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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1700 .

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Marc Nattier

Marc Nattier (1685 - 1766) - France (Paris)

Jean-Marc Nattier (17 March 1685 – 7 November 1766), French painter, was born in Paris, the second son of Marc Nattier (1642–1705), a portrait painter, and of Marie Courtois (1655–1703), a miniaturist. He is noted for his portraits of the ladies of King Louis XV's court in classical mythological attire. He received his first instruction from his fa......

François Lemoyne

François Lemoyne (1688 - 1737) - France (Paris)

François Lemoyne or François Le Moine (1688 – 4 June 1737) was a French rococo painter. He was a winner of the Prix de Rome, professor of the Académie de peinture et de sculpture, and Premier peintre du Roi to Louis XV. He was tutor to Charles-Joseph Natoire and François Boucher. Throughout his career, Lemoyne sought to be seen as the heir to Charl......

Acislo Antonio Palomino

Acislo Antonio Palomino (1653 - 1726) - Spain (Bujalance)

Acislo Antonio Palomino de Castro y Velasco (1653 – 13 April 1726) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period, and a writer on art, author of El Museo pictórico y escala óptica, which contains a large amount of important biographical material on Spanish artists. Antonio Palomino was born to a respectable family at Bujalance, near Córdoba in 1653. ......

Francesco De Mura

Francesco De Mura (1696 - 1782) - Italy (Naples)

Francesco de Mura (21 April 1696 – 19 August 1782) was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active mainly in Naples and Turin. His late work reflects the style of neoclassicism. Francesco de Mura, also referred to as Franceschiello, was a pupil of Francesco Solimena, then later with Domenico Viola, where he met his contemporary, Mattia Pr......

Ogata Kōrin

Ogata Kōrin (1658 - 1716) - Japan (Kyoto)

Ogata Kōrin (Japanese: 尾形光琳 1658 – June 2, 1716) was a Japanese painter, lacquerer and designer of the Rinpa school. Ogata is best known for his byōbu folding screens, such as Irises and Red and White Plum Blossoms (both registered National Treasures), and his paintings on ceramics and lacquerware produced by his brother Kenzan (1663–1743). Also a ......

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti (1692 - 1768) - Italy (Florence)

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti (Giandomenico), also called Giandomenico d'Imola (15 June 1692 – 18 August 1768) was an Italian Rococo style painter from Florence. According to the contemporary Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani, Ferretti was a pupil of the Bolognese painter Giuseppe Maria Crespi. Others say he worked with painter Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole. H......

Daniel Gran

Daniel Gran (1694 - 1757) - Italy (Vienna)

Daniel Gran (22 May 1694 in Vienna – 16 April 1757 in Sankt Pölten), was an Austrian painter. His pictures ornament several public buildings in his native city. He was of some consideration in his time and after a century of Italian dominance one of the first important painters of the German-speaking countries, but his works are relatively unknown ......

Alexis Simon Belle

Alexis Simon Belle (1674 - 1734) - France (Paris)

Alexis Simon Belle (12 January 1674 – 21 November 1734) was a French portrait painter, known for his portraits of the French and Jacobite nobility.As a portrait artist, Belle's style followed that of his master François de Troy, Hyacinthe Rigaud, and Nicolas de Largillière. He was the master of the painter Jacques-André-Joseph-Camelot Aved (1702–17......

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675 - 1741) - Italy (Venice)

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (29 April 1675 – 2 November 1741) was one of the leading Venetian history painters of the early 18th century. His style melded the Renaissance style of Paolo Veronese with the Baroque of Pietro da Cortona and Luca Giordano. He travelled widely on commissions which brought him to England, the Southern Netherlands, the Dut......

Jean Louis Tocqué

Jean Louis Tocqué (1696 - 1772) - France (Paris)

Jean Louis Tocqué (19 November 1696 - 10 February 1772) was a French painter. He specialized in portrait painting. Jean Louis Tocqué was born on 19 November 1696 in Paris, capital of the Kingdom of France. His father, who was also a painter, died in April 1710, before Louis was even fourteen. He was eventually brought into the care of another artis......

Hua Yan

Hua Yan (1682 - 1756) -

Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists. The Chinese art in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of overseas Chinese can also be considered part of Chinese art where it is based in or draws on Chinese heritage and Chinese culture. Early "stone age art" dates back to ......

Agostino Cornacchini

Agostino Cornacchini (1686 - 1754) - Italy (Pescia)

Agostino Cornacchini (August 27, 1686 – 1754) was an Italian sculptor and painter of the Rococo period, active mainly in Rome. He was born in Pescia and died in Rome. In 1712, Cornacchini established himself in the household of his uncle, Cardinal Carlo Agostino Fabbroni, who until 1720 provided Cornacchini with a studio, lodgings and an income. Hi......

Gustaf Lundberg

Gustaf Lundberg (1695 - 1786) - Sweden (Stockholm)

Gustaf Lundberg (Stockholm 17 August 1695 - Stockholm 18 March 1786) was a Swedish rococo pastelist and portrait painter, working in Paris and later in Stockholm. Lundberg was born in Stockholm 17 August 1695, son of royal chef Gustaf Lundberg and his wife Sabina Richter, whose family included successful artists and goldsmiths. Orphaned at an early......

Benedetto Gennari The Younger

Benedetto Gennari The Younger (1633 - 1715) - Italy (Cento)

Benedetto Gennari II (October 19, 1633 – December 9, 1715) was an Italian painter active during the Baroque period. Belonging to a dynasty of painters, Gennari was a student of Guercino, the grandson of Benedetto Gennari, and older brother of Cesare Gennari. His father was Ercole Gennari and mother Lucia Barbieri. He trained at the workshop of the ......

Alexis Grimou

Alexis Grimou (1678 - 1733) - France (Argenteuil)

Alexis Grimou (24 May 1678 – 1733) was a French painter. Alexis Grimou was never an apprentice in a studio. His father had been a Swiss guard at Versailles. He trained himself by copying works of Van Dyck and Rembrandt. He painted mainly spirited portraits or portrait scenes, such as women singing and playing musical instruments. He was admitted to......

Cornelis Troost

Cornelis Troost (1696 - 1750) - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Cornelis Troost (8 October 1696 – 7 March 1750) was an 18th-century actor and painter from Amsterdam. Troost was trained as an actor and married the actress Susanna Maria van der Duyn, but became a pupil of Arnold Boonen and gave up his career for painting in 1723. He is primarily remembered for his works depicting scenes from the Amsterdam Theatre......

Adriaen Coorte

Adriaen Coorte (1665 - 1707) - Netherlands (Middelburg)

Adriaen Coorte (ca. 1665 – after 1707) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes, who signed works between 1683 and 1707. He painted small and unpretentious still lifes in a style more typical of the first half of the century, and was "one of the last practitioners of this intimate category". Very little is known of his life, but he is assumed ......

Giuseppe Antonio Petrini

Giuseppe Antonio Petrini (1677 - 1759) - Switzerland (Carona)

Giuseppe Antonio Petrini (October 23, 1677- c. 1755–9) was a painter of the late-Baroque, active mainly in Lugano, present-day Switzerland. While born in Carona in Canton Ticino and died in Lugano, both in Switzerland, Petrini belongs to the Northern Italian or Lombard heritage of baroque painting. He possibly apprenticed with Bartolomeo Guidobono ......

Christian Seybold

Christian Seybold (1695 - 1768) - Germany (Neuenhain)

Christian Seybold (19 March 1695, Neuenhain, Bad Soden - 28 September 1768, Vienna) was a German painter in the Baroque style. He is best known for his detailed, realistic portraits (over two dozen of himself), which stood out from the idealized ones preferred at that time. Some of his works might be classified as tronies. Little is known about his......

Caspar Van Wittel

Caspar Van Wittel (1653 - 1736) -

Caspar van Wittel or Gaspar van Wittel (born Jasper Adriaensz van Wittel Italian name variations: Gaspare Vanvitelli [ˈɡaspare vamviˈtɛlli], Gasparo degli Occhiali [ˈɡasparo deʎʎ okˈkjaːli] 1652 or 1653, Amersfoort – September 13, 1736, Rome) was a Dutch painter and draughtsman who had a long career in Rome. He played a pivotal role in the developm......

Alessandro Marchesini

Alessandro Marchesini (1644 - 1738) - Italy

Alessandro Marchesini (30 April 1664 – 27 January 1738) was an Italian painter and art merchant of the late-Baroque and Rococo, active in Northern Italy and Venice. He first trained in Verona with Biagio Falcieri and then with Antonio Calza. He then moved to Bologna, to work in the studio of Carlo Cignani. He is described as gaining fame for his al......

Paolo De Matteis

Paolo De Matteis (1662 - 1728) -

Paolo de Matteis (also known as Paolo de' Matteis 9 February 1662 – 26 January 1728) was an Italian painter. He was born in Piano Vetrale, a hamlet of Orria, in the current Province of Salerno, and died in Naples. He trained with Francesco di Maria in Naples, then with Luca Giordano. He served in the employ of the Spanish Viceroy of Naples. From 17......

Jean Bernard Restout

Jean Bernard Restout (1692 - 1768) -

Jean II Restout (26 March 1692 – 1 January 1768) was a French painter, whose late baroque classicism rendered his altarpieces, such as the Death of Saint Scholastica an "isolated achievement" that ran counter to his rococo contemporaries. Jean Restout was born in Rouen, the son of Jean I Restout and Marie M. Jouvenet, sister and pupil of the then w......

Pieter Van Der Werff

Pieter Van Der Werff (1665 - 1722) - Netherlands (Kralingen)

Pieter van der Werff (1665 – September 26, 1722) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He assisted his older brother, Adriaen van der Werff. He learned to paint from his brother Adriaen and according to the RKD, he spent most of his life working in Rotterdam, where he painted the rich and famous. More......

Cornelis Dusart

Cornelis Dusart (1660 - 1704) - Netherlands (Haarlem)

Isaac Sailmaker

Isaac Sailmaker (1633 - 1721) -

Isaac Sailmaker (born Isaac Zeilmaker in Scheveningen, 1633 died in London on June 28, 1721) was a Dutch marine painter active in Britain. He came to London to work for George Geldorp and later worked for Oliver Cromwell. He is known for paintings of ships and lighthouses. His painting of Eddystone Lighthouse is notable as the structure no longer e......

Jan Van Huchtenburg

Jan Van Huchtenburg (1647 - 1733) -

J(oh)an and Jacob van Huchtenburg (Hughtenburg or Hugtenburg(h)) were two Dutch Golden Age painters in the second half of the seventeenth century. Both brothers were natives of Haarlem, moved to Paris, but died in Amsterdam. The main source about their lives is from Arnold Houbraken. Some of the information from the 19th century is contradictive. J......

Antonio Verrio

Antonio Verrio (1639 - 1707) -

The Italian-born Antonio Verrio (c. 1636 – 15 June 1707) was responsible for introducing Baroque mural painting into England and served the Crown over a thirty-year period. Verrio, born in Lecce, Kingdom of Naples, started his career in Lecce and was a pupil of Giovanni Andrea Coppola (1597–1659). Several works by Verrio still exist in the Apulian ......

Jan Van Huchtenburgh

Jan Van Huchtenburgh (1647 - 1733) -

J(oh)an and Jacob van Huchtenburg (Hughtenburg or Hugtenburg(h)) were two Dutch Golden Age painters in the second half of the seventeenth century. Both brothers were natives of Haarlem, moved to Paris, but died in Amsterdam. The main source about their lives is from Arnold Houbraken. Some of the information from the 19th century is contradictive. J......

Mattia Bortoloni

Mattia Bortoloni (1695 - 1750) -

Mattia Bortoloni (31 March 1696 – 9 June 1750) was an important painter of the early Italian Rococo period. He began his career as a student of Antonio Balestra of Verona and was active throughout northern Italy. For many years the growth of Bortoloni’s reputation was constrained by two factors. First, his work was heavily centered on frescos (that......

Willem Frederik Van Royen

Willem Frederik Van Royen (1645 - 1723) - Netherlands (Haarlem)

Willem Frederiksz van Royen (c.1645, Haarlem – 1723, Berlin), was a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to the RKD he was probably born in Haarlem and became a pupil of Arnold van Ravesteyn there or in The Hague during the years 1661-1668. He became a still life and flower painter who moved to Berlin in 1669 and became court painter to Frederick Wi......

René Frémin

René Frémin (1672 - 1744) - France (Paris)

René Frémin (1 October 1672 - 17 February 1744) was a French sculptor. Frémin studied at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture (Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture), where he was a pupil of François Girardon and Antoine Coysevox. In 1694 he won the Prix de Rome for sculpture. He stayed in Rome from 1695 to 1699. Returning to France, h......

Luigi Garzi

Luigi Garzi (1638 - 1721) -

Luigi Garzi (Pistoia, 1638–Rome, 1721) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, whose work displayed heavy influences of the Bolognese painter, Guido Reni. Born in Pistoia. He started learning from a poorly known landscape painter, Salomon Boccali. But at age 15, he moved to Rome, where he was one of the main pupils of Andrea Sacchi. He is als......

Wang Yuanqi

Wang Yuanqi (1642 - 1715) - China (Taicang)

Wang Yuanqi (Chinese: 王原祁 pinyin: Wáng Yuánqí 1642-1715) was a Chinese painter of the Qing dynasty. Wang was born in Taicang in the Jiangsu province and tutored in painting by his grandfather Wang Shimin (1592–1680). His style name was 'Mao-ching ' and his sobriquet was ' Lu-t'ai'. Wang is a member of the Six Masters of the early Qing period, also ......

Giuseppe Maria Mazza

Giuseppe Maria Mazza (1653 - 1741) - Italy (Bologna)

Giuseppe Maria Mazza (13 May 1653 – 6 June 1741) was one of the leading sculptors of Bologna, Italy, in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He was trained as a painter, but is best known for his fine sculptural work in terracotta and stucco. Mazza was born in Bologna on 13 May 1653, son of Camillo Mazza (1602–72). His father was a sculptor who ......

Giovanni Bonazza

Giovanni Bonazza (1654 - 1736) - Italy (Venice)

Fortunato Pasquetti

Fortunato Pasquetti (1690 - 1773) - Italy (Venice)

Fortunato Pasquetti (1690–1773) was an Italian painter of the Rococo period. He is known for his formal portraits of royalty and Venetian Patriciate. He was born in Venice and died in Portogruaro. He trained under Niccolò Cassana. He painted a portrait of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor. More......

William Aikman

William Aikman (1682 - 1731) -

William Aikman (24 October 1682 – 7 June 1731) was a Scottish portrait-painter. Aikman was the son of William Aikman, of Cairney. His father intended that he should follow the law, and gave him an education suitable to these views but the strong predilection of the son to the fine arts induced him to attach himself to painting alone. Poetry, painti......

After Adriaen Coorte

After Adriaen Coorte (1665 - 1707) -

Adriaen Coorte (ca. 1665 – after 1707) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes, who signed works between 1683 and 1707. He painted small and unpretentious still lifes in a style more typical of the first half of the century, and was "one of the last practitioners of this intimate category". Very little is known of his life, but he is assumed ......

Francis Barlow

Francis Barlow (1624 - 1704) - United Kingdom (Lincolnshire)

Francis Barlow (c. 1626 – 1704) was an English painter, etcher, and illustrator. He ranks among the most prolific book-illustrators and printmakers of the 17th century, working across several genres: natural history, hunting and recreation, politics, and decoration and design. Barlow is known as "the father of British sporting painting" he was Brit......

Edwaert Collier

Edwaert Collier (1642 - 1708) -

Evert Collier (26 January 1642 – few days before September 8, 1708) was a Dutch Golden Age still-life painter known for vanitas and trompe-l'œil paintings. His first name is sometimes spelled "Edward" or "Edwaert" or "Eduwaert" or "Edwart," and his last name is sometimes spelled "Colyer" or "Kollier". Collier was baptized Evert Calier in Breda, Noo......

Jin Nong

Jin Nong (1687 - 1764) -

Born in 1687 in Hangzhou, Jin Nong (金農) became popular as a painter and calligrapher while living as a childless widower in Yangzhou in his sixties. His paintings of mei blossoms were in particular demand there. Heralded as one of The Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, Jin favored the amateur scholar style. A nonconformist, he generally painted more tra......

Jean Ii Cotelle

Jean Ii Cotelle (1642 - 1708) - France (Paris)

Jean Cotelle, 'the younger' (1642–1708) was a painter and engraver, born in Paris. He received his early instruction from his father, Jean Cotelle, and eventually visited Italy. On his return he devoted himself to his profession, producing historical paintings, miniatures, and occasionally etchings. His chef-d'oeuvre was the 'Marriage at Cana,' pai......

Charles Parrocel

Charles Parrocel (1688 - 1752) -

Charles Parrocel (May 6, 1688 – May 24, 1752) was a French painter and engraver and a specialist in battle and hunt paintings. Parrocel was born in Paris, and studied under his father, Joseph Parrocel, until his death. Parrocel then became a pupil along with Bon Boullogne of Charles de La Fosse. In 1712 Parrocel moved to Italy, where he attended th......

Giovanni Battista Cimaroli

Giovanni Battista Cimaroli (1687 - 1771) -

Giovanni Battista Cimaroli (1687–1771) was an Italian painter of rustic landscapes with farms, villas and graceful figures and capricci of ruins and views of towns in the Veneto. He was born in Salò on Lake Garda, not far from Brescia. He studied under Antonio Aureggio and later in Bologna with the landscape painter Antonio Calza, before moving to ......

Shen Quan

Shen Quan (1682 - 1760) -

Shen Quan (simplified Chinese: 沈铨 traditional Chinese: 沈銓 pinyin: Shěn Quán Wade–Giles: Shen Ch'üan c. 1682–1760) was a Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912). His courtesy name was Nanpin (南蘋) and his sobriquet was Hengzhai (衡斎). His works became influential in Japanese Edo period art. Shen was born in Deqing in Zhejiang province. He ......

Michele Pagano

Michele Pagano (1697 - 1732) -

Michele Pagano (1697–1732) was an Italian painter of the late Baroque period, active in his natal city of Naples. Pagano initially trained under Raimondo di Dominici, known as il Maltese. Working later with Bernardo de Dominici, he became a follower of Franz Joachim Beich, and flourished as a landscape painter or vedutista, but died in his mid-thir......

Paolo Anesi

Paolo Anesi (1697 - 1773) -

Paolo Anesi (1697–1773) was an Italian painter of the 18th century, active mainly in painting capriccios and landscapes (vedute) in the style of Giovanni Paolo Pannini. Born in Florence, he trained with Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari and Bernardino Fergioni. He was admitted to the Accademia di San Luca and to the Congregation of the Virtuosi of the Pan......

Daniel Seiter

Daniel Seiter (1649 - 1705) -

Daniel Seiter, Saiter, or Seyter (c.1642/1647–1705) was a Viennese-born painter of the Baroque, who trained and worked in Italy. According to Houbraken, Seiter was born on the border of Switzerland and brought up in Vienna. It is unknown who his first teacher was, but as a young man he crossed the alps to Venice, where he apprenticed with Johann Ca......

Jacob Van Huysum

Jacob Van Huysum (1687 - 1740) -

Jacob van Huysum (c. 1687 – 1740) was an 18th-century botanical painter from the Northern Netherlands. Van Huysum was born in Amsterdam. Both his father Justus van Huysum (1659–1716), and his brother Jan van Huysum (1682–1749), were celebrated flower painters. His manner of painting was very like that of his brother. His approach to botanical illus......

Victor Honoré Janssens

Victor Honoré Janssens (1658 - 1736) - Belgium (Brussel)

Victor Honorius Janssens or Victor Honoré Janssens (or Jansens) (11 June 1658 – 14 August 1736) was a Flemish painter of religious and mythological works and a tapestry designer. He spent a substantial period of his career abroad and worked in Germany, Italy, Vienna and London. He was court painter of Emperor Charles VI of Austria in Vienna. He is ......

Okumura Masanobu

Okumura Masanobu (1686 - 1764) -

Okumura Masanobu (Japanese: 奥村 政信 1686 – 13 March 1764) was a Japanese print designer, book publisher, and painter. He also illustrated novelettes and in his early years wrote some fiction. At first his work adhered to the Torii school, but later drifted beyond that. He is a figure in the formative era of ukiyo-e doing early works on actors and bij......

Johann Alexander Thiele

Johann Alexander Thiele (1685 - 1752) - Germany (Erfurt)

Johann Alexander Thiele (26 March 1685 in Erfurt – 22 May 1752 in Dresden) was a German painter and engraver. After five years of apprenticeship as a printer in Erfurt, he was married in Arnstadt in 1710 and moved to Dresden in 1715, where he copied old paintings, was a student of Christoph Ludwig Agricola and worked briefly with Adam Manyoki, alth......

Pietro Ligari

Pietro Ligari (1686 - 1752) - Italy (Ardenno)

Giovanni Pietro Ligario (1686–1748) was an Italian painter and architect of the late-Baroque. He was born at Sondrio in the Valtelline valley, and after early training there, moved to Rome, where he frequented the studio of Lazzaro Baldi, and afterwards visited Venice. On his return to his native town in 1727, he was employed in painting historical......

Johann Melchior Roos

Johann Melchior Roos (1663 - 1731) -

Johann Melchior Roos (December 27, 1663, Heidelberg – 1731, Braunschweig), was a German Baroque painter. According to the RKD He was born in Heidelberg and learned to paint from his father, the landscape painter Johann Heinrich Roos. In 1682-1685 he studied at the drawing academy of the Confrerie Pictura in the Hague, and in 1686 he travelled to Ro......

Jonathan Richardson The Elder

Jonathan Richardson The Elder (1667 - 1745) -

Jonathan Richardson (London 12 January 1667 – 28 May 1745 London) sometimes called "the Elder" to distinguish him from his son (Jonathan Richardson the Younger) was an English artist, collector of drawings, and writer on art, working almost entirely as a portrait-painter in London. He was considered by some art-critics as one of the three foremost ......

Abraham Pietersz Van Calraet

Abraham Pietersz Van Calraet (1642 - 1722) -

Abraham van Calraet, or Kalraat (7–12 October 1642, Dordrecht – 11 June 1722, Amsterdam) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver. He learned to paint from AEmilius and Samuel Hup, or Huppe, who were well known sculptors in the city of Dordrecht. After learning to sculpt, young Abraham took to the painter's brush, and started on fruit, while hel......

Egbert Van Heemskerck Ii

Egbert Van Heemskerck Ii (1635 - 1704) -

Egbert van Heemskerck, or Egbert Jaspersz van Heemskerk (1634–1704) was a Haarlem Dutch Golden Age painter of genre works who died in London in 1704. He is often confused with another genre painter also called Egbert van Heemskerck who lived c. 1676 – 1744. Attempts to distinguish the work of the elder and younger Heemskerck, where they overlap, ha......

Herman Verelst

Herman Verelst (1641 - 1702) -

Herman Verelst (1641, Dordrecht – 1702, London), was a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to the RKD, Herman was the son of Pieter Hermansz Verelst and his wife, born in The Hague. He was the second of three sons who became painters: the other two were Simon and Johannes. As an adult Verelst married, and some of his children, Cornelis and Maria Ve......

Joseph Van Aken

Joseph Van Aken (1699 - 1749) -

Joseph van Aken (c.1699 – 4 July 1749 London) was a Flemish artist, a portrait, genre and drapery painter who spent most of his career in England. He was noted for his skill in painting fabrics, and was employed as a costume painter by many leading artists. He arrived in London from Antwerp in around 1720, accompanied by his brother Alexander (1701......

Claudio Francesco Beaumont

Claudio Francesco Beaumont (1694 - 1766) -

Cavaliere Claudio Francesco Beaumont (4 July 1694 – 21 June 1766) was an Italian artist, born in Turin. Beumont was born in Turin on 4 July 1694. Little is known of his early youth, besides the news on education in school of grammar and rhetoric, of architecture and mathematics, directed by the Jesuits. The first documented news refers to a trip to......

Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari

Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (1654 - 1727) -

Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (10 March 1654 – 8 September 1727), also known simply as Giuseppe Chiari, was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active mostly in Rome. Born in Rome, he was one of the main assistants, along with Giuseppe Passeri and Andrea Procaccini, in the studio of an elder Carlo Maratta. His father had opposed the career,......

Johann Adam Delsenbach

Johann Adam Delsenbach (1687 - 1765) - Germany (Nürnberg)

Huang Shen

Huang Shen (1687 - 1772) -

Huang Shen (1687–1772) was a Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty. Huang was born in Ninghua, Fujian province, to a poor family. His courtesy names were Gongshou (恭壽) and Gongmao (恭懋). His pseudonym was Yingpiaozi (癭瓢子). He began his training under the painter Shangguan Zhou (上官周). In the earliest part of his career he excelled at cursive callig......

Zheng Xie

Zheng Xie (1693 - 1766) -

Zheng Xie (Chinese: 鄭燮 pinyin: Zhèng Xiè) (1693–1765), commonly known as Zheng Banqiao (Chinese: 鄭板橋 pinyin: Zhèng Bǎnqiáo) was a Chinese painter from Jiangsu. He began life in poverty, but rose in the exam system to become a magistrate at Shandong. However, after 12 years, he became critical of the life of an official as he refused to ingratiate h......

Nicolas Gabriel Dupuis

Nicolas Gabriel Dupuis (1698 - 1771) - France (Paris)

Giovanni Domenico Lombardi

Giovanni Domenico Lombardi (1682 - 1751) - Italy (Lucca)

Tobias Stranover

Tobias Stranover (1684 - 1756) - Romania (Nagyszeben)

Pierre Denis Martin (Dit Martin Le Jeune)

Pierre Denis Martin (Dit Martin Le Jeune) (1663 - 1742) - France (Paris)

François Verdier

François Verdier (1651 - 1730) - France (Paris)

Corneille Van Clève

Corneille Van Clève (1645 - 1732) - France (Paris)

Johann Heiss

Johann Heiss (1640 - 1704) - Germany (Memmingen)

Giambattista Foggini

Giambattista Foggini (1652 - 1725) - Italy (Florence)

Baldassare De Caro

Baldassare De Caro (1689 - 1750) - Italy (Napoli)

Jacques Van Schuppen

Jacques Van Schuppen (1670 - 1751) - France (Fontainebleau)

Nicolas Colombel

Nicolas Colombel (1644 - 1717) -

Nicolas Colombel (c.1644–1717) was a French painter, much influenced by Poussin. Colombel was born at Sotteville, near Rouen, in about 1644. He went to Rome when quite young, and remained there until 1692, forming his style by a study of the works of Raphael and Nicolas Poussin. His pictures met with considerable success, but most later critics dis......

Aleksey Fyodorovich Zubov

Aleksey Fyodorovich Zubov (1682 - 1750) - Russia (Moscow)

Abraham Bisschop

Abraham Bisschop (1670 - 1729) - Netherlands (Dordrecht)

Matthys Pool

Matthys Pool (1676 - 1732) - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Gaspar Peeter The Younger Verbruggen

Gaspar Peeter The Younger Verbruggen (1664 - 1730) -

Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen or Gasparo Pedro Verbruggen (baptized on 11 April 1664 in Antwerp – buried on 14 March 1730 in Antwerp) was a Flemish still life painter who is principally known for his decorative still lifes with flowers and fruit. He collaborated with figure artists on compositions which combined figures with a still life element. He was......

Edwart Collier (Evert Colyer)

Edwart Collier (Evert Colyer) (1640 - 1708) - Netherlands (Breda)

Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart

Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart (1630 - 1703) - Poland (Gda?Sk)

Pietro Paltronieri

Pietro Paltronieri (1673 - 1741) -

Giovanni Giuliani

Giovanni Giuliani (1664 - 1744) - Italy (Venedig)

Jan Baptist Bosschaert

Jan Baptist Bosschaert (1667 - 1746) - Belgium (Antwerp)

Adam Silo

Adam Silo (1674 - 1760) - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Hendrik Franciscus Verbruggen

Hendrik Franciscus Verbruggen (1654 - 1724) - Belgium (Antwerp)

Robert Griffier

Robert Griffier (1675 - 1727) -

Robert Griffier (c. 1675 in England – after 1727 in Amsterdam), was an 18th-century landscape painter from London who was active in Amsterdam. According to Houbraken, Griffier was born in England in 1688 as the son of Jan Griffier, and learned painting from his father. He did not accompany his family when they moved to the Netherlands and so wasn't......

Ange Jacques Gabriel

Ange Jacques Gabriel (1698 - 1782) - France (Paris)

Franz Ignaz Flurer

Franz Ignaz Flurer (1688 - 1742) - Germany (Augsburg)

Jacobus Coelemans

Jacobus Coelemans (1654 - 1735) - Belgium (Antwerp)

Louis Surugue

Louis Surugue (1686 - 1762) - France (Paris)

Paul Carl Leygebe

Paul Carl Leygebe (1664 - 1756) - Germany (Nuremberg)

Domenico Lovisa

Domenico Lovisa (1690 - 1750) - Italy (Venice)

Antoine Aveline

Antoine Aveline (1691 - 1743) - France (Paris)

Thomas Murray

Thomas Murray (1663 - 1734) -

Thomas Murray or Murrey (1663 – 1734) was a prominent Scottish portrait-painter. Thomas Murray received his first lessons in art from one of the De Critz family. Subsequently he became a pupil of John Riley like his master, Murray was just a face-painter, leaving the rest of the picture to be completed by others. Murray was successful financially. ......

Pietro Uberti

Pietro Uberti (1671 - 1762) - Italy

Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Baciccio)

Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Baciccio) (1639 - 1709) -

Bada Shanren

Bada Shanren (1626 - 1705) -

Kano Shōun

Kano Shōun (1637 - 1702) -


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