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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1750 .

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Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds (1723 - 1792) - United Kingdom (Plympton)

Rococo, Neo-Classicism, Baroque

Sir Joshua Reynolds RA FRS FRSA (16 July 1723 – 23 February 1792) was an English painter, specialising in portraits. John Russell said he was one of the major European painters of the 18th century. He promoted the "Grand Style" in painting which depended on idealization of the imperfect. He was a founder and first president of the Royal Academy of ......

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough (1727 - 1788) - United Kingdom (Sudbury)

Rococo, Classicism, Romanticism

Thomas Gainsborough FRSA (14 May 1727 (baptised) – 2 August 1788) was an English portrait and landscape painter, draughtsman, and printmaker. He surpassed his rival Sir Joshua Reynolds to become the dominant British portraitist of the second half of the 18th century. He painted quickly, and the works of his maturity are characterised by a light pal......

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720 - 1778) - Italy (Mogliano Veneto)

Neo-Classicism, Classicism

Giovanni Battista (also Giambattista or Piranesi) (Italian pronunciation: [dʒoˈvanni batˈtista piraˈneːzi] 4 October 1720 – 9 November 1778) was an Italian artist famous for his etchings of Rome and of fictitious and atmospheric "prisons" (Le Carceri d'Invenzione). Piranesi was born in Mogliano Veneto, near Treviso, then part of the Republic of Ven......

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725 - 1805) - France (Tournus)

Rococo, Rococo

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (21 August 1725 – 4 March 1805) was a French painter of portraits, genre scenes, and history painting. Greuze was born at Tournus, a market town in Burgundy. He is generally said to have formed his own talent at an early age his inclinations, though thwarted by his father, were encouraged by a Lyonnese artist named Grandon, or ......

Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732 - 1806) - France (Grasse)

Rococo, Rococo

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French: [ʒã onoʀe fʀaɡonɑʀ] 4 April 1732 – 22 August 1806) was a French painter and printmaker whose late Rococo manner was distinguished by remarkable facility, exuberance, and hedonism. One of the most prolific artists active in the last decades of the Ancien Régime, Fragonard produced more than 550 paintings (not counting ......

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson (1713 - 1782) - United Kingdom (Islington)

Richard Wilson RA (born 24 May 1953) is an English sculptor, installation artist and musician. Born in Islington, London, Wilson studied at the London College of Printing, Hornsey College of Art and Reading University. He was the DAAD resident in Berlin in 1992, Maeda Visiting Artist at the Architectural Association in 1998 and nominated for the Tu......

Jens Jørgensen Juel

Jens Jørgensen Juel (1745 - 1802) - Denmark (Falster)

Jens Juel (12 May 1745 – 27 December 1802) was a Danish painter, primarily known for his many portraits, of which the largest collection is on display at Frederiksborg Castle. He is regarded as the leading Danish portrait painting of the 18th century. He was born in the house of his mother's brother Johan Jørgensen, who was a school teacher in Bals......

Charles Antoine Coypel

Charles Antoine Coypel (1694 - 1752) - France (Paris)

Charles-Antoine Coypel (11 July 1694 – 15 June 1752) was a French painter, art commentator, and playwright. He lived in Paris. He was the son of the artist Antoine Coypel and grandson of Noël Coypel. Charles-Antoine inherited his father’s design and painting duties as premier peintre du roi (First Painter to the King) at the French court when his f......

Pier Leone Ghezzi

Pier Leone Ghezzi (1674 - 1755) - Italy (Rome)

Pier Leone Ghezzi (28 June 1674 – 6 March 1755) was an Italian Rococo painter and caricaturist active in Rome. Ghezzi was born and died in Rome. He trained under his father, Giuseppe Ghezzi, who also trained Antonio Amorosi. His father was secretary of the Roman Accademia di San Luca, and Pier Leone joined the Academy in 1705. His essay painting, t......

Francis Hayman

Francis Hayman (1708 - 1776) - United Kingdom (Exeter)

Francis Hayman RA (1708 – 2 February 1776) was an English painter and illustrator who became one of the founding members of the Royal Academy in 1768, and later its first librarian. Born in Exeter, Devon, Hayman begun his artistic career as a scene painter in London's Drury Lane theatre (where he also appeared in minor roles) before establishing a ......

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti (1692 - 1768) - Italy (Florence)

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti (Giandomenico), also called Giandomenico d'Imola (15 June 1692 – 18 August 1768) was an Italian Rococo style painter from Florence. According to the contemporary Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani, Ferretti was a pupil of the Bolognese painter Giuseppe Maria Crespi. Others say he worked with painter Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole. H......

Giuseppe Nogari

Giuseppe Nogari (1699 - 1763) - Italy (Venice)

Giuseppe Nogari (1699 – 3 December 1766) was an Italian painter of the Rococo. He painted mainly painted half-body portraits, either real or of historical and religious figures. They are striking for their emotional content, subdued decoration and coloration, and often display aged individuals in somewhat homely or shabby attire with a dark backgro......

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones (1742 - 1803) - United Kingdom (Radnorshire)

Thomas Jones (26 September 1742 – 29 April 1803) was a Welsh landscape painter. He was a pupil of Richard Wilson and was best known in his lifetime as a painter of Welsh and Italian landscapes in the style of his master. However, Jones's reputation grew in the 20th century when more unconventional works by him, not originally intended for exhibitio......

Jean Baptiste Ii Lemoyne

Jean Baptiste Ii Lemoyne (1715 - 1783) - France (Paris)

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (c. 1715 – 19 November 1783) was a French painter who specialized in portraits executed in pastels. Perronneau was born in Paris. He began his career as an engraver, apparently studying with Laurent Cars, whose portrait he drew, and working for the entrepreneurial printseller Gabriel Huquier, rue Saint-Jacques, Paris, makin......

Ozias Humphry

Ozias Humphry (1742 - 1810) -

Ozias Humphry (or Humphrey) (8 September 1742 – 9 March 1810) was a leading English painter of portrait miniatures, later oils and pastels, of the 18th century. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1791, and in 1792 he was appointed Portrait Painter in Crayons to the King (i.e. pastels). Humphry is the spelling Ozias himself used in his signature......

Gaspare Diziani

Gaspare Diziani (1689 - 1767) - Italy (Belluno)

Gaspare Diziani (1689 – 17 August 1767) was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque or Roccoco period, active mainly in the Veneto but also in Dresden and Munich. His earliest training was in his native town of Belluno with Antonio Lazzarini. He then moved to Venice, to the studio of Gregorio Lazzarini and later that of Sebastiano Ricci. His career ......

Joseph Highmore

Joseph Highmore (1692 - 1780) - United Kingdom (London)

Joseph Highmore (13 June 1692 – 3 March 1780) was an English portrait and historical painter, illustrator and author. Highmore was born in London, the third son of Edward Highmore, a coal merchant, and nephew of Thomas Highmore, Serjeant Painter to William III. He displayed early ability but was discouraged by his family from taking up art professi......

Laurent Delvaux

Laurent Delvaux (1696 - 1778) - Belgium (Ghent)

Laurent Delvaux (1696, Ghent – 24 February 1778, Nivelles) was a Flemish sculptor. After a successful international career that brought him to London and Rome, he returned to the Austrian Netherlands where he was a sculptor to the court. Delvaux was a transitional figure between the Baroque and Neo-classicism. Delvaux probably trained in his native......

George De Marées

George De Marées (1697 - 1777) - United States (Pittsburgh)

Georg Desmarées or Des Marées, a portrait painter, was born in 1697 at Stockholm, where he was instructed in painting by Martin Meytens, whose assistant he afterwards became. In 1724 he made a stay in Amsterdam, and in the following year in Nuremberg and then in Venice, where he received further tuition fromPiazzetta. In 1731 he settled in Munich, ......

Christian Hilfgott Brand

Christian Hilfgott Brand (1723 - 1795) - Germany (Frankfort-On-The-Oder)

Johann Christian Brand (6 March 1722 – 12 June 1795) was an Austrian painter (son of the German painter Christian Hilfgott Brand (1694–1756) who taught in Vienna with Karl Aigen) and brother of Friedrich August Brand. Johann Christian Brand influenced ending the baroque era of landscape painting. He died in Vienna. Johann Christian Brand was born i......

Hubert François Gravelot

Hubert François Gravelot (1699 - 1773) - France (Paris)

Hubert-François Bourguignon, commonly known as Gravelot (26 March 1699 – 20 April 1773), was a French engraver, a famous book illustrator, designer and drawing-master. Born in Paris, he emigrated to London in 1732, where he quickly became a central figure in the introduction of the Rococo style in British design, which was disseminated from London ......

Francesco Zugno

Francesco Zugno (1708 - 1787) - Italy (Venice)

Francesco Zugno (Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko ˈdzuɲɲo] c. 1708–1787) was an Italian painter of the Rococo period who had a successful career in Venice. Francesco Zugno was born in Venice in 1709 and probably died there in 1787. The Zugno were an ancient Venetian family and its members included artists such as the fifteenth century painter Gi......

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726 - 1801) - Poland (Danzig)

Daniel Niklaus Chodowiecki (16 October 1726 – 7 February 1801) was a Polish—and later German—painter and printmaker with Huguenot ancestry, who is most famous as an etcher. He spent most of his life in Berlin, and became the director of the Berlin Academy of Art. He was born in the city of Danzig (Gdańsk) in Poland, and in a letter “in typical Berl......

Carlo Magini

Carlo Magini (1720 - 1806) - Italy (Fano)

Carlo Magini (1720–1806) was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period and one of the most original of the 18th century Italian still life artists. He was born on 16 September 1720 in Fano, region of the Marche. Carlo was the son of Francis Magini, a goldsmith. His mother, Elizabeth Ceccarini, was the sister of the painter Sebastiano Ceccarini.......

Robert Le Vrac De Tournières

Robert Le Vrac De Tournières (1667 - 1752) - France (Caen)

Robert Le Vrac de Tournières (17 June 1667 – 18 May 1752) was a French painter. After the Second World War, a street in the new Saint-Paul district of his home city of Caen was named rue Robert Tournières. Studying under Lucas Delahaye, then under Bon Boullogne and Rigaud, Tournières was notable for being received twice into the Académie royale de ......

Charles Nicolas Cochin

Charles Nicolas Cochin (1715 - 1790) - France (Paris)

Charles-Nicolas Cochin (22 February 1715 – 29 April 1790) was a French engraver, designer, writer, and art critic. To distinguish him from his father of the same name, he is variously called Charles-Nicolas Cochin le Jeune (the Younger), Charles-Nicolas Cochin le fils (the son), or Charles-Nicolas Cochin II. Cochin was born in Paris, the son of Cha......

Charles Amédée Philippe Van Loo

Charles Amédée Philippe Van Loo (1719 - 1795) -

Charles-Amédée-Philippe van Loo (25 August 1719 – 15 November 1795) was a French painter of allegorical scenes and portraits. He studied under his father, the painter Jean-Baptiste van Loo, at Turin and Rome, where in 1738 he won the Prix de Rome, then at Aix-en-Provence, before returning to Paris in 1745. He was invited to join the Académie Royale......

Filippo Della Valle

Filippo Della Valle (1698 - 1768) - Italy (Florence)

Cardinal Andrea della Valle (29 November 1463, Rome – 3 August 1534) was an Italian clergyman and art collector. Andrea belonged to an ancient family of Roman nobles. He was the son of Filippo della Valle, a Roman patrician the family tomb is in Santa Maria in Aracoeli, where an inscription to their father was placed by Andrea and his brother Barto......

Etienne Jeaurat

Etienne Jeaurat (1699 - 1789) - France (Vermenton)

Étienne Jeaurat (9 February 1699, Vermenton – 14 December 1789, Versailles) was a French painter, above all remembered for his lively street scenes. Born in Vermenton near Auxerre, Jeaurat became an orphan at an early age. His brother, the engraver Edme Jeaurat, entrusted him to Nicolas Vleughels, a friend of Antoine Watteau, who was appointed dire......

Jean Pierre Antoine Tassaert

Jean Pierre Antoine Tassaert (1727 - 1788) - Belgium (Antwerp)

Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert or Jean Pierre Antoine Tassaert (1727, Antwerp – 21 January 1788, Berlin) was a sculptor of Flemish extraction, who, after a successful career in France, became a leading portrait sculptor in Berlin. Tassaert was born in Antwerp where he was baptised on 19 August 1727. He trained in Antwerp and London. From 1744 he resi......

William Hodges

William Hodges (1744 - 1797) - United Kingdom (London)

William Hodges RA (28 October 1744 – 6 March 1797) was an English painter. He was a member of James Cook's second voyage to the Pacific Ocean, and is best known for the sketches and paintings of locations he visited on that voyage, including Table Bay, Tahiti, Easter Island, New Zealand, Dusky Sound and the Antarctic. Hodges was born on 28 October ......

Robert Dodd

Robert Dodd (1748 - 1815) - United Kingdom (London)

Robert Dodd (1748–1815) was a British marine painter and aquatint engraver. He is known for his works on the French Revolutionary Wars. Born as one of three sons of Alexander Dodd, his younger brother was the engineer and painter Ralph Dodd. He married Mary Fulton (b. 1748) on 1 November 1772. He died in early 1815 and was buried on 20 February at ......

John Hamilton Mortimer

John Hamilton Mortimer (1740 - 1779) - United Kingdom (Eastbourne)

John Hamilton Mortimer ARA (1740–1779) was a British figure and landscape painter and printmaker, known for romantic paintings set in Italy, works depicting conversations, and works drawn in the 1770s portraying war scenes, similar to those of Salvator Rosa.[I] Mortimer became President of the Society of Artists in 1774, five years before his death......

Jean Baptiste Huet

Jean Baptiste Huet (1725 - 1811) - France (Paris)

Jean-Baptiste Réveillon, (Paris, 1725 – Paris, 1811) was a French wallpaper manufacturer. His career was an exemplary story of the self-made businessman in the Ancien Régime. Réveillon apprenticed as a tradesman, haberdasher and stationer. In 1753 he began to import and hang flock wallpapers from England. At that time, wallpaper was becoming popula......

Luis Paret y Alcázar

Luis Paret y Alcázar (1746 - 1799) -

Luis Paret y Alcázar (February 11, 1746 – February 14, 1799) was a Spanish painter of the late-Baroque or Rococo period. He was born in Madrid he first trained with Antonio González Velázquez and attended the Academia Real de San Fernando in Madrid, where he won a second prize in a painting contest in 1760, and first prize in 1766. He entered the s......

Augustin De Saint Aubin

Augustin De Saint Aubin (1736 - 1807) - France (Paris)

Augustin de Saint-Aubin sometimes styled Auguste de Saint-Aubin (3 January 1736 – 9 November 1807), belongs to an important dynasty of French designers and engravers. Augustin de Saint-Aubin was born on 3 January 1736 in Paris to the king's embroiderer Gabriel Germain de Saint-Aubin (1696–1756). He came from a family of artists and designers, which......

Pierre Jacques Volaire

Pierre Jacques Volaire (1729 - 1799) - France (Toulon)

Pierre-Jacques Volaire (1729 – 1790s), was a French painter. He was born in Toulon as the son of the official city painter and writer., and became the pupil of Claude Joseph Vernet. He was his assistant for eight years and known for landscapes and marines. He died in Naples. More......

Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer

Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer (1719 - 1775) - Austria (Innsbruck)

Josef Ignaz Mildorfer (13 Oct 1719, Innsbruck – 8 Dec 1775, Vienna), was an Austrian painter. Mildorfer was born in Innsbruck, and was initially trained by his father Michael Ignaz Mildorfer. He later apprenticed with Paul Troger. In 1745 Mildorfer became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and starting in 1751 taught as a professor of pai......

Ike Taiga

Ike Taiga (1723 - 1776) -

Ike no Taiga (池大雅, 1723–1776) was a Japanese painter and calligrapher born in Kyoto during the Edo period. Together with Yosa Buson, he perfected the bunjinga (or nanga) genre. The majority of his works reflected his passion for classical Chinese culture and painting techniques, though he also incorporated revolutionary and modern techniques into h......

Johann Georg Wille

Johann Georg Wille (1715 - 1808) - Germany (Giessen)

Antonio González Velázquez

Antonio González Velázquez (1723 - 1793) -

Antonio González Velázquez (1723–1793) was a Spanish late-Baroque painter. Velázquez was born in Madrid into a family of artists his father Pablo González Velázquez and brothers Alejandro and Luis were all painters. He received a scholarship to travel to Rome in 1747 from the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando where he was studying under......

Felix Ivo Leicher

Felix Ivo Leicher (1727 - 1812) - Czech Republic (Bílovec)

Felix Ivo Leicher (May 18 or 19, 1727 - February 20, 1812) was a Czech-born Viennese painter of altarpieces and secular works, which was spread to a wide area throughout the Habsburg Empire and beyond. He was born in the Silesian town Bílovec, today on the wall to the right of the main entrance of the parish church is a plaque that hangs in his mem......

Charles Germain De Saint Aubin

Charles Germain De Saint Aubin (1736 - 1807) - France (Paris)

Augustin de Saint-Aubin sometimes styled Auguste de Saint-Aubin (3 January 1736 – 9 November 1807), belongs to an important dynasty of French designers and engravers. Augustin de Saint-Aubin was born on 3 January 1736 in Paris to the king's embroiderer Gabriel Germain de Saint-Aubin (1696–1756). He came from a family of artists and designers, which......

Gustavus Hesselius

Gustavus Hesselius (1682 - 1755) - Sweden (Folkärna)

Gustavus Hesselius (1682 – May 25, 1755) was a Swedish born painter who emigrated to the New World in 1711. He was the father of painter John Hesselius and cousin of the religious leader Emanuel Swedenborg. Hesselius left his home country of Sweden for Wilmington, Delaware in 1711. There he lived until 1717 when he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvan......

Domenico Maggiotto

Domenico Maggiotto (1713 - 1794) - Italy (Venice)

Domenico Maggiotto or Domenico Fedeli (1713–1794) was an Italian painter and engraver of the late-Baroque period. He was one of the main pupils of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. His son Francesco Maggiotto was also a painter. He lived and worked mainly in Venice. More......

James Stuart Park

James Stuart Park (1713 - 1788) - United Kingdom (Kidderminster)

Thomas Frye

Thomas Frye (1710 - 1762) - Ireland (Edenderry)

Thomas Frye (c. 1710 – 3 April 1762 ) was an Anglo-Irish artist, best known for his portraits in oil and pastel, including some miniatures and his early mezzotint engravings. He was also the patentee of the Bow porcelain factory, London, and claimed in his epitaph to be "the inventor and first manufacturer of porcelain in England," though his rival......

Balthasar Beschey

Balthasar Beschey (1708 - 1776) - Belgium (Antwerp)

Balthasar Beschey (1708, Antwerp – 1776, Antwerp) was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and decorative painter of interiors. He started his career as landscape painter but later on switched to history and portrait painting. He played a prominent role in the development of the Academy of Arts in Antwerp and as a teacher. Balthasar Beschey was born in A......

Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell (1707 - 1758) - United Kingdom (Bristol)

Elizabeth Blackwell (1707 –1758) was a Scottish botanical illustrator and author who was best known as both the artist and engraver for the plates of "A Curious Herbal", published between 1737 and 1739. The book illustrated many odd-looking and unknown plants from the New World, and was designed as a reference work on medicinal plants for the use o......

Francis Swaine

Francis Swaine (1725 - 1782) - United Kingdom (London)

Francis Swaine (1725–1782) was an English marine painter. He was born in 1725, and christened on 7 October of that year at St Dunstan’s, Stepney, London. His parents were named Francis Swaine and Ann Joel. In 1735 the elder Francis Swaine, the marine painter’s father, applied in writing to the Commissioners of His Majesty’s Navy for employment as a......

Charles François Grenier De Lacroix

Charles François Grenier De Lacroix (1700 - 1782) - France (Marseille)

Charles Francois Grenier de Lacroix, called Charles Francois Lacroix de Marseille, (circa 1700 in Marseille – 1779 or 1782, Berlin) was a French painter. Charles François Lacroix of Marseille was a landscape and marine painter, in the style of Claude Joseph Vernet, Jean-Joseph Kapeller (1702-1790) and Henry of Arles. He was a pupil and imitator of ......

Charles Parrocel

Charles Parrocel (1688 - 1752) -

Charles Parrocel (May 6, 1688 – May 24, 1752) was a French painter and engraver and a specialist in battle and hunt paintings. Parrocel was born in Paris, and studied under his father, Joseph Parrocel, until his death. Parrocel then became a pupil along with Bon Boullogne of Charles de La Fosse. In 1712 Parrocel moved to Italy, where he attended th......

Jean Pierre Norblin De La Gourdaine

Jean Pierre Norblin De La Gourdaine (1745 - 1830) -

Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine (Polish: Jan Piotr Norblin 15 July 1745 – 23 February 1830) was a French-born painter, draughtsman, engraver, drawing artist and caricaturist. From 1774 to 1804 he resided in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, where he obtained citizenship. He is considered one of the most important painters of the Enlightenment......

Jean Baptiste Boudard

Jean Baptiste Boudard (1710 - 1768) - France (Paris)

Andreas Ludwig Kruger

Andreas Ludwig Kruger (1743 - 1822) - Germany (Potsdam)

Pierre Philippe Mignot

Pierre Philippe Mignot (1715 - 1770) - France (Paris)

Pierre-Philippe Mignot (1715 - December 24, 1770) was a French sculptor. At the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture (Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture), he was a pupil of Antoine François Vassé (father of Louis-Claude Vassé), and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. He won the Prix de Rome second prize for sculpture in 1738 for David présenté à Sât......

Claude François Attiret

Claude François Attiret (1728 - 1804) - Italy (Dole)

Francesco Battaglioli

Francesco Battaglioli (1725 - 1796) -

Francesco Battaglioli (Modena, 1725 – Venice, 1796) was an Italian painter, known as painter of veduta and capriccios based on the scenery of Venice and the Venetian mainland (Brescia and Treviso). Battaglioli was born in Modena. He is said to have been a pupil of Raffaello Rinaldi. He joined the Fraglia or guild of painters in Venice between 1747-......

Johann Georg Edlinger

Johann Georg Edlinger (1741 - 1819) - Austria (Graz)

Johann Georg Edlinger (1 March 1741 – 15 September 1819) was an Austrian portrait painter. Edlinger was born at Graz in 1741. He was a pupil of Desmarées, and became court painter at Munich, where he died in 1819. His portraits are well painted, and show a leaning towards the works of Rembrandt. Some of his portraits of eminent Bavarians, engraved ......

Jacques Antoine Beaufort

Jacques Antoine Beaufort (1721 - 1784) - France (Paris)

Jacques Antoine Beaufort (1721 in Paris – 1784 in Rueil), was an 18th-century academic French painter. Little is known of his early life but he had his first public exhibition at the Marseille Academy in 1756, where he taught drawing, and later at the Paris Salon (1767–83). He was accepted into the Academie Royale in 1766. His best known painting i......

Agostino Masucci

Agostino Masucci (1691 - 1758) -

Agostino Masucci (Italian pronunciation: [aɡoˈstiːno maˈzuttʃi] c. 1691 – 19 October 1758) was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque or Rococo period. Born in Rome, he initially apprenticed with Andrea Procaccino, and then became a member of the studio of Carlo Maratta. He joined the Accademia di San Luca in 1724, and from 1736 to 1738, he was dir......

Francis Wheatley

Francis Wheatley (1747 - 1801) - United Kingdom (London)

Francis Wheatley RA (London 1747 – 28 June 1801) was an English portrait and landscape painter. Wheatley was born at Wild Court, Covent Garden, London, the son of a master tailor. He studied at William Shipley's drawing school and the Royal Academy, and won several prizes from the Society of Arts. He assisted in the decoration of Vauxhall, and aide......

Jacques Gamelin

Jacques Gamelin (1738 - 1803) -

Jacques Gamelin (October 3, 1738 – October 12, 1803) was an artist born in Carcassonne, France, the son of a successful merchant. After receiving an education from the Jesuits, he went into the service of Nicolas Joseph de Marcassus, baron de Puymaurin (1718–1791), a wealthy industrialist of Toulouse, in order to learn the ways of business. Puymaur......

Anthony Devis

Anthony Devis (1729 - 1816) - United Kingdom (Preston)

Anthony Devis (18 March 1729 – 26 April 1816) was an English landscape painter, working especially in watercolor and oils and active in London. Anthony Devis was born in Preston, Lancashire. His father, also called Anthony Devis, was a carpenter and town councillor in the town. Anthony junior was the elder of two sons of his father's second marriag......

Joseph Farington

Joseph Farington (1747 - 1821) - United Kingdom (Leigh)

Joseph Farington RA (21 November 1747 – 30 December 1821) was an 18th-century English landscape painter and diarist. Born in Leigh, Lancashire, Farington was the second of seven sons of William Farington and Esther Gilbody. His father was the rector of Warrington and vicar of Leigh. Three of his brothers—William, Henry, and Richard—were "employed i......

Jacques Fabien Gautier Dagoty

Jacques Fabien Gautier Dagoty (1740 - 1786) - France (Marseille)

Valentine Green

Valentine Green (1739 - 1813) - United Kingdom (Salford Priors)

Valentine Green (October 3, 1739 – July 29, 1813) was a British engraver and print publisher. Green trained under Robert Hancock, a Worcester engraver, after which he moved to London and began working as a mezzotint engraver. He began to exhibit with the Incorporated Society of Artists from 1766, became a fellow a year later and a director in 1771.......

Hendrik Frans De Cort

Hendrik Frans De Cort (1742 - 1810) -

Hendrik de Cort or Hendrik Frans de Cort (1742 in Antwerp – 28 June 1810 in London) was a Flemish landscape painter and draughtsman. His international career brought him to Antwerp, Paris, England and Wales. He is mainly remembered for his topographical paintings and drawings of English castles, country houses, parks and ruins. Hendrik de Cort stud......

Michel Barthélémy Ollivier

Michel Barthélémy Ollivier (1712 - 1784) - France (Marseille)

Thomas Churchyard

Thomas Churchyard (1737 - 1823) - United Kingdom (Shrewsbury)

Thomas Churchyard (born Melton, near Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1798, died 1865) was an English lawyer and painter of Woodbridge. He was trained as a solicitor, and worked in the law for many years, but his real interest was landscape painting. He married Harriet Hailes of Melton in 1825, and they had two sons and six daughters who survived to adulthoo......

William Pether

William Pether (1738 - 1821) -

William Pether (c. 1738 – 19 July 1821) was an English mezzotint engraver. He was born in Carlisle about 1738, and became a pupil of Thomas Frye, with whom he entered into partnership in 1761. Pether was a fellow of the Incorporated Society of Artists, and contributed to its exhibitions paintings, miniatures, and engravings from 1764 to 1777. He wa......

Pietro Bardellino

Pietro Bardellino (1728 - 1806) -

Pietro Bardellino (1728–1806) was an Italian painter. Bardellino was born in Naples, and was initially trained by Francesco de Mura. In 1773 he became director of the Accademia Napoletana del Disegno which later became the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Bardellino joined with the Rococo movement, influenced by Corrado Giaquinto. He primarily......

Conrad Martin Metz

Conrad Martin Metz (1749 - 1827) - Italy (Rome)

Giovanni Zanobio Weber

Giovanni Zanobio Weber (1737 - 1806) - Italy (Firenze)

Charles Louis Clerisseau

Charles Louis Clerisseau (1721 - 1820) -

Charles-Louis Clérisseau (28 August 1721 – 9 January 1820) was a French architectural draughtsman, antiquary and artist. He had a role in the genesis of neoclassical architecture during the second half of the 18th century. Born in Paris, he was a pupil of the painter of ruins Giovanni Paolo Pannini and a former student at the French Academy in Rome......

William Raymond Dommersen

William Raymond Dommersen (1580 - 1927) - Netherlands (Utrecht)

Salomon Kleiner

Salomon Kleiner (1700 - 1761) - Germany (März)

Jacob More

Jacob More (1740 - 1793) - United Kingdom (Edinburgh)

John Smart

John Smart (1740 - 1811) - United Kingdom (Norfolk)

Johann Valentin Sonnenschein

Johann Valentin Sonnenschein (1749 - 1828) - Germany (Stuttgart)

Etienne Fessard

Etienne Fessard (1714 - 1777) - France (Paris)

Xi Gang

Xi Gang (1746 - 1803) -

Xi Gang (simplified Chinese: 奚冈 traditional Chinese: 奚岡 pinyin: Xī Gāng Wade–Giles: Hsi Kang) 1746-1803 was a renowned seal carver and painter in Qing Dynasty. He was born in Qiántáng (钱塘, present day Hangzhou). His style name was Chunzhang (纯章) and his pseudonym was Tiesheng (铁生). Other names include Hezhusheng (鹤注生) and Mengquan Waishi (蒙泉 外史). H......

Nicolaas Wicart

Nicolaas Wicart (1748 - 1815) - Netherlands (Utrecht)

Giovan Maria Morlaiter

Giovan Maria Morlaiter (1699 - 1781) - Italy (Venezia)

James Forbes

James Forbes (1749 - 1819) -

James Forbes (1749–1819) was a British artist and writer. Born in London to a Scots family, Forbes travelled to India in 1765 as a writer for the British East India Company and was resident there until 1784. He was a prolific writer and artist and filled 52,000 manuscript pages with notes and sketches concerning all aspects of Indian life, its wild......

Bernard Baron

Bernard Baron (1700 - 1766) - France (Paris)

Félix Lecomte

Félix Lecomte (1737 - 1817) - France (Paris)

Pieter Jan Van Reijsschoot

Pieter Jan Van Reijsschoot (1702 - 1772) - Belgium (Ghent)

Francesco Cappella

Francesco Cappella (1711 - 1774) - Italy (Venice)

Louis Claude Vassé

Louis Claude Vassé (1716 - 1772) - France (Paris)

Giovanni Domenico Olivieri

Giovanni Domenico Olivieri (1708 - 1762) - Italy (Tuscany)

Joachim Machado De Castro

Joachim Machado De Castro (1731 - 1822) - Portugal (Coimbra)

Johann Ernst Heinsius

Johann Ernst Heinsius (1731 - 1794) -

Pietro Antonio Martini

Pietro Antonio Martini (1738 - 1797) - Italy (Trecasali)

Francis Sartorius Ii (John Francis Sartorius)

Francis Sartorius Ii (John Francis Sartorius) (1734 - 1804) - United Kingdom

Archibald Skirving

Archibald Skirving (1749 - 1819) -

Archibald Skirving (1749–1819) was a Scottish portrait painter. He was born at Athelstaneford near Haddington. Archibald was born in Athelstaneford near Haddington the son of Adam Skirving. His younger brother Robert joined the army in later life. All three (father and sons) wrote poetry, but it is Adam who is best remembered as a songwriter. After......

Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke (1749 - 1815) -

Arnauld Eloi Gautier Dagoty

Arnauld Eloi Gautier Dagoty (1741 - 1780) - France

Thomas Jefferys

Thomas Jefferys (1719 - 1771) -

Joshua Gosselin

Joshua Gosselin (1739 - 1813) -


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