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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1800 .

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Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732 - 1806) - France (Grasse)

Rococo, Rococo

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (French: [ʒã onoʀe fʀaɡonɑʀ] 4 April 1732 – 22 August 1806) was a French painter and printmaker whose late Rococo manner was distinguished by remarkable facility, exuberance, and hedonism. One of the most prolific artists active in the last decades of the Ancien Régime, Fragonard produced more than 550 paintings (not counting ......

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1725 - 1805) - France (Tournus)

Rococo, Rococo

Jean-Baptiste Greuze (21 August 1725 – 4 March 1805) was a French painter of portraits, genre scenes, and history painting. Greuze was born at Tournus, a market town in Burgundy. He is generally said to have formed his own talent at an early age his inclinations, though thwarted by his father, were encouraged by a Lyonnese artist named Grandon, or ......

Kitagawa Utamaro

Kitagawa Utamaro (1753 - 1806) - Japan (Edo)

Ukiyo-E, Ukiyo-E

Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese: 喜多川 歌麿 c. 1753 – 31 October 1806) was a Japanese artist. He is one of the most highly regarded designers of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings, and is best known for his bijin ōkubi-e "large-headed pictures of beautiful women" of the 1790s. He also produced nature studies, particularly illustrated books of insects. L......

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783 - 1853) - Denmark (Blåkrog)

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (2 January 1783 – 22 July 1853) was a Danish painter. He was born in Blåkrog in the Duchy of Schleswig (now in Aabenraa Municipality, in the southern part of Jutland in Denmark), to Henrik Vilhelm Eckersberg, painter and carpenter, and Ingeborg Nielsdatter. He went on to lay the foundation for the period of art known ......

Thomas Ender

Thomas Ender (1793 - 1875) - Austria (Vienna)

Thomas Ender (3 November 1793, Vienna – 28 September 1875, Vienna) was an Austrian painter. He was the twin brother of Johann Ender. He also studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under professor Joseph Mössmer, becoming a noted landscape painter. He won the grand prize at the Vienna Academy in 1816. Traveling to Brazil in 1817, he brought back......

Wilhelm Von Schadow

Wilhelm Von Schadow (1789 - 1862) - Germany (Berlin)

Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow (7 September 1789 – 19 March 1862) was a German Romantic painter. He was born in Berlin, the second son of the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow, who gave him his first lessons in drawing. He then turned to painting, and was instructed by Weitsch. In 1806-7 Schadow served as a soldier. In 1810 he traveled with his elde......

Jean Baptiste Debret

Jean Baptiste Debret (1768 - 1848) - France (Paris)

Jean-Baptiste Debret (18 April 1768 – 28 June 1848) was a French painter, who produced many valuable lithographs depicting the people of Brazil. Debret studied at the French Academy of Fine Arts, a pupil of the great Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825) to whom he was related. He accompanied David to Rome in the 1780s. His debut was at the Salon des Bea......

Pierre Henri De Valenciennes

Pierre Henri De Valenciennes (1750 - 1819) - France (Toulouse)

Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (December 6, 1750 – February 16, 1819) was a French painter who was influential in elevating the status of open-air painting. Valenciennes worked in Rome from 1778 to 1782, where he made a number of landscape studies directly from nature, sometimes painting the same set of trees or house at different times of day. He th......

Isaac Robert Cruikshank

Isaac Robert Cruikshank (1764 - 1811) - Scotland (Edinburgh)

Isaac Cruikshank (1764–1811), Scottish painter and caricaturist, was born in Edinburgh and had most of his career in London. Cruikshank is known for his social and political satire. His sons Isaac Robert Cruikshank (1789–1856) and George Cruikshank (1792–1878) also became artists, and the latter in particular achieved fame as an illustrator and car......

Sarah Goodridge

Sarah Goodridge (1788 - 1853) - United States (Templeton)

Sarah Goodridge (February 5, 1788 – December 28, 1853 also referred to as Sarah Goodrich ) was an American painter who specialized in portrait miniatures. She was the older sister of Elizabeth Goodridge, also an American miniaturist. Goodridge was born in Templeton, Massachusetts, the sixth child and third daughter of Ebenezer Goodridge and his wif......

Jan I Kobell

Jan I Kobell (1766 - 1853) - Netherlands (Delfshaven)

Wilhelm von Kobell (6 April 1766 – 15 July 1853) was a German artist, a painter, printmaker and teacher. Kobell was born in Mannheim, the son of Ferdinand Kobell, a landscape painter who cited Claude Lorrain as his influence. Wilhelm's initial lessons were supplied by his father and his uncle, Franz Kobell. He received further training under Franz ......

William Beechey

William Beechey (1796 - 1856) - United Kingdom (Burford)

Henry William Beechey (1788/1789 – 1862), painter and explorer, was a son of the painter Sir William Beechey, RA, and his step mother was Lady Anne Beechey. He followed his father's profession. He sent a marine subject to the Royal Academy in 1829, and another in 1838 to the British Institution. Beechey was born in 1789 or 1790. His mother had five......

Henri Pierre Danloux

Henri Pierre Danloux (1753 - 1809) - France (Paris)

Henri-Pierre Danloux (February 24, 1753 – January 3, 1809) was a French painter and draftsman. He was born in Paris. Brought up by his architect uncle, Danloux was a pupil of Lépicié and later of Vien, whom he followed to Rome in 1775. In 1783, he returned to Lyon and Paris, where he was patroned by the Baronne Mégret de Sérilly d'Etigny, who secur......

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones (1742 - 1803) - United Kingdom (Radnorshire)

Thomas Jones (26 September 1742 – 29 April 1803) was a Welsh landscape painter. He was a pupil of Richard Wilson and was best known in his lifetime as a painter of Welsh and Italian landscapes in the style of his master. However, Jones's reputation grew in the 20th century when more unconventional works by him, not originally intended for exhibitio......

Christian Gottlieb Schick

Christian Gottlieb Schick (1776 - 1812) - Germany (Stuttgart)

Christian Gottlieb Schick (15 August 1776 – 7 May 1812) was a German Neoclassical painter. His history paintings, portraits, and landscapes are characterized by romantic tendencies. Of these, he is best known for his portraits. He was born in Stuttgart. He studied from 1795 to 1797 at the Hohe Karlsschule under Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch, a follo......

Pelagio Palagi

Pelagio Palagi (1775 - 1860) - Italy (Bologna)

Pelagio Palagi (May 25, 1775 – March 6, 1860) was an Italian painter, sculptor and interior decorator. Pelagi was born in Bologna. Starting at a very young age the study of perspective, architecture, figurative and portrait painting, and collecting by Carlo Filippo Aldrovandi, he continued his studies at the school of nudes of the Accademia Clement......

Merry Joseph Blondel

Merry Joseph Blondel (1781 - 1853) - France (Paris)

Merry-Joseph Blondel (25 July 1781 – 12 June 1853) was a French history painter of the Neoclassical school. He was a winner of the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1803. After the salon of 1824, he was bestowed with the rank of Knight in the order of the Legion d'Honneur by Charles X of France and offered a professorship at the École nationale supérieur......

Louis François Baron Lejeune

Louis François Baron Lejeune (1775 - 1848) -

Louis-François, Baron Lejeune (3 February 1775 in Strasbourg – 29 February 1848) was a French general, painter, and lithographer. His memoirs have frequently been republished and his name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe. He studied painting in the studio of Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, alongside Jean-Victor Bertin, but left the studio to volunt......

John Crome

John Crome (1768 - 1821) - United Kingdom (Norwich)

John Crome (22 December 1768 – 22 April 1821) was an English landscape artist of the Romantic era, one of the principal artists and founding members of the Norwich School art movement. He lived in Norwich for all his life and most of his works are Norfolk landscapes. He was sometimes known as Old Crome to distinguish him from his son John Berney Cr......

Joseph Paelinck

Joseph Paelinck (1781 - 1839) - Belgium (Oostakker)

Joseph Paelinck, (20 March 1781 – 9 June 1839) was a painter from the Southern Netherlands. Paelinck attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent) and then with Jacques-Louis David in Paris, where he painted in 1804 A Judgment of Paris, which earned him his first Academy Art Award for Ghent. After he had worked there a short time as a teacher, he......

Tommaso Minardi

Tommaso Minardi (1787 - 1871) - Italy (Faenza)

Tommaso Minardi (December 4, 1787 – January 12, 1871) was an Italian painter and author on art theory, active in Faenza, Rome, Perugia, and other towns. He painted in styles that transitioned from Neoclassicism to Romanticism. Minardi was born in Faenza to father Carlo, a pharmacist and mother, Rosa Stanghellini of Marradi. He initially had some in......

Charles Paul Landon

Charles Paul Landon (1761 - 1826) -

Charles Paul Landon (12 October 1760 – 5 March 1826) was a French painter and popular writer on art and artists. He was born in Nonant and entered the studio of Jean-Baptiste Regnault, where he made a lifelong friendship with Robert Lefèvre. He and won the first prize of the Academy in 1792, for study at the French Academy in Rome, where he stayed ......

Pietro Tenerani

Pietro Tenerani (1789 - 1869) - Italy (Carrara)

Utagawa Toyokuni I

Utagawa Toyokuni I (1769 - 1825) -

Utagawa Toyokuni (Japanese: 歌川豊国 1769 in Edo – 24 February 1825 in Edo), also often referred to as Toyokuni I, to distinguish him from the members of his school who took over his gō (art-name) after he died, was a great master of ukiyo-e, known in particular for his kabuki actor prints. He was the second head of the renowned Utagawa school of Japan......

Jean Baptiste Hilaire

Jean Baptiste Hilaire (1754 - 1829) -

Jean-Baptiste Regnault (9 October 1754 – 12 November 1829) was a French painter. Regnault was born in Paris, and began life at sea in a merchant vessel. At the age of fifteen his talent attracted attention, and he was sent to Italy by M. de Monval under the care of Bardin. After his return to Paris, Regnault, in 1776, won the Grand Prix for his pai......

Giovanni Migliara

Giovanni Migliara (1785 - 1837) - Italy (Alessandria)

Giovanni Migliara (Alessandria, October 15, 1785 – Milan, April 18, 1837), was a nobleman and Italian painter active at the beginning of the 19th century, painting vedute and history paintings. Born to artisan parents of limited means, he was apprenticed to the sculptor Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo. He also studied at the Brera Academy with Giocondo Al......

Marie Constance Mayer

Marie Constance Mayer (1774 - 1821) - France (Paris)

Constance Mayer (Marie-Françoise-Constance Mayer-La Martinière) (9 March 1775 in Chauny, Picardy – 26 May 1821 in Paris, France) was a French painter of portraits, allegorical subjects, miniatures and genre works. She had "a brilliant but bitter career." Constance Mayer was the daughter of a successful government official. Mayer painted genre scene......

Ambroise Louis Garneray

Ambroise Louis Garneray (1783 - 1857) - France (Paris)

Ambroise Louis Garneray (19 February 1783 – 11 September 1857) was a French corsair, painter and writer. He served under Robert Surcouf and Jean-Marie Dutertre, and was held prisoner by the British for eight years. Garneray was born in Paris (on Rue Saint-Andre-des-arts, in the Latin Quarter) on 19 February 1783. He was the elder son of Jean-Franço......

Robert Dodd

Robert Dodd (1748 - 1815) - United Kingdom (London)

Robert Dodd (1748–1815) was a British marine painter and aquatint engraver. He is known for his works on the French Revolutionary Wars. Born as one of three sons of Alexander Dodd, his younger brother was the engineer and painter Ralph Dodd. He married Mary Fulton (b. 1748) on 1 November 1772. He died in early 1815 and was buried on 20 February at ......

Jean Baptiste Huet

Jean Baptiste Huet (1725 - 1811) - France (Paris)

Jean-Baptiste Réveillon, (Paris, 1725 – Paris, 1811) was a French wallpaper manufacturer. His career was an exemplary story of the self-made businessman in the Ancien Régime. Réveillon apprenticed as a tradesman, haberdasher and stationer. In 1753 he began to import and hang flock wallpapers from England. At that time, wallpaper was becoming popula......

Augustin De Saint Aubin

Augustin De Saint Aubin (1736 - 1807) - France (Paris)

Augustin de Saint-Aubin sometimes styled Auguste de Saint-Aubin (3 January 1736 – 9 November 1807), belongs to an important dynasty of French designers and engravers. Augustin de Saint-Aubin was born on 3 January 1736 in Paris to the king's embroiderer Gabriel Germain de Saint-Aubin (1696–1756). He came from a family of artists and designers, which......

Jean Charles Langlois

Jean Charles Langlois (1789 - 1870) - France (Beaumont-En-Auge)

Jean-Charles Langlois, known as The Colonel (22 July 1789 – 1870) was a French soldier and painter. Langlois was born in Beaumont-en-Auge. He graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1806 and fought, as an infantry officer at the battles of Wagram, Gerona and Waterloo with a bravery that had him seriously injured and appointed colonel at the young......

Pierre Henri Révoil

Pierre Henri Révoil (1776 - 1842) -

Pierre Henri Révoil (12 June 1776, in Lyon – 19 March 1842, in Paris) was a French painter in the troubadour style. His father was a furrier. Although he was needed at home, his family allowed him to receive a proper education. He first studied art at the École centrale in Lyon, under the direction of Donat Nonnotte. In 1793, increasing poverty for......

August Kopisch

August Kopisch (1799 - 1853) - Poland (Breslau)

August Kopisch (26 May 1799 – 6 February 1853) was a German poet and painter. Kopisch was born on 26 May 1799 in Breslau, Prussia (now Wrocław, Poland). In 1815 he began studying painting at the Prague academy, but an injury to his hand damaged his prospects of success as an artist, and he turned to literature. After residences in Dresden and Vienn......

Edward Bird

Edward Bird (1772 - 1819) - United Kingdom (Wolverhampton)

Edward Bird RA (1772 – 2 November 1819) was an English genre painter who spent most of his working life in Bristol, where the Bristol School of artists formed around him. He enjoyed a few years of popularity in London, where he challenged the dominance of Sir David Wilkie in the genre painting field, before moving on to history painting, specialisi......

Samuel Daniell

Samuel Daniell (1775 - 1811) - United Kingdom (Chertsey)

Samuel Daniell (born 1775 in Chertsey died in Sri Lanka on 16 December 1811) was an English painter of natural history and other scenes in Africa and Ceylon. Daniell is perhaps best known as the appointed artist for an expedition to Africa and the renderings he did there of African animals. In December, 1799, he went to South Africa for the first t......

Chester Harding

Chester Harding (1792 - 1866) - United States (Conway)

Romanticism, Romanticism

Chester Harding (September 1, 1792 – April 1, 1866) was an American portrait painter. Harding was born at Conway, Massachusetts. Brought up in the wilderness of New York state, he was a lad of robust physique, standing over 6 feet 3 inches. His family removed to Caledonia, New York, when he was fourteen years old, and he was early thrown upon his o......

Louis Lafitte

Louis Lafitte (1770 - 1828) - France (Paris)

Louis Lafitte (15 November 1770, Paris - 3 August 1828, Paris) was a French painter, designer, illustrator and muralist. He was the son of a master barber. In 1778, his father offered refuge to the painter Simon Mathurin Lantara, who was in desperate financial straits and, during his stay, Lantara excited young Lafitte's interest in painting. He al......

Anna Claypoole Peale

Anna Claypoole Peale (1791 - 1878) - United States (Philadelphia)

Anna Claypoole Peale (March 6, 1791, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – December 25, 1878, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was an American painter who specialized in portrait miniatures on ivory and still lifes. Anna Claypoole Peale was born on March 6, 1791, to James Peale (1749-1831) and Mary Chambers Claypoole Peale (1753-1829). Anna was the fourth of six......

Thomas Christopher Hofland

Thomas Christopher Hofland (1777 - 1843) -

Thomas Christopher Hofland (1777–1843) was an English artist and teacher. Hofland was born in Worksop and he became a student of John Rathbone. He started teaching at Kew and moved to Derby in 1805, where he worked until 1808. He became the second husband of the successful writer Barbara Hofland in 1810. Hofland exhibited 72 paintings at the Royal ......

Charles Bell

Charles Bell (1774 - 1842) - Scotland (Edinburgh)

Sir Charles Bell KH FRS FRSE FRCSE MWS (12 November 1774 – 28 April 1842) was a Scottish surgeon, anatomist, physiologist, neurologist, artist, and philosophical theologian. He is noted for discovering the difference between sensory nerves and motor nerves in the spinal cord. He is also noted for describing Bell's palsy. His three older brothers in......

Andreas Ludwig Kruger

Andreas Ludwig Kruger (1743 - 1822) - Germany (Potsdam)

Jean Pierre Norblin De La Gourdaine

Jean Pierre Norblin De La Gourdaine (1745 - 1830) -

Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine (Polish: Jan Piotr Norblin 15 July 1745 – 23 February 1830) was a French-born painter, draughtsman, engraver, drawing artist and caricaturist. From 1774 to 1804 he resided in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, where he obtained citizenship. He is considered one of the most important painters of the Enlightenment......

Antoine Berjon

Antoine Berjon (1754 - 1843) - France (St Pierre De Vaise)

Antoine Berjon (17 May 1754 – 24 October 1843) was a French painter and designer, among the most important flower painters of 19th-century France. He worked in a variety of media including oil, pastel, watercolour, and ink. Berjon was born in St Pierre de Vaise, a commune of Lyon, to the son of a butcher, and he first studied drawing with the local......

Claude François Attiret

Claude François Attiret (1728 - 1804) - Italy (Dole)

Edmund Bristow

Edmund Bristow (1787 - 1876) - United Kingdom (Eton)

Edmund Bristow (1 Apr 1787 – 12 Feb 1876) was an English animal, still life and subject painter. Bristow was born in Eton, Berkshire, the son of an heraldic painter. At an early age he was patronised by the Princess Elizabeth, the Duke of Clarence (afterwards William IV), and others. He made sketches of well-known characters in Eton and Windsor, pa......

Penry Williams

Penry Williams (1798 - 1885) - United Kingdom (Glamorgan)

Penry Williams (1802 – 1885) was a Welsh artist who spent most of his life in Rome. He was born in 1802 at Merthyr Tydfil, the son of a house-painter. Sent to London by Sir John Guest and others, he studied in the schools of the Royal Academy under Henry Fuseli, and in 1821 gained a silver medal from the Society of Arts for a "drawing from the anti......

Francis Wheatley

Francis Wheatley (1747 - 1801) - United Kingdom (London)

Francis Wheatley RA (London 1747 – 28 June 1801) was an English portrait and landscape painter. Wheatley was born at Wild Court, Covent Garden, London, the son of a master tailor. He studied at William Shipley's drawing school and the Royal Academy, and won several prizes from the Society of Arts. He assisted in the decoration of Vauxhall, and aide......

John Claude Nattes

John Claude Nattes (1765 - 1839) - United Kingdom

John Claude Nattes (c.1765–1839 Dover) was a watercolourist and topographical draughtsman of either French or English origin. In 1789 Sir Joseph Banks commissioned him to record the buildings of Lincolnshire and this resulted in more than 700 drawings and watercolours, made between 1789 and 1797, which are now preserved in Lincoln Central Library T......

Jacques Gamelin

Jacques Gamelin (1738 - 1803) -

Jacques Gamelin (October 3, 1738 – October 12, 1803) was an artist born in Carcassonne, France, the son of a successful merchant. After receiving an education from the Jesuits, he went into the service of Nicolas Joseph de Marcassus, baron de Puymaurin (1718–1791), a wealthy industrialist of Toulouse, in order to learn the ways of business. Puymaur......

Joseph Farington

Joseph Farington (1747 - 1821) - United Kingdom (Leigh)

Joseph Farington RA (21 November 1747 – 30 December 1821) was an 18th-century English landscape painter and diarist. Born in Leigh, Lancashire, Farington was the second of seven sons of William Farington and Esther Gilbody. His father was the rector of Warrington and vicar of Leigh. Three of his brothers—William, Henry, and Richard—were "employed i......

Hendrik Frans De Cort

Hendrik Frans De Cort (1742 - 1810) -

Hendrik de Cort or Hendrik Frans de Cort (1742 in Antwerp – 28 June 1810 in London) was a Flemish landscape painter and draughtsman. His international career brought him to Antwerp, Paris, England and Wales. He is mainly remembered for his topographical paintings and drawings of English castles, country houses, parks and ruins. Hendrik de Cort stud......

Rouillard Jean Sébastien

Rouillard Jean Sébastien (1789 - 1852) -

Jean-Sébastien Rouillard (1789, Paris - 1852) was a French portrait painter. A student of Jacques-Louis David, he exhibited at the Salon from 1817 onwards and gained many official commissions, notably for the musée de l'Histoire de France at the château de Versailles. He was awarded the Légion d'honneur. He married the miniature painter Françoise-J......

Hennequin Philippe Auguste

Hennequin Philippe Auguste (1762 - 1833) -

Philippe-Auguste Hennequin (Lyon, 10 August 1762 — Leuze-en-Hainaut, near Tournai, 12 May 1833) was a French history painter and portraitist. A student of the Swede Per Eberhard Cogell (1734–1812) in Lyon, then in Paris a student of David, he then went to Rome thanks to an English patron, but was forced to leave the city due to the anti-French riot......

William Pether

William Pether (1738 - 1821) -

William Pether (c. 1738 – 19 July 1821) was an English mezzotint engraver. He was born in Carlisle about 1738, and became a pupil of Thomas Frye, with whom he entered into partnership in 1761. Pether was a fellow of the Incorporated Society of Artists, and contributed to its exhibitions paintings, miniatures, and engravings from 1764 to 1777. He wa......

Pietro Bardellino

Pietro Bardellino (1728 - 1806) -

Pietro Bardellino (1728–1806) was an Italian painter. Bardellino was born in Naples, and was initially trained by Francesco de Mura. In 1773 he became director of the Accademia Napoletana del Disegno which later became the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Bardellino joined with the Rococo movement, influenced by Corrado Giaquinto. He primarily......

Yamamoto Baiitsu

Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783 - 1856) -

Yamamoto Baiitsu (山本梅逸) was a Japanese Edo period painter. He was born in Nagoya, son of the sculptor Yamamoto Yumigiemon. His father was in the service of the court of the Tokugawa lords of the Owari Domain. He was close friends with the painter Nakabayashi Chikuto (1776-1853). Two of his paintings have been designated as important cultural proper......

Thomas Barker

Thomas Barker (1769 - 1847) - United States (Pontypool)

Alexandre Marie Colin

Alexandre Marie Colin (1798 - 1875) -

Alexandre-Marie Colin, a French painter of historical and genre subjects, was born in Paris in 1798. He was a pupil of Girodet. His religious and historical paintings are characterised by a style based on a careful study of the old masters, while his genre pieces are vigorous and lifelike. Amongst these latter may be noticed his 'French Fish-Market......

Claude Bonnefond

Claude Bonnefond (1796 - 1860) -

Claude Bonnefond, or Jean-Claude Bonnefond (27 March 1796, Lyon - 27 June 1860, Lyon) was a French painter and lithographer noted for his portrayals of peasant life. His work was heavily influenced by a visit to Italy. His father was a baker who died shortly after Jean-Claude was born. His mother remarried in 1797, to another baker who was an assoc......

Conrad Martin Metz

Conrad Martin Metz (1749 - 1827) - Italy (Rome)

Johann Martin Von Rohden

Johann Martin Von Rohden (1778 - 1868) -

Johann Martin von Rohden (b Kassel, 30 July 1778 d Rome, 9 September 1868) was a German painter active for most of his career in Rome. Son of a merchant, von Rohden began his studies at the Kunstakademie in Kassel, remaining there until 1795. At seventeen he went to Rome with a friend who had won a travel grant for artists from the Landgrave of Hes......

Joseph Heard

Joseph Heard (1799 - 1859) - United Kingdom (Whitehaven)

Charles Martin Powell

Charles Martin Powell (1775 - 1824) - United Kingdom (Chichester)

Siegfried Detler Bendixen

Siegfried Detler Bendixen (1786 - 1864) - Germany (Kiel)

Carl Wilhelm Goetzloff

Carl Wilhelm Goetzloff (1799 - 1866) - Germany (Dresden)

Gideon Yates

Gideon Yates (1790 - 1840) - United Kingdom (London)

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein (Goethe Tischbein)

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein (Goethe Tischbein) (1751 - 1828) - Germany (Haina)

John Anthony Puller

John Anthony Puller (1799 - 1886) - United Kingdom (London)

John Smart

John Smart (1740 - 1811) - United Kingdom (Norfolk)

Johann Richter

Johann Richter (1763 - 1825) - Germany (Wunsiedel)

Anton (Alban) Ramboux

Anton (Alban) Ramboux (1790 - 1866) - Germany (Trier)

Friedrich Bury

Friedrich Bury (1763 - 1823) - Germany (Hanau)

Christian Albrecht Jensen

Christian Albrecht Jensen (1792 - 1870) - Germany (Bredstedt)

Edward Williams Clay (After)

Edward Williams Clay (After) (1799 - 1857) - United States (Philadelphia)

Pietro Di Gottardo Gonzaga

Pietro Di Gottardo Gonzaga (1751 - 1831) - Italy (Longarone)

Nicolas Bernard Raggi

Nicolas Bernard Raggi (1790 - 1862) - Italy (Carrara)

Nicolaas Wicart

Nicolaas Wicart (1748 - 1815) - Netherlands (Utrecht)

Jean Jacques Pradier

Jean Jacques Pradier (1790 - 1852) - Switzerland (Geneva)

James Forbes

James Forbes (1749 - 1819) -

James Forbes (1749–1819) was a British artist and writer. Born in London to a Scots family, Forbes travelled to India in 1765 as a writer for the British East India Company and was resident there until 1784. He was a prolific writer and artist and filled 52,000 manuscript pages with notes and sketches concerning all aspects of Indian life, its wild......

Vasily Ivanovich Demut Malinovsky

Vasily Ivanovich Demut Malinovsky (1779 - 1846) - Russia (St. Petersburg)

Félix Lecomte

Félix Lecomte (1737 - 1817) - France (Paris)

Alexandre Isidore Leroy De Barde

Alexandre Isidore Leroy De Barde (1777 - 1828) - France (Montreuil)

Teodoro Matteini

Teodoro Matteini (1754 - 1831) - Italy (Pistoia)

Joachim Machado De Castro

Joachim Machado De Castro (1731 - 1822) - Portugal (Coimbra)

Johann Baptist Drechsler

Johann Baptist Drechsler (1766 - 1811) - Austria (Vienna)

Etienne Barthélemy Garnier

Etienne Barthélemy Garnier (1759 - 1849) - France (Paris)

Adam Weisweiler

Adam Weisweiler (1750 - 1810) - Germany (Neuwied-Am-Rhein)

Albertus Brondgeest

Albertus Brondgeest (1786 - 1849) - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke (1749 - 1815) -

Archibald Skirving

Archibald Skirving (1749 - 1819) -

Archibald Skirving (1749–1819) was a Scottish portrait painter. He was born at Athelstaneford near Haddington. Archibald was born in Athelstaneford near Haddington the son of Adam Skirving. His younger brother Robert joined the army in later life. All three (father and sons) wrote poetry, but it is Adam who is best remembered as a songwriter. After......

Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros)

Antoine-Jean Gros (Baron Gros) (1771 - 1835) -

Anson Dickinson

Anson Dickinson (1779 - 1852) -

Alexander Keith

Alexander Keith (1795 - 1873) -

Jean Pierre Granger

Jean Pierre Granger (1779 - 1840) -

Joshua Gosselin

Joshua Gosselin (1739 - 1813) -

Eliza Goodridge

Eliza Goodridge (1798 - 1882) -

Carl Weinedel

Carl Weinedel (1795 - 1845) -


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