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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1800 .

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Anne Louis Girodet De Roussy Trioson

Anne Louis Girodet De Roussy Trioson (1767 - 1824) - France (Montargis)

Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy (or de Roucy), also known as Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (29 January 1767 – 9 December 1824), was a French painter and pupil of Jacques-Louis David, who participated in the early Romantic movement by including elements of eroticism in his paintings. Girodet is remembered for his precise and clear style and for his painti......

Baron Gros Antoine Jean

Baron Gros Antoine Jean (1771 - 1835) - France (Paris)

Antoine-Jean Gros (16 March 1771 – 25 June 1835), titled as Baron Gros in 1824, was a French painter. His work was in the genres of history and neoclassical painting. Gros studied under Jacques-Louis David in Paris and began an independent artistic career during the French Revolution. Forced to leave France, he moved to Genoa and witnessed the near......

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (1743 - 1809) - Denmark (Copenhagen)

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (September 11, 1743 – June 4, 1809) was a Danish neoclassical and royal history painter, sculptor, architect, and professor of painting, mythology, and anatomy at the New Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. Many of his works were in the royal Christiansborg Palace (some destroyed by fire 1794), Fredensborg......

Sarah Goodridge

Sarah Goodridge (1788 - 1853) - United States (Templeton)

Sarah Goodridge (February 5, 1788 – December 28, 1853 also referred to as Sarah Goodrich ) was an American painter who specialized in portrait miniatures. She was the older sister of Elizabeth Goodridge, also an American miniaturist. Goodridge was born in Templeton, Massachusetts, the sixth child and third daughter of Ebenezer Goodridge and his wif......

Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow

Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow (1789 - 1862) -

Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow (7 September 1789 – 19 March 1862) was a German Romantic painter. He was born in Berlin, the second son of the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow, who gave him his first lessons in drawing. He then turned to painting, and was instructed by Weitsch. In 1806-7 Schadow served as a soldier. In 1810 he traveled with his elde......

Jakob Philipp Hackert

Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737 - 1807) -

Jacob Philipp Hackert (15 September 1737 – 28 April 1807) was a landscape painter from Brandenburg, who did most of his work in Italy. Hackert was born in 1737 in Prenzlau in the Margraviate of Brandenburg (now in Germany). He trained with his father Philipp (a portraitist and painter of animals) and his uncle, before going to the Prussian Academy ......

Ozias Humphry

Ozias Humphry (1742 - 1810) -

Ozias Humphry (or Humphrey) (8 September 1742 – 9 March 1810) was a leading English painter of portrait miniatures, later oils and pastels, of the 18th century. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1791, and in 1792 he was appointed Portrait Painter in Crayons to the King (i.e. pastels). Humphry is the spelling Ozias himself used in his signature......

Charles Thévenin

Charles Thévenin (1764 - 1838) - France (Paris)

Charles Thévenin (12 July 1764 – 28 February 1838) was a neoclassical French painter, known for heroic scenes from the time of the French Revolution and First French Empire. Born in Paris, the son of a court architect, Charles studied painting at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture under François-André Vincent. Winning second prize in t......

Léon Cogniet

Léon Cogniet (1794 - 1880) - France (Paris)

Léon Cogniet (29 August 1794 – 20 November 1880) was a French history and portrait painter. He is probably best remembered as a teacher, with over one hundred well-known students. He was born in Paris. His father was a painter and wallpaper designer. In 1812, he enrolled at the École des Beaux-arts, where he studied with Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. He ......

Pierre De Valenciennes

Pierre De Valenciennes (1750 - 1819) -

Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (December 6, 1750 – February 16, 1819) was a French painter who was influential in elevating the status of open-air painting. Valenciennes worked in Rome from 1778 to 1782, where he made a number of landscape studies directly from nature, sometimes painting the same set of trees or house at different times of day. He th......

William Mulready The Younger

William Mulready The Younger (1786 - 1863) - Ireland (Ennis)

William Mulready RA (1 April 1786 – 7 July 1863) was an Irish genre painter living in London. He is best known for his romanticizing depictions of rural scenes, and for creating Mulready stationery letter sheets, issued at the same time as the Penny Black postage stamp. William Mulready was born in Ennis, County Clare. Early in his life, in 1792, t......

Joseph Karl Stieler

Joseph Karl Stieler (1781 - 1858) -

Joseph Karl Stieler (1 November 1781 – 9 April 1858) was a German painter. From 1820 until 1855 he worked as royal court painter of the Bavarian kings. He is known for his Neoclassical portraits, especially for the Gallery of Beauties at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. Born in the city of Mainz to a long-established family of engravers, punchcutters ......

Louis François Baron Lejeune

Louis François Baron Lejeune (1775 - 1848) -

Louis-François, Baron Lejeune (3 February 1775 in Strasbourg – 29 February 1848) was a French general, painter, and lithographer. His memoirs have frequently been republished and his name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe. He studied painting in the studio of Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, alongside Jean-Victor Bertin, but left the studio to volunt......

Jean Baptiste Baron Regnault

Jean Baptiste Baron Regnault (1754 - 1829) -

Jean-Baptiste Regnault (9 October 1754 – 12 November 1829) was a French painter. Regnault was born in Paris, and began life at sea in a merchant vessel. At the age of fifteen his talent attracted attention, and he was sent to Italy by M. de Monval under the care of Bardin. After his return to Paris, Regnault, in 1776, won the Grand Prix for his pai......

Francois Auguste Biard

Francois Auguste Biard (1799 - 1882) -

François-Auguste Biard (29 June 1799 in Lyon – 20 June 1882 in Les Plâtreries, Samois-sur-Seine ) was a French genre painter. He travelled extensively around the world. He was particularly successful in rendering burlesque groups like in Sea Sickness on a British Corvet (Dallas Museum of Art). In 1858, when his career was in decline, he spent two y......

John Crome

John Crome (1768 - 1821) - United Kingdom (Norwich)

John Crome (22 December 1768 – 22 April 1821) was an English landscape artist of the Romantic era, one of the principal artists and founding members of the Norwich School art movement. He lived in Norwich for all his life and most of his works are Norfolk landscapes. He was sometimes known as Old Crome to distinguish him from his son John Berney Cr......

Carl Fredrik Von Breda

Carl Fredrik Von Breda (1759 - 1818) - Sweden (Stockholm)

Carl Frederik von Breda (16 August 1759 – 1 December 1818) was a Swedish painter who studied in and spent much of his career in Britain before becoming painter to the Swedish court. He was born in Stockholm in 1759, and moved to Britain where he was a student of Joshua Reynolds. Breda specialized in painting portraits and was called "the van Dyck o......

Pierre L'enfant

Pierre L'enfant (1754 - 1825) - France (Paris)

Pierre Charles L'Enfant (French: [pjɛʁ ʃɑʁl lɑ̃fɑ̃] August 2, 1754 – June 14, 1825), self-identified as Peter Charles L'Enfant while living in the United States, was a French-American military engineer who designed the basic plan for Washington, D.C. (capital city of the U.S.) known today as the L'Enfant Plan (1791). L'Enfant was born in Paris, Fra......

Marie Ellenrieder

Marie Ellenrieder (1791 - 1863) - Germany (Konstanz)

Marie Ellenrieder (20 March 1791 – 5 June 1863) was a German painter known for her portraits and religious paintings. Ellenrieder was born in Konstanz, Germany in 1791, the daughter of Konrad and Anna Maria Herrmann, and the granddaughter of Franz Ludwig Herrmann. She was considered to be the most important German woman artist of her time. In 1813,......

Jean Baptiste Hilaire

Jean Baptiste Hilaire (1754 - 1829) -

Jean-Baptiste Regnault (9 October 1754 – 12 November 1829) was a French painter. Regnault was born in Paris, and began life at sea in a merchant vessel. At the age of fifteen his talent attracted attention, and he was sent to Italy by M. de Monval under the care of Bardin. After his return to Paris, Regnault, in 1776, won the Grand Prix for his pai......

James Francis Danby

James Francis Danby (1793 - 1861) - Ireland (County Wexford)

Francis Danby ARA (16 November 1793 – 9 February 1861) was an Irish painter of the Romantic era. His imaginative, dramatic landscapes were comparable to those of John Martin. Danby initially developed his imaginative style while he was the central figure in a group of artists who have come to be known as the Bristol School. His period of greatest s......

William Allan

William Allan (1782 - 1850) -

Sir William Allan RA (1782 – 23 February 1850) was a distinguished Scottish historical painter known for his scenes of Russian life. He became president of the Royal Scottish Academy and was made a Royal Academician. Allan was born in Edinburgh, the son of William Allan Snr., macer, an officer of the Court of Session. He was educated at the High Sc......

George Howland Beaumont

George Howland Beaumont (1753 - 1827) - United Kingdom (Dunmow)

Sir George Howland Beaumont, 7th Baronet (6 November 1753 – 7 February 1827) was a British art patron and amateur painter. He played a crucial part in the creation of London's National Gallery by making the first bequest of paintings to that institution. Born in Great Dunmow, Essex, he was the only surviving child of the landowner Sir George Beaumo......

Charles Lock Eastlake

Charles Lock Eastlake (1793 - 1865) -

Sir Charles Lock Eastlake PRA (17 November 1793 – 24 December 1865) was an English painter, gallery director, collector and writer of the early 19th century. Eastlake was born in Plymouth, Devon, the fourth son of an Admiralty lawyer. He was educated at local grammar schools in Plymouth and, briefly, at Charterhouse (then still in London). He was c......

Robert Jacques François Lefèvre

Robert Jacques François Lefèvre (1755 - 1830) -

Robert Jacques François Faust Lefèvre (24 September 1755 in Bayeux – 3 October 1830 in Paris) was a French painter of portraits, history paintings and religious paintings. He was heavily influenced by Jacques-Louis David and his style is reminiscent of the antique. Robert Lefèvre made his first drawings on the papers of a procureur to whom his fath......

Henry Scheffer

Henry Scheffer (1798 - 1862) -

Hendrik Scheffer (The Hague, 25 September 1798 – Paris, 15 March 1862) was a Dutch painter in the Romantic tradition who lived in France for most of his life. In France he is usually known as Henri Scheffer. Scheffer was the younger brother of painter Ary Scheffer, son of Johann Baptist and Cornelia Scheffer and grandson of Arie Lamme. When his fat......

Titian Ramsay Peale

Titian Ramsay Peale (1799 - 1885) -

Titian Ramsay Peale (November 17, 1799 – March 13, 1885) was an American artist, naturalist, and explorer. He was a noted scientific illustrator whose paintings and drawings of wildlife were known for their beauty and accuracy. He participated as a naturalist in several scientific surveys, in particular he accompanied Stephen Harriman Long in 1819 ......

Jacob Van Strij Dordrecht

Jacob Van Strij Dordrecht (1756 - 1815) - Netherlands (Dordrecht)

Jacob van Strij (2 October 1756 – 4 February 1815) was Dutch painter, printmaker, and draftsman who was mainly interested in landscape painting, including mountain landscapes, winter landscapes and marines. Jacob van Strij was born on 2 October 1756 in Dordrecht in the Dutch Republic. He was the son of Leendert van Strij and the younger brother of ......

Jean Charles Langlois

Jean Charles Langlois (1789 - 1870) - France (Beaumont-En-Auge)

Jean-Charles Langlois, known as The Colonel (22 July 1789 – 1870) was a French soldier and painter. Langlois was born in Beaumont-en-Auge. He graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1806 and fought, as an infantry officer at the battles of Wagram, Gerona and Waterloo with a bravery that had him seriously injured and appointed colonel at the young......

Jean Baptiste Joseph Wicar

Jean Baptiste Joseph Wicar (1762 - 1834) -

Jean-Baptiste Wicar (22 January 1762 – 27 February 1834) was a French Neoclassical painter and art collector. The son of a carpenter, Wicar was born in Lille. He studied drawing at the free school in Lille before further honing his talents in the studio of David. The drawings Wicar created of Tableaux, statues, bas-reliefs et camées de la Galerie d......

Carl Joseph Begas

Carl Joseph Begas (1794 - 1854) -

Carl Joseph Begas, or Karl Begas, (30 September 1794 – 24 November 1854), was a German historical painter born at Heinsberg near Aachen. His father, a retired judge, destined him for the legal profession, but the boy's tastes pointed definitely in another direction. Even at school he was remarked for his wonderful skill in drawing and painting, and......

Jean-Jacques Bachelier

Jean-Jacques Bachelier (1724 - 1805) -

Jean-Jacques Bachelier (1724–1806) was a French painter and director of the porcelain factory at Sèvres. Admitted to the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in 1752, he founded an art school using his own means in Paris in 1765 for the artisans in the historic collège d'Autun (rue de l'école de médecine), which survived until the 19th centu......

Josef Grassi

Josef Grassi (1757 - 1838) -

Josef Grassi (22 April 1757 – 7 January 1838) was an Austrian portrait and history painter. His middle name is usually given as "Maria", although there is evidence that it was actually "Mathias". He is also called "Giuseppe Grassi". Josef Grassi was born in Vienna, the younger brother of sculptor and porcelain modeller Anton Grassi. Their father, O......

Victor Schnetz

Victor Schnetz (1787 - 1870) -

Jean-Victor Schnetz (French pronunciation: ​[ʒan.viktɔʁ ʃnɛts] April 14, 1787 in Versailles – March 15, 1870 in Paris) was a French academic painter well regarded for his historical and genre paintings. Schnetz studied in Paris under Jacques-Louis David. His works can be found at the Louvre Museum and the Petit Palais in Paris, the Château de Versa......

Auguste de Forbin

Auguste de Forbin (1777 - 1841) -

Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste, comte de Forbin (La Roque-d'Anthéron, Bouches-du-Rhône, 19 August 1779 – Paris, 23 February 1841) was the French painter and antiquary who succeeded Vivant Denon as curator of the Musée du Louvre and the other museums of France. Born at his family's château, La Roque-d'Anthéron, and a Chevallier of the Order of Malta......

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (1757 - 1825) -

Rococo, Neo-Classicism

Vladimir Lukič Borovikovskij, in russo: Владимир Лукич Боровиковский? e in ucraino Володимир Лукич Боровиковський, pseudonimo di Vоlоdymyr Borovyk (Mirgorod, 24 luglio 1757 – San Pietroburgo, 18 aprile 1825), è stato un pittore russo, nato in Ucraina e celebre soprattutto per la carriera di ritrattista. Vladimir Borovikovskij nacque come Vоlоdymyr ......

Claude Marie Paul Dubufe

Claude Marie Paul Dubufe (1790 - 1864) -

Claude-Marie-Paul Dubufe (1790 – 1864) a French historical, genre and portrait painter, was born in Paris in 1790, and studied under David. His subjects were at first classical, and then scriptural. He then gave himself up to the painting of genre pictures and portraits. His reputation rests chiefly on his portraits, of which he produced a large nu......

John Berney Crome

John Berney Crome (1768 - 1821) -

John Berney (or Barney) Crome (1 December 1794 – 15 September 1842) was an English landscape and marine painter associated with the Norwich School of painters. He is sometimes known by the nickname 'Young Crome' to distinguish him from his father John, known as 'Old Crome'. John Berney Crome was born in Norwich, Norfolk, on 1 December 1794, the eld......

Antoine Vestier Avallon

Antoine Vestier Avallon (1740 - 1824) -

Antoine Vestier (1740–1824) was a French miniaturist and painter of portraits, born at Avallon in Burgundy, who trained in the atelier of Jean-Baptiste Pierre. He showed his work at the Salon de la Correspondance, Paris, before being admitted (agréé) to the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in 1785, when a portrait of the painter Gabriel ......

Jules Louis Philippe Coignet

Jules Louis Philippe Coignet (1798 - 1860) -

Jules Louis Philippe Coignet was born in Paris in 1798 and died there in 1860. He was a noted landscape painter who had studied under Jean-Victor Bertin. He travelled a good deal in his own country as well as elsewhere in Europe and the East, and produced a considerable number of views. A regular exhibitor at the Paris Salon exhibitions, he was awa......

Charles Bell

Charles Bell (1774 - 1842) - Scotland (Edinburgh)

Sir Charles Bell KH FRS FRSE FRCSE MWS (12 November 1774 – 28 April 1842) was a Scottish surgeon, anatomist, physiologist, neurologist, artist, and philosophical theologian. He is noted for discovering the difference between sensory nerves and motor nerves in the spinal cord. He is also noted for describing Bell's palsy. His three older brothers in......

Thomas Christopher Hofland

Thomas Christopher Hofland (1777 - 1843) -

Thomas Christopher Hofland (1777–1843) was an English artist and teacher. Hofland was born in Worksop and he became a student of John Rathbone. He started teaching at Kew and moved to Derby in 1805, where he worked until 1808. He became the second husband of the successful writer Barbara Hofland in 1810. Hofland exhibited 72 paintings at the Royal ......

John Francis Rigaud

John Francis Rigaud (1742 - 1810) -

John Francis Rigaud RA (18 May 1742 – 6 December 1810) was an eighteenth-century history, portrait, and decorative painter. Of French descent, he was born in Turin and spent most of his career in England. Rigaud was born in Turin on 18 May 1742 and baptised on 9 September. He was the second son of James Dutilh or Rigaud and Jeanne Françoise Guiraud......

Étienne-Jean Delécluze

Étienne-Jean Delécluze (1781 - 1863) -

William Dunlap

William Dunlap (1766 - 1839) - United States (Perth Amboy)

William Dunlap (February 19, 1766 – September 28, 1839) was a pioneer of American theater. He was a producer, playwright, and actor, as well as a historian. He managed two of New York City's earliest and most prominent theaters, the John Street Theatre (from 1796–98) and the Park Theatre (from 1798–1805). He was also an artist, despite losing an ey......

Adam Töpffer

Adam Töpffer (1766 - 1847) -

Wolfgang-Adam Töpffer, also Adam-Wolfgang or simply Adam Töpffer (20 May 1766, Geneva - 10 August 1847, Geneva) was a Swiss painter who specialized in landscapes and watercolors. His son was the well-known illustrator and cartoonist, Rodolphe Töpffer, who is sometimes called the "father of the comic book". He was the son of a German tailor from Sch......

George Engleheart

George Engleheart (1750 - 1829) -

George Engleheart (1750–1829) was one of the greatest English painters of portrait miniatures, and a contemporary of Richard Cosway, John Smart, William Wood, and Richard Crosse. Engleheart is generally thought to have been born in Kew, Surrey, on 26 October 1750. His father was Francis Englehart (died 1773), a German plaster modeller who emigrated......

Carl Wilhelm Götzloff

Carl Wilhelm Götzloff (1799 - 1866) -

Carl Wilhelm Götzloff (27 September 1799 – 18 January 1866) was a German painter. Born in Dresden, Götzloff was the youngest of three children born to Friedrich Adrian Götzloff, a town constable. From 1814 to 1821, he attended the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under Caspar David Friedrich and Johan Christian Dahl, among others. As e......

James Otto Lewis

James Otto Lewis (1799 - 1858) - United States (Philadelphia)

James Otto Lewis (February 3, 1799 – November 2, 1858) was an American engraver and painter who was noted for his portraits of Native Americans and other figures of the American frontier. Lewis began his engraving career in Philadelphia about 1815. He went west in 1819 and began traveling with Gov. Lewis Cass of the Michigan Territory while the U.S......

Margaret Sarah Carpenter

Margaret Sarah Carpenter (1793 - 1872) -

Margaret Sarah Carpenter (Salisbury 1793 – 13 November 1872 London), born Margaret Sarah Geddes, was a British painter. Noted in her time, she mostly painted portraits in the manner of Sir Thomas Lawrence. She was a close friend of Richard Parkes Bonington. She was born in Salisbury, the daughter of Captain Alexander Geddes, who was of an Edinburgh......

Georges Rouget

Georges Rouget (1783 - 1869) -

Georges Rouget (1781 in Paris – 1869 in Paris) was a neoclassical French painter. After studying in the école des beaux-arts, Rouget entered David's studio in 1797 and rapidly became his favourite student. Rouget began his professional career as his master's main assistant until David's exile to Brussels, collaborating with him on the canvases Bona......

Edward Villiers Rippingille

Edward Villiers Rippingille (1790 - 1859) - United Kingdom (King's Lynn)

Edward Villiers Rippingille (c. 1790–1859) was an English oil painter and watercolourist who was a member of the informal group of artists which has come to be known as the Bristol School. In that group he was a particularly close associate of both Edward Bird and Francis Danby. Rippingille was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, the son of a farmer. His......

Charles Meynier

Charles Meynier (1768 - 1832) -

Friedrich Carl Gröger

Friedrich Carl Gröger (1766 - 1838) -

Friedrich Carl Gröger (14 October 1766 in Plön – 9 November 1838 in Hamburg) was a north-German portrait painter and lithographer. One of the most respected portraitists of his time in northern Germany, his works are to be found in several museums, including the Hamburger Kunsthalle, as well as in north German, Holstein and Danish private collectio......

Joseph Pierre Xavier Bidauld

Joseph Pierre Xavier Bidauld (1758 - 1846) -

Jean-Joseph-Xavier Bidauld (10 April 1758 – 20 October 1846) was a French painter. A native of the city of Carpentras, Bidauld first studied painting with his elder brother, Jean-Pierre-Xavier, in Lyons. In 1783 he traveled to Paris, there winning the favor of an art dealer and perfume seller named Dulac. This latter subsidized Bidauld's travels in......

Peter Francis Bourgeois

Peter Francis Bourgeois (1753 - 1811) -

Sir Peter Francis Lewis Bourgeois RA (November 1753 – 8 January 1811) was a British landscape and history painter, and court painter to king George III of the United Kingdom. He became an art dealer and collector in association with Margaret and Noel Desenfans, and with them founded Dulwich Picture Gallery in London. Bourgeois was born in London in......

Elizabeth Simcoe

Elizabeth Simcoe (1762 - 1850) - United Kingdom (Whitchurch)

Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe (22 September 1762 – 17 January 1850) was a British artist and diarist in colonial Canada. She was the wife of John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. She was born Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim in the village of Whitchurch, Herefordshire, England, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gwillim and El......

Alexander Carse

Alexander Carse (1770 - 1843) - Scotland (Innerwick)

Alexander Carse (c. 1770 – February 1843) was a Scottish painter known for his scenes of Scottish life. His works include a large canvas of George IV's visit to Leith and three early paintings of football matches. Carse was born in Innerwick in East Lothian to William and Catherine Carse, and was baptised early in 1770. Carse started at the Trustee......

Pierre Joseph Dedreux Dorcy

Pierre Joseph Dedreux Dorcy (1789 - 1874) -

Pierre-Joseph Dedreux-Dorcy, a French genre painter, was born in Paris in 1789. He was the younger brother of the architect Pierre-Anne Dedreux (winner of the 1815 Prix de Rome), and uncle of the painter Alfred de Dreux. He studied for some time under Guérin. His paintings, one of which, called 'Bajazet et le Berger,' is in the Museum of Bordeaux, ......

Philippe Lariviere

Philippe Lariviere (1798 - 1876) -

Charles-Philippe Larivière (28 September 1798 in Paris – 29 February 1876 in Paris) was a French academic painter and lithographer. A talented student of Paulin Guérin, Girodet-Trioson and Antoine-Jean Gros, he was admitted to the école des Beaux-Arts in 1813 and won second prize in the Prix de Rome in 1819 then a médaille d'encouragement in 1820. ......

Robert Ladbrooke

Robert Ladbrooke (1768 - 1842) - United Kingdom (Norwich)

Robert Ladbrooke (1768 – 11 October 1842) was an English landscape painter who, along with John Crome, was a founder of the Norwich School of painters. His sons Henry (20 April 1800 – 18 November 1870) and John Berney Ladbrooke (1803 – 11 July 1879) were also associated with the Norwich School and were accomplished artists in their own right. Ladbr......

Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson (1766 - 1813) - Scotland (Paisley)

Alexander Wilson (July 6, 1766 – August 23, 1813) was a Scottish-American poet, ornithologist, naturalist, and illustrator. Identified by George Ord as the "Father of American Ornithology", Wilson is regarded as the greatest American ornithologist prior to Audubon. Wilson was born in Paisley, Scotland on July 6, 1766. He was apprenticed as a weaver......

Jacques Reattu

Jacques Reattu (1760 - 1833) -

Jacques Réattu (3 August 1760, Arles - 7 April 1833, Arles) was a French painter and winner of the grand prix de Rome. He was an illegitimate son of the painter Guillaume de Barrême de Châteaufort and Catherine Raspal, sister of the Arles-born painter Antoine Raspal - Antoine gave him his first lessons in painting. In Paris, in 1773 he was a pupil ......

William Cowen

William Cowen (1791 - 1864) - United Kingdom (Rotherham)

William Cowen (18 June 1791 – 29 January 1864) was an English landscape painter. His work includes views of towns in Yorkshire, Italy, France, Ireland and particularly Corsica. Cowen was born in Rotherham in 1791 and worked teaching drawing in nearby Sheffield in 1811. Cowen was lucky enough to obtain William Fitzwilliam, 4th Earl Fitzwilliam as a ......

John Ramage

John Ramage (1748 - 1802) - Ireland (Dublin)

John Ramage (1748 – 24 October 1802) was an Irish American artist, goldsmith, patroller, and second lieutenant. He was best known for painting portrait miniatures, and being the first artist to paint George Washington while serving as the President of the United States. Ramage was born in Dublin, Ireland. He entered the Dublin Society of Artists in......

Hendrik Frans De Cort

Hendrik Frans De Cort (1742 - 1810) -

Hendrik de Cort or Hendrik Frans de Cort (1742 in Antwerp – 28 June 1810 in London) was a Flemish landscape painter and draughtsman. His international career brought him to Antwerp, Paris, England and Wales. He is mainly remembered for his topographical paintings and drawings of English castles, country houses, parks and ruins. Hendrik de Cort stud......

Louis Philippe Crepin

Louis Philippe Crepin (1772 - 1851) -

Alexandre Marie Colin

Alexandre Marie Colin (1798 - 1875) -

Alexandre-Marie Colin, a French painter of historical and genre subjects, was born in Paris in 1798. He was a pupil of Girodet. His religious and historical paintings are characterised by a style based on a careful study of the old masters, while his genre pieces are vigorous and lifelike. Amongst these latter may be noticed his 'French Fish-Market......

John E Ferneley I

John E Ferneley I (1782 - 1860) -

John E. Ferneley (18 May 1782 Thrussington, Leicestershire – 1860 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire), was an English painter who specialised in portraying sporting horses and hunting scenes. Although his rendition of horses was stylised, he is regarded as one of the great British equine artists, second perhaps only to George Stubbs. At first apprentic......

George Clint

George Clint (1770 - 1854) - United Kingdom (Covent Garden)

George Arnald

George Arnald (1763 - 1841) -

George Arnald ARA (1763 – 21 November 1841) was a British painter who specialised in landscapes, including topographical views to illustrated county histories. He is best known for his celebrated painting depicting the Battle of the Nile. George Arnald was born in 1763. One account places his birth in the village of Farndip (now Farndish) in Northa......

Gillot Saint Evre

Gillot Saint Evre (1791 - 1858) -

Laurent Pecheux

Laurent Pecheux (1729 - 1821) -

Laurent Pécheux (17 July 1729 – 1821 Turin) was a French-born painter, active in Rome and Northern Italy in a Neoclassical-style. Born in Lyon, France, Pécheux initially studied at the Jesuit College, but was sent to Paris where he frequented the studio of Charles-Joseph Natoire, Jean-Baptiste Pillement, and Jean-Antoine Morand. In 1751, the artist......

Biagio Rebecca

Biagio Rebecca (1735 - 1808) -

Biagio Rebecca ARA (1731–1808) was an Italian artist, active mainly as a decorative painter in England. Rebecca was born at Osimo, near Ancona, in the Marches, and served his apprenticeship in Rome. In England he became known for neoclassical scenes from mythology, often working on decorative schemes in collaboration with Robert Adam, for example a......

Prince Hoare

Prince Hoare (1755 - 1834) -

Prince Hoare (1755 – 22 December 1834) was an English painter and dramatist. "Prince" is a given name, not a royal title. Hoare was born in Bath, the son of painter William Hoare and his wife. He was named 'Prince' after his father's brother, a sculptor. He studied art from an early age, and became well known as a painter of portraits and historica......

James Forbes

James Forbes (1749 - 1819) -

James Forbes (1749–1819) was a British artist and writer. Born in London to a Scots family, Forbes travelled to India in 1765 as a writer for the British East India Company and was resident there until 1784. He was a prolific writer and artist and filled 52,000 manuscript pages with notes and sketches concerning all aspects of Indian life, its wild......

John James Chalon

John James Chalon (1778 - 1854) -

John James Chalon RA (27 March 1778 – 14 November 1854) was a Swiss painter active in England. He treated a wide range of subjects — landscapes, marine scenes, animal life, and figure-pieces. He was born at Geneva, of an old French family who had taken refuge there after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. He went to England when quite young, an......

Jules Jollivet

Jules Jollivet (1794 - 1871) -

Jacques Henri Sablet

Jacques Henri Sablet (1749 - 1803) -

Jacques-Henri Sablet (1749 in Lausanne – 1803 in Paris), was a French painter, part of a family of artists of Swiss origin. Sablet was the younger brother of Jean-François Sablet (1745-1819). They were sons of the painter and picture dealer Jacob Sablet (1720-1798). They both studied at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture in Paris as pu......

Samuel William Reynolds

Samuel William Reynolds (1773 - 1835) -

Samuel William Reynolds (4 July 1773 – 13 August 1835) was a mezzotint engraver, landscape painter and landscape gardener. Reynolds was a popular engraver in both Britain and France and there are over 400 examples of his work in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Reynolds was born on 4 July 1773. His father was born in the West Indies, the so......

Joseph Beaume

Joseph Beaume (1796 - 1885) -

John Ritto Penniman

John Ritto Penniman (1782 - 1841) -

John Ritto Penniman (1782–1841) was a painter in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He created portraits, landscapes, and allegorical paintings, as well as designs for engravings, such as the official seal of the city of Boston in 1822. He also worked as an assistant to Gilbert Stuart. Penniman died in 1841 in Baltimore. More......

Jean Louis Demarne

Jean Louis Demarne (1752 - 1829) -

Jean-Louis de Marne (1752-24 March 1829) was a French painter. Born at Brussels in 1752, pupil of Gabriel Briard, Jean-Louis de Marne died at Batignolles near Paris on March 24, 1829. He went to Paris at the age of 12 after the death of his father, who had been in Brussels as an officer in the service of the Emperor of Austria. Essayed first, histo......

Charles Balthazar Julien Févret De Saint Mémin

Charles Balthazar Julien Févret De Saint Mémin (1770 - 1852) -

Samuel Drummond

Samuel Drummond (1766 - 1844) -

Samuel Drummond ARA (25 December 1766, London - 6 August 1844, London) was a British painter, especially prolific in portrait and marine genre painting. His works are on display in the National Portrait Gallery, the National Maritime Museum and the Walker Art Gallery. Drummond was born to Jane Bicknell and James Drummond, a London baker. At about t......

John Henderson

John Henderson (1797 - 1878) -

Prosper Barbot

Prosper Barbot (1798 - 1877) -

Louis Nicolas Lemasle

Louis Nicolas Lemasle (1788 - 1876) -

Jean Bruno Gassies

Jean Bruno Gassies (1786 - 1832) -

Ambrose Bowden Johns

Ambrose Bowden Johns (1776 - 1858) -

Ambrose Bowden Johns (1776 – 10 December 1858) was a British artist based in Plymouth whose work was in a similar style to his friend Turner. His house was base for artistic activity in Plymouth where he encouraged local artists including Benjamin Robert Haydon and Samuel Prout. Johns was born in Plymouth, but nothing is known of him until he was t......

James Sillett

James Sillett (1764 - 1840) -

James Sillett (also written as Sillet or Silleth), (c. 1764–1840) was an English painter, born in Norwich where he spent much of his career. The son of James Sillett of Eye, Suffolk, James Sillett (also known as Sillet or Silleth), was born in Norwich in about 1764. He worked there for a time as an heraldic painter, and so his artistic career began......

Jean Baptiste Peytavin

Jean Baptiste Peytavin (1767 - 1855) -

Qian Yong

Qian Yong (1759 - 1844) -

Jacques François Momal

Jacques François Momal (1754 - 1832) -

Richard Evans

Richard Evans (1784 - 1871) -

Pierre Julien Gilbert

Pierre Julien Gilbert (1783 - 1860) -

Archibald Robertson

Archibald Robertson (1765 - 1835) -

Jean Pierre Granger

Jean Pierre Granger (1779 - 1840) -

Moïse Jacobber

Moïse Jacobber (1786 - 1864) -

Jean Voille

Jean Voille (1744 - 1829) -


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