Renaissance style known as Mannerism. He was born and was mainly active in Florence. Also known as Giuliano di Piero di Simone, Giuliano Bugiardini may have initially apprenticed with a sculptor Bertoldo, but then became the apprent......

Josse Lieferinxe

Josse Lieferinxe (1493 - 1508) - Netherlands

Josse Lieferinxe (working ca 1493–1503/08) was a South Netherlandish painter, formerly known by the pseudonym the Master of St. Sebastian. Originating in the diocese of Cambrai in Hainaut, then part of the territories ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy, Josse Lieferinxe was documented as a "Picard" in the regions of Avignon and Marseille at the end of ......

Properzia De Rossi

Properzia De Rossi (1490 - 1530) - Italy (Bologna)

Properzia de' Rossi (c. 1490–1530) was an Italian female Renaissance sculptor. She studied under the Bolognese artist and master engraver Marcantonio Raimondi, who is best known today for his engravings after paintings by Raphael. Properzia de' Rossi was born in Bologna to a notary named Giovanni Martino Rossi da Modena. As a woman of the Renaissan......

Ludovico Mazzolino

Ludovico Mazzolino (1480 - 1528) - Italy (Ferrera)

Ludovico Mazzolino (1480 – c. 1528) - also known as Mazzolini da Ferrara, Lodovico Ferraresa, and Il Ferrarese - was an Italian Renaissance painter active in Ferrara and Bologna. He was born and died in Ferrara. He appears to have studied under such as Lorenzo Costa, who also trained Dosso Dossi and Cosimo Tura, and came under the influence of Erco......

Veit Stoss

Veit Stoss (1447 - 1533) - Germany (Horb Am Neckar)

Veit Stoss (also: Veit Stoß and Stuoss Polish: Wit Stwosz before 1450 – about 20 September 1533) was a leading German sculptor, mostly in wood, whose career covered the transition between the late Gothic and the Northern Renaissance. His style emphasized pathos and emotion, helped by his virtuoso carving of billowing drapery it has been called "lat......

Marcantonio Raimondi

Marcantonio Raimondi (1480 - 1534) - Italy (Argine)

Marcantonio Raimondi, often called simply Marcantonio (c. 1470-1482 – c. 1534), was an Italian engraver, known for being the first important printmaker whose body of work consists largely of prints copying paintings. He is therefore a key figure in the rise of the reproductive print. He also systematized a technique of engraving that became dominan......

Girolamo Genga

Girolamo Genga (1476 - 1551) - Italy (Near Urbino)

Girolamo Genga (c. 1476 – 11 July 1551) was an Italian painter and architect of the late Renaissance, Mannerist style. Genga was born in a region near Urbino. According mainly to Giorgio Vasari's biography, by age thirteen Genga had gained an apprenticeship in Orvieto under Luca Signorelli. He was afterwards for three years with Pietro Perugino, in......

Jacopo De Barbari

Jacopo De Barbari (1460 - 1516) -

Jacopo de' Barbari, sometimes known or referred to as de'Barbari, de Barberi, de Barbari, Barbaro, Barberino, Barbarigo or Barberigo (c. 1460/70 – before 1516), was an Italian painter and printmaker with a highly individual style. He moved from Venice to Germany in 1500, thus becoming the first Italian Renaissance artist of stature to work in North......

Provost Jan

Provost Jan (1465 - 1529) -

Jan Provoost, or Jean Provost, or Jan Provost (1462/65 – January 1529) was a Belgian painter born in Mons. Provost was a prolific master who left his early workshop in Valenciennes to run two workshops, one in Bruges, where he was made a burgher in 1494, the other simultaneously in Antwerp, which was the economic centre of the Low Countries. Provos......

Marcello Fogolino

Marcello Fogolino (1485 - 1548) - Italy (Vicenza)

Marcello Fogolino (active 1510–1548) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance or Mannerist style. Originally from San Vito in the Friuli, he worked early in his life he worked in Vicenza, under the painter Bartolomeo Montagna. He was also influenced by Giovanni Speranza and Pordenone. Returning to Friuli in 1520–21, he came to reflect the painterl......


Romanino (1485 - 1566) -

Girolamo Romani (Romanino) (c. 1485 – c. 1566) was an Italian High Renaissance painter active in the Veneto and Lombardy, near Brescia. His long career brought forth several different styles. Romani was born in Brescia. His early training and life are not well documented. A Quattrocento-esque Pietà, painted for the church of San Lorenzo of Brescia,......

Guidoccio Cozzarelli

Guidoccio Cozzarelli (1450 - 1517) - Italy (Siena)

Guidoccio Cozzarelli (1450-1517) was an Italian Renaissance painter and miniaturist. Cozzarelli was born in Siena, and was a student and collaborator of Matteo di Giovanni, with whom it is sometimes possible to confuse him due to their similar styles, and has led to some difficulty in painting attributions. Compared to Matteo, Cozzarelli's style is......

Ugo Da Carpi

Ugo Da Carpi (1470 - 1523) - Italy (Carpi)

Ugo da Carpi (c. 1480 – c. 1532) was an Italian printmaker active between 1509 and 1532 in the cities of Venice, Rome and Bologna. He is renowned for his stylistic contributions to the chiaroscuro woodcut, a printmaking technique using blocks of different colours. Ugo claimed to be the first to use this technique, seeking a copyright first from the......

Bernardino Licinio

Bernardino Licinio (1489 - 1565) - Italy (Poscante)

Bernardino Licinio (c. 1489 – 1565) was an Italian High Renaissance painter of Venice and Lombardy. Born in Poscante (Bergamo). He mainly painted portraits and religious canvases. More......

Marco Palmezzano

Marco Palmezzano (1460 - 1539) - Italy (Forlì)

Marco Palmezzano (1460–1539) was an Italian painter and architect, belonging to the Forlì painting school, who painted in a style recalling earlier Northern Renaissance models. He was mostly active near Forlì. Palmezzano was born and died in Forlì, Romagna. After his initial training with the painter Melozzo da Forlì — who had collaborated with Pie......

Giuliano Da Sangallo

Giuliano Da Sangallo (1445 - 1516) - Italy (Florence)

Giuliano da Sangallo (c. 1445 – 1516) was an Italian sculptor, architect and military engineer active during the Italian Renaissance. He is known primarily for being the favored architect of Lorenzo de' Medici, his patron. In this role, Giuliano designed a villa for Lorenzo as well as a monastery for Augustinians and a church where a miracle was sa......

Francesco Rosselli

Francesco Rosselli (1445 - 1510) - Italy (Florence)

Francesco Rosselli (1445 – before 1513) was an Italian miniature painter, and important engraver of maps and old master prints. He is described as a cartographer, although his contribution did not include any primary research and was probably limited to engraving, decorating and selling manuscript maps created by others. He created many important m......

Alessandro Araldi

Alessandro Araldi (1460 - 1529) - Italy (Parma)

Alessandro Araldi (c. 1460 – c. 1529) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance, active mainly in Parma. Little is known of his biography. He apparently assisted with contemporary Cristoforo Caselli (il Temperello). His work shows the influences of the school of Melozzo da Forli and of early Venetian Renaissance painters such as Giovanni Bellini an......

Giorgio Schiavone

Giorgio Schiavone (1437 - 1504) - Italy (Scardone)

Giorgio Schiavone, or Juraj Ćulinović (Skradin, 1433 or 1436 – Šibenik, 1504), was a Croatian born painter, active in Italy and Dalmatia. As a young artist he became a pupil of Squarcione in Padua, producing works such as Madonna and Child whilst still a pupil. He was active in Venice, Padua and Šibenik, where he later died. More......

Jean Bellegambe

Jean Bellegambe (1470 - 1534) - France (Douai)

Jehan Bellegambe or Jean Bellegambe (sometimes Belgamb or Belganb) (ca. 1470 – ca. June 1535–March 1536) was a French-speaking Flemish painter of religious paintings, triptychs and polyptychs, the most important of which are now held at Douai, Arras, Aix, Lille, Saint Petersburg and Chicago. He was known as the 'master of colours' for the transpare......

Guido Mazzoni

Guido Mazzoni (1450 - 1518) - Italy (Modena)

Guido Mazzoni (c. 1445 – 1518, active 1473–1518) was an Italian sculptor and painter of the Renaissance period, working in Bologna, Naples and France. Guido Mazzoni was born in Modena and first became active in that city, ruled at the time by the Este family of Ferrara. A case has been made for his early training in the studio of Francesco Cossa. H......

Biagio D'antonio Da Firenze

Biagio D'antonio Da Firenze (1446 - 1516) - Italy

Biagio d’Antonio Tucci (1446 – 1 June 1516) was an Italian Renaissance painter whose style was influenced by Filippo Lippi, Andrea Verrocchio and Domenico Ghirlandaio. Biagio was born in Florence. For much of the last quarter of the 15th century he was active in Faenza, but his style continued to reflect Florentine innovations. His paintings also d......

Bartolomé Ordóñez

Bartolomé Ordóñez (1480 - 1520) - Spain (Burgos)

Bartolomé Ordóñez (c. 1480 – 6 December 1520) was a Spanish Renaissance sculptor. Little is known about Ordóñez before the last five years of his life. His will indicates that he was an hidalgo born in Burgos, and that he had a sister named Marina in that city. Assuming this is correct, he would have grown up amidst the first flowering of the Spani......

Girolamo Di Benvenuto

Girolamo Di Benvenuto (1470 - 1524) - Italy (Siena)

Girolamo di Benvenuto (September 1470 - June 1524) was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance and son of the painter Benvenuto di Giovanni. Benvenuto was born and died in Siena. Learning the basics of art under his father's watchful supervision and trained in the traditional Sienese style of painting (he was a contemporary of Giacomo Pacchiarot......

Hans Wertinger

Hans Wertinger (1465 - 1533) - Germany (Landshut)

Felipe Bigarny

Felipe Bigarny (1475 - 1542) - Spain (Toledo)

Felipe Bigarny (c. 1475 – 10 November 1542), also known as Felipe Vigarny, Felipe Biguerny or Felipe de Borgoña, etc. and sometimes referred to as El Borgoñón (the Burgundian), was a sculptor born in Burgundy (France) but who made his career in Spain and was one of the leading sculptors of the Spanish Renaissance. He was also an architect. His work......

Piermatteo D'amelia

Piermatteo D'amelia (1467 - 1507) - Italy (Amelia)

Piermatteo Lauro de' Manfredi da Amelia (circa 1445 - died 1503/1508) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. Piermatteo was born at Amelia, in Umbria. He is first recorded as being part of the circle of Filippo Lippi, active between 1467 and 1469, working on the decoration of the Spoleto Cathedral. From 1479 until 1480 he was in Rome, wh......

Raffaello Botticini

Raffaello Botticini (1477 - 1520) - Italy (Firenze)

Raffaello Botticini (1474–1520) was an Italian Renaissance painter. Not much is known about Botticini's life, except through his works. His father was the painter Francesco Botticini. Raffaello he was first assistant, later successor at the helm of his father's workshop. The Tabernacle of the Sacrament, commissioned to his father Francesco in 1484 ......

Girolamo Da Santacroce

Girolamo Da Santacroce (1480 - 1556) - Italy

Girolamo da Santacroce (c. 1480/85 – c. 1556) was a 16th-century Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Venice and the Venetian mainland. Girolamo da Santacroce was born in Bergamo. He became in Venice a pupil of the painter Gentile Bellini. On Gentile's death in 1507, he was left in Gentile's will half of the Oriental drawings......

Benedetto Diana

Benedetto Diana (1460 - 1525) - Italy

Benedetto Rusconi, nicknamed the Diana, (ca. 1460 – 1525) was an Italian Renaissance painter, a companion of Vittore Carpaccio and Giovanni di Niccolò Mansueti, who lived in the latter part of the 15th and early part of the 16th centuries. No date can be given of his birth. He was an inferior artist, and worked both in tempera and oils. A number of......

Giovanni Buonconsiglio

Giovanni Buonconsiglio (1465 - 1537) - Italy (Vicenza)

Giovanni Buonconsiglio (born Montecchio Maggiore c. 1465, died 1535 or 1537 active during 1497–1514) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Venice and his native Vicenza. Alternate names: Bonconsigli, Giovanni Il Marescalco Marescalco Buonconsiglio Il Marescalco. Buonconsiglio was probably apprenticed in Vicenza to Barto......

Antonio Da Sangallo The Younger

Antonio Da Sangallo The Younger (1484 - 1546) - Italy (Florence)

Antonio da Sangallo the Younger (12 April 1484 – 3 August 1546), also known as Antonio da San Gallo, was an Italian architect active during the Renaissance, mainly in Rome and the Papal States. Sangallo was born Antonio Cordiani in Florence, the son of Bartolomeo Piccioni. His grandfather Francesco Giamberti was a woodworker, and his uncles Giulian......

Alejo Fernández

Alejo Fernández (1475 - 1545) -

Alejo Fernández (c. 1475- c. 1545) was a Spanish painter best known for his portrait of Christopher Columbus painted between 1531 and 1536. He was born in Córdoba. Here, influenced by the style of the Flemish masters, he studied perspective and the structure of space. After moving to Seville in 1508, his interest moved to huma representation. To th......

Silvestro Dell'aquila

Silvestro Dell'aquila (1450 - 1504) - Italy (Sulmona)

Silvèstro dell'Aquila, also known as Silvestro di Giacomo da Sulmona, (circa 1450, Sulmona - circa 1504) was an Italian sculptor of the late Quattrocento, active in L'Aquila, in the Abruzzo. It is unclear what his training was, though he shows affinities with Florentine sculpture. Among his works is a wooden San Silvestro (1478) in the Museo Nazion......

Robinet Testard

Robinet Testard (1470 - 1531) - France

Robinet Testard (fl. 1470–1531) was a French medieval illuminator and painter, whose works are difficult to attribute since none of them was signed or dated. He is known to have worked for the family of Charles, Count of Angoulême (1459–96) in Cognac, and made Valet de Chambre to the family in 1484. When the Count of Angoulême died in 1496, Testard......

Michele Sanmicheli

Michele Sanmicheli (1484 - 1559) - Italy (San Michele Extra)

Fra Giovanni Da Verona

Fra Giovanni Da Verona (1457 - 1525) - Italy (Padua)

Fra Giovanni da Verona (c.1457, Verona - 1525) was an Italian Olivetan monk, sculptor, architect, miniature painter and woodworker. He was active between the late 15th and early 16th centuries. More......

Girolamo Dai Libri

Girolamo Dai Libri (1474 - 1555) -

Girolamo dai Libri (1474/1475 – July 2, 1555) was an Italian illuminator of manuscripts and painter of altarpieces, working in an early-Renaissance style. Virgin and child with angels musicians Gallerie dell'Accademia God the Father with His Right Hand Raised in Blessing (drawing by Girolamo dai Libri) Our Lady enthroned between St. Thomas and St. ......

Anton Koberger

Anton Koberger (1440 - 1513) - Germany (Nurnberg)

Anton Pilgram

Anton Pilgram (1460 - 1516) - Czech Republic (Brno)

Anton Pilgram (also Anton Pilchramb) (around 1460, Brno (?) – 1516, Vienna) was a late medieval Austrian (German) architect and sculptor active in the area of today's Czech Republic (Moravia), Austria and western Germany. Pilgram is known as the sculptor of the portal of Old City Hall in Brno and craftsman of the pulpit in St. Stephen's Cathedral, ......

Benedetto Bordone

Benedetto Bordone (1460 - 1531) - Italy (Padua)

Sebastian Brant

Sebastian Brant (1457 - 1521) - France (Strasbourg)

Goossen Van Der Weyden

Goossen Van Der Weyden (1455 - 1543) -

John Christopher Matthew Foppa (Caradosso)

John Christopher Matthew Foppa (Caradosso) (1452 - 1527) - Italy (Mondonico)

Ambrogio Da Fossano (Ambrogio Bergognone)

Ambrogio Da Fossano (Ambrogio Bergognone) (1453 - 1523) - Italy (Fossano)

Marco Dente Da Ravenna

Marco Dente Da Ravenna (1486 - 1527) - Italy (Ravenna)

Israhel Van The Younger Meckenem

Israhel Van The Younger Meckenem (1442 - 1503) - Germany (Meckenheim)

Friedrich Pacher

Friedrich Pacher (1474 - 1508) - Italy (Novacella)

Michel Sittow (Master Michiel)

Michel Sittow (Master Michiel) (1468 - 1525) - Estonia (Reval (Now Tallinn)

Agostino Dei Musi

Agostino Dei Musi (1490 - 1536) - Italy (Venezia)

Bartolomeo Suardi (Bramantino)

Bartolomeo Suardi (Bramantino) (1465 - 1536) - Italy (Milan)

Peter The Elder Dell

Peter The Elder Dell (1490 - 1552) - Germany (Würzburg)

Hendrick Douverman

Hendrick Douverman (1490 - 1543) - Germany (Kalkar)

Bernardino Di Bosio Zaganelli

Bernardino Di Bosio Zaganelli (1465 - 1510) - Italy (Cotignola)

Peter The Younger Vischer

Peter The Younger Vischer (1487 - 1528) - Germany (Nürnberg)

Paolo Moranda Cavazzola (Cavazzola)

Paolo Moranda Cavazzola (Cavazzola) (1486 - 1522) - Italy (Verona)

Domenico De' Vetri

Domenico De' Vetri (1480 - 1547) - Italy (Firenze)

Niccolò Da Foligno

Niccolò Da Foligno (1430 - 1502) - Italy (Foligno)

Giovanni Battista Bregno

Giovanni Battista Bregno (1472 - 1518) - Italy (Osteno)

Hans Witten Von Koln

Hans Witten Von Koln (1475 - 1522) - Germany (Braunschweig)

Giorgio Spavento

Giorgio Spavento (1440 - 1509) - Italy (Venezia)

Lorenzo Lotti (Lorenzetto)

Lorenzo Lotti (Lorenzetto) (1490 - 1541) - Italy (Lorenzo)

Bernardino Zaccagni

Bernardino Zaccagni (1455 - 1531) - Italy (Rivalta Lesignano)

Hans Leinberger

Hans Leinberger (1478 - 1531) - Germany (Ulm)

Martino Piazza Da Lodi

Martino Piazza Da Lodi (1478 - 1523) - Italy (Lombardy)

Peter The Elder Vischer

Peter The Elder Vischer (1460 - 1529) - Germany (Nürnberg)

Paolo De San Leocadio (Paolo Da Reggio)

Paolo De San Leocadio (Paolo Da Reggio) (1447 - 1520) - Italy (Emilia)

Pietro Da Vicenza

Pietro Da Vicenza (1467 - 1527) - Italy (Vicenza)

Gian Francesco Ferrari D' Agrate

Gian Francesco Ferrari D' Agrate (1489 - 1563) - Italy (Parma)

Baccio D'agnolo (Bartolomeo Baglioni)

Baccio D'agnolo (Bartolomeo Baglioni) (1462 - 1543) - Italy (Firenze)

Domingo Ram

Domingo Ram (1464 - 1507) -


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