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100+++ famous artists painters born around 1900 .

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) - Spain (Málaga)

Naive Art / Primitivism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Synthetic Cubism, Realism, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Symbolism, Abstract Art, Neo Expressionism, Analytical Cubism

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (/pɪˈkɑːsoʊ, -ˈkæsoʊ/ Spanish: [ˈpaβlo piˈkaso] 25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his adult life in France. Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, he is known for co-founding the Cubist moveme......

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903) - France (Paris)

Post-Impressionism, Cloisonnism

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (UK: /ˈɡoʊɡæ̃/, US: /ɡoʊˈɡæ̃/ French: [øʒɛn ɑ̃ʁi pɔl ɡoɡɛ̃] 7 June 1848 – 8 May 1903) was a French post-Impressionist artist. Unappreciated until after his death, Gauguin is now recognized for his experimental use of color and Synthetist style that were distinctly different from Impressionism. Towards the end of his life h......

Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton (1889 - 1975) - United States (Neosho)

Regionalism, Art Deco

Thomas Hart Benton (April 15, 1889 – January 19, 1975) was an American painter and muralist. Along with Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry, he was at the forefront of the Regionalist art movement. His fluid, sculpted figures in his paintings showed everyday people in scenes of life in the United States. Though his work is strongly associated with th......

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 - 1972) - Netherlands (Leeuwarden)

Op-Art, Renaissance

Maurits Cornelis Escher (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmʌurɪt͡s kɔrˈneːlɪs ˈɛʃər] 17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972) was a Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically-inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. His work features mathematical objects and operations including impossible objects, explorations of infinity, reflection, symmetry, perspective, t......

Henri-Joseph Harpignies

Henri-Joseph Harpignies (1819 - 1916) - France (Valenciennes)

Henri-Joseph Harpignies (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃.ʁi ʒɔ.zɛf aʁ.pi.ɲi]) (June 28, 1819 – August 28, 1916) was a French landscape painter of the Barbizon school. He was born at Valenciennes. His parents intended for him to pursue a business career, but his determination to become an artist was so strong that it conquered all obstacles, and he was a......

Peder Severin Kroyer

Peder Severin Kroyer (1851 - 1909) - Norway (Stavanger)

Peder Severin Krøyer (Danish pronunciation: ['peːdə 'seveʁin 'kʁøjə] 23 July 1851 – 21 November 1909), professionally known as P. S. Krøyer, was a Danish painter. Krøyer was born in Stavanger, Norway, on 23 July 1851 to Ellen Cecilie Gjesdal. He was raised by Gjesdal's sister, Bertha Cecilie (born 1817) and brother-in-law, the Danish zoologist Henr......

Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla (1871 - 1958) - Italy (Turin)

Futurism, Abstract Art, Pointillism

Giacomo Balla (18 July 1871 – 1 March 1958) was an Italian painter, art teacher and poet best known as a key proponent of Futurism. In his painting he depicted light, movement and speed. Giacomo Balla was born in Turin, in the Piedmont region of Italy. He was the son of a photographer and as a child studied music. At age nine, after the death of hi......

Juan Gris

Juan Gris (1887 - 1927) - Spain (Madrid)

Synthetic Cubism, Cubism, Analytical Cubism

José Victoriano (Carmelo Carlos) González-Pérez (23 March 1887 – 11 May 1927), better known as Juan Gris (Spanish: [ˈxwan ˈɡɾis] French: [gʀi]), was a Spanish painter and sculptor born in Madrid who lived and worked in France most of his life. Closely connected to the innovative artistic genre Cubism, his works are among the movement's most distinc......

Louis Anquetin

Louis Anquetin (1861 - 1932) - France (Étrépagny)

Louis Anquetin (26 January 1861 – 19 August 1932) was a French painter. Anquetin was born in Étrépagny, France, and educated at the Lycée Pierre Corneille in Rouen. In 1882 he came to Paris and began studying art at Léon Bonnat's studio, where he met Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The two artists later moved to the studio of Fernand Cormon, where they ......

Franz Von Bayros

Franz Von Bayros (1866 - 1924) - Croatia (Zagreb)

Franz von Bayros (28 May 1866 – 3 April 1924) was an Austrian commercial artist, illustrator, and painter, best known for his controversial Tales at the Dressing Table portfolio. He belonged to the Decadent movement in art, often utilizing erotic themes and phantasmagoric imagery. Bayros was born in Zagreb, in present-day Croatia, then part of the ......

Laszlo Moholy Nagy

Laszlo Moholy Nagy (1895 - 1946) - Hungary (Bácsborsód)

László Moholy-Nagy (/məˌhoʊliˈnɒdʒ/ Hungarian: [ˈlaːsloː ˈmohojnɒɟ] born László Weisz July 20, 1895 – November 24, 1946) was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as a professor in the Bauhaus school. He was highly influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts. Moholy-Nagy was ......

Romaine Brooks

Romaine Brooks (1874 - 1970) - Italy (Rome)

Romaine Brooks, born Beatrice Romaine Goddard (May 1, 1874 – December 7, 1970), was an American painter who worked mostly in Paris and Capri. She specialized in portraiture and used a subdued tonal palette keyed to the color gray. Brooks ignored contemporary artistic trends such as Cubism and Fauvism, drawing on her own original aesthetic inspired ......

Erich Heckel

Erich Heckel (1883 - 1970) - Germany (Dobeln)

Erich Heckel (31 July 1883 in Döbeln – 27 January 1970 in Radolfzell) was a German painter and printmaker, and a founding member of the group Die Brücke ("The Bridge") which existed 1905-1913. Heckel was born in Döbeln, Saxony, the son of a railway engineer. Between 1897 and 1904 he attended the Realgymnasium in Chemnitz, before studying architectu......

Henri Gaudier Brzeska

Henri Gaudier Brzeska (1891 - 1915) - France (St Jean De Braye)

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (4 October 1891 – 5 June 1915) was a French artist and sculptor who developed a rough-hewn, primitive style of direct carving. Henri Gaudier was born in Saint-Jean-de-Braye near Orléans. In 1910, he moved to London to become an artist, even though he had no formal training. With him came Sophie Brzeska, a Polish writer over tw......

Amadeo De Souza Cardoso

Amadeo De Souza Cardoso (1887 - 1918) - Portugal (Mancelos)

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (14 November 1887 – 25 October 1918) was a Portuguese painter. Amadeo was born in Mancelos, a parish of Amarante. At the age of 18, he entered the Superior School of Fine Arts of Lisbon and one year later (on his 19th birthday) he went to Paris, where he intended to continue his studies but soon quit the architecture course ......

Jean Jules Antoine Lecomte Du Nouy

Jean Jules Antoine Lecomte Du Nouy (1842 - 1923) - France (Paris)

Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ (10 June 1842 in Paris – 19 February 1923 in Paris) was an Orientalist French painter and sculptor. He was strongly influenced by the works and teachings of Charles Gleyre and Jean-Léon Gérôme. Lecomte du Nouÿ found inspiration for his art through extensive travels to Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Italy. The thematic ......

Edward John Poynter

Edward John Poynter (1836 - 1919) -

Pre-Raphaelites, Pre-Raphaelites

Sir Edward John Poynter, 1st Baronet GCVO, PRA (20 March 1836 in Paris – 26 July 1919 in London) was an English painter, designer, and draughtsman who served as President of the Royal Academy. Edward Poynter was the son of the architect Ambrose Poynter. He was born in Paris, though his parents returned to Britain soon after. He was educated at Brig......

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844 - 1934) - United States (Antwerp)

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (September 18, 1844 – January 24, 1934) was an American artist, mainly known for his series of paintings Dogs Playing Poker. Known as "Cash" or "Kash" in his family, he often signed his work in the 19th century with the latter spelling, sometimes spelling his name, for comic effect, as Kash Koolidge. Coolidge was born in ......

Thérèse Schwartze

Thérèse Schwartze (1851 - 1918) - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Thérèse Schwartze (20 December 1851 – 23 December 1918) was a Dutch portrait painter. Thérèse Schwartze was born on 20 December 1851 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She was the daughter of the painter Johan Georg Schwartze, who grew up in Philadelphia and trained in Düsseldorf. Schwartze received her first training from her father, before studying......

Alphaeus Philemon Cole

Alphaeus Philemon Cole (1876 - 1988) - United States (Jersey City)

Alphaeus Philemon Cole (Jersey City, New Jersey July 12, 1876 – New York City, November 25, 1988) was an American artist, engraver and etcher. He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and died in New York City. He was the son of noted engraver Timothy Cole. At the time of his death, at age 112 years and 136 days, Alphaeus was the world's oldest verif......

James Montgomery Flagg

James Montgomery Flagg (1877 - 1960) - United States (Pelham Manor)

James Montgomery Flagg (June 18, 1877 – May 27, 1960) was an American artist, comics artist and illustrator. He worked in media ranging from fine art painting to cartooning, but is best remembered for his political posters. Flagg was born on June 18, 1877 in Pelham Manor, New York. He was enthusiastic about drawing from a young age, and had illustr......

Leon Bakst

Leon Bakst (1866 - 1924) - Belarus (Grodno)

Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau

Léon Bakst (Russian: Леон (Лев) Николаевич Бакст, Leon (Lev) Nikolaevich Bakst) – born as Leyb-Khaim Izrailevich (later Samoylovich) Rosenberg, Лейб-Хаим Израилевич (Самойлович) Розенберг (27 January (8 February) 1866 – 28 December 1924) was a Russian painter and scene and costume designer. He was a member of the Sergei Diaghilev circle and the Bal......

Hermen Anglada Camarasa

Hermen Anglada Camarasa (1872 - 1959) - Spain (Barcelona)

Modernism, Modernism

Julien Dupré

Julien Dupré (1851 - 1910) - France (Paris)

Julien Dupré (March 18, 1851 – April 16, 1910) was a French painter. He was born in Paris on March 18, 1851 to Jean Dupré (a jeweler) and Pauline Bouillié and began his adult life working in a lace shop in anticipation of entering his family's jewelry business. The war of 1870 and the siege of Paris forced the closure of the shop and Julien began t......

Joseph Christian Leyendecker

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 - 1951) - Germany (Montabaur)

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (March 23, 1874 – July 25, 1951) was a German-American illustrator. He is considered to be one of the preeminent American illustrators of the early 20th century. He is best known for his poster, book and advertising illustrations, the trade character known as The Arrow Collar Man, and his numerous covers for The Saturda......

Armando Reverón

Armando Reverón (1889 - 1954) - Venezuela (Caracas)

Armandro Reverón (1889–1954) was a Venezuelan painter and sculptor, precursor of Arte Povera and considered one of the most important of the 20th century in Latin America. While his mental health deteriorated throughout his life, his artistic abilities remained. His house by the northern coast of Venezuela housed the Reveron Museum, although it was......

Willi Baumeister

Willi Baumeister (1889 - 1955) -

Willi Baumeister (22 January 1889 – 31 August 1955) was a German painter, scenic designer, art professor, and typographer. Willi Baumeister, born in Stuttgart in 1889, completed an apprenticeship as a decorative painter in his native city from 1905 to 1907, followed by military service (fall 1907–1908). During his apprenticeship, Baumeister also be......

Henry Lamb

Henry Lamb (1883 - 1960) - Australia (Adelaide)

Henry Taylor Lamb MC RA (21 June 1883 – 8 October 1960) was an Australian-born British painter. A follower of Augustus John, Lamb was a founder member of the Camden Town Group in 1911 and of the London Group in 1913. Henry Lamb was born in Adelaide, Australia, the son of Sir Horace Lamb FRS, who was the professor of mathematics at Adelaide Universi......

Vincenzo Cabianca

Vincenzo Cabianca (1827 - 1902) - Italy (Verona)

Vincenzo Cabianca (June 21, 1827 – March 21, 1902) was an Italian painter of the Macchiaioli group. He was born in Verona. He began his artistic training at the Verona Academy, and then studied at the Venice Academy from 1845–47. During the 1850s Cabianca became acquainted with the artists, including Adriano Cecioni, Cristiano Banti, and Telemaco S......

Louise Rayner

Louise Rayner (1832 - 1924) - United Kingdom (Matlock Bath)

Louise Ingram Rayner (21 June 1832 – 8 October 1924) was a British watercolour artist. Rayner was born in Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. Her parents Samuel Rayner and Ann Rayner (née Manser) were both noted artists, Samuel having been accepted for exhibition at the Royal Academy when he was 15. Four of Louise's sisters—Ann ("Nancy"), Margaret, Rose an......

Bertalan Szekely

Bertalan Szekely (1835 - 1910) - Hungary (Kolozsvár)

Bertalan Székely (8 May 1835, Kolozsvár - 21 August 1910, Budapest) was a Hungarian history and portrait painter who worked in the Romantic and Academic styles. Born into a family that was originally part of the Transylvanian nobility, his father was a court clerk. Although his family wanted him to become an engineer, he studied at the Academy of F......

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941) -

The works of Rabindranath Tagore consist of poems, novels, short stories, dramas, paintings, drawings, and music that Bengali poet and Brahmo philosopher Rabindranath Tagore created over his lifetime. Tagore's literary reputation is disproportionately influenced very much by regard for his poetry however, he also wrote novels, essays, short stories......

Francis Dodd

Francis Dodd (1874 - 1949) - United States (Holyhead)

Francis Edgar Dodd RA (29 November 1874 – 7 March 1949) was a British portrait painter, landscape artist and printmaker. Dodd was born in Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales, the son of a Wesleyan minister. He trained at the Glasgow School of Art alongside Muirhead Bone who married Dodd's sister. At Glasgow, Dodd won the Haldane Scholarship in 1893 and then ......

Armand Point

Armand Point (1860 - 1932) - Algeria (Algiers)

Armand Point (23 March 1860 or 23 March 1861 – February 1932 or March 1932 ) was a French painter, engraver and designer who was associated with the Symbolist movement and was one of the founders of the Salon de la Rose + Croix. Later he formed his own atelier. Sources differ over the details of his birth and death. Point was born in Algiers, and d......

Augusto Giacometti

Augusto Giacometti (1877 - 1947) -

Augusto Giacometti (16 August 1877 – 9 June 1947) was a Swiss painter from Stampa, Graubünden, cousin of Giovanni Giacometti who was the father of Alberto, Diego and Bruno Giacometti. He was prominent as a painter in the Art Nouveau and Symbolism movements, for his work in stained glass, as a proponent of murals and a designer of popular posters. H......

Henryk Gotlib

Henryk Gotlib (1890 - 1966) - United States (Kraków)

Henryk Gotlib (10 January 1890 – 30 December 1966) was a Polish-born painter, draughtsman, printmaker, and writer, who settled in England during World War II and made a significant contribution to modern British art. He was profoundly influenced by Rembrandt, and the European Expressionist painters. Gotlib was a leading member of the Polish avant-g......

Manuel Benedito Vives

Manuel Benedito Vives (1875 - 1963) - Spain (Valencia)

Eva Bonnier

Eva Bonnier (1857 - 1909) -

Eva Fredrika Bonnier (Stockholm 17 November 1857 – Copenhagen 13 January 1909) was a Swedish painter and philanthropist. Born in Stockholm as a daughter of publisher Albert Bonnier and a member of a leading family of publishers, Eva Bonnier studied painting with August Malmström and became a student in the women's section of the Royal Swedish Acade......

Jules Worms

Jules Worms (1832 - 1924) - France (Paris)

Cristiano Banti

Cristiano Banti (1824 - 1904) - Italy (Santa Croce)

Cristiano Banti (4 January 1824, Santa Croce sull'Arno - 4 December 1904, Montemurlo) was an Italian genre and landscape painter. He was a leading figure in the Macchiaioli movement of Tuscany. Banti was born into a middle class family and a scholarship enabled him to study at the Accademia di belle arti di Siena (it) with Francesco Nenci. At this ......

Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham (1867 - 1939) - United Kingdom (Lewisham)

Arthur Rackham (19 September 1867 – 6 September 1939) was an English book illustrator. Rackham was born in Lewisham, then still part of Kent, as one of 12 children. In 1884, at the age of 17, he was sent on an ocean voyage to Australia to improve his fragile health, accompanied by two aunts. At the age of 18, he worked as a clerk at the Westminster......

John Melhuish Strudwick

John Melhuish Strudwick (1849 - 1937) - United Kingdom (London)

John Melhuish Strudwick (6 May 1849 in Clapham, London – 16 July 1937 in Hammersmith), was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter, the son of William Strudwick (1808–1861) and Sarah Melhuish (1800–1862). Strudwick attended St Saviour's Grammar School in Southwark. Disliking the idea of a business career, he took classes at the Royal Academy Schools in S......

Alma Thomas

Alma Thomas (1891 - 1978) - United States (Columbus)

Alma Woodsey Thomas (September 22, 1891 – February 24, 1978) was an African-American Expressionist painter and art educator. She lived and worked primarily in Washington, D.C. and The Washington Post described her as a force in the Washington Color School. The Wall Street Journal describes her as a previously "underappreciated artist" who is more r......

Frances Hodgkins

Frances Hodgkins (1869 - 1947) - New Zealand (Dunedin)

Frances Mary Hodgkins (28 April 1869 – 13 May 1947) was a painter chiefly of landscape and still life, and for a short period was a designer of textiles. She was born in New Zealand, but spent most of her working life in Britain. She is considered one of New Zealand's most prestigious and influential painters, although it is the work from her life ......

William Robinson Leigh

William Robinson Leigh (1866 - 1955) - United States (Maidstone Manor Farm)

William Robinson Leigh (September 23, 1866 – March 11, 1955) was an American artist who specialized in Western scenes. He was born at Maidstone Manor Farm, Berkeley County, West Virginia. He entered the Maryland Institute at age 14, then attended the Royal Academy in Munich. He returned to the United States after twelve years abroad and worked pain......

Józef Pankiewicz

Józef Pankiewicz (1866 - 1940) -

Józef Pankiewicz (29 November 1866 in Lublin – 4 July 1940 in La Ciotat) was a Polish impressionist painter, graphic artist and teacher who spent much of his career in France. From 1884 to 1885, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw under Wojciech Gerson and Aleksander Kamiński. After obtaining a scholarship, he went to Saint Petersburg t......

Ernest Montaut

Ernest Montaut (1878 - 1909) - France

Ernest Montaut (1878–1909) was a French poster artist who died at an early age. He is credited with the invention of various artistic techniques, such as speed lines and distorting perspective by foreshortening to create the impression of speed. These techniques are still in use. Montaut's printmaking career started in the late 19th century. He use......

Eulabee Dix

Eulabee Dix (1880 - 1961) - United States (Greenfield)

Eulabee Dix Becker (October 5, 1878 – June 14, 1961) was an American artist, who favoured the medium of watercolours on ivory to paint portrait miniatures. During the early 20th century, when the medium was at the height of fashion, she painted many prominent figures, including European nobility and famous actresses of the day. Dix was born in Gree......

Hans Baluschek

Hans Baluschek (1870 - 1935) -

Hans Baluschek (9 May 1870 – 28 September 1935) was a German painter, graphic artist and writer. Baluschek was a prominent representative of German Critical Realism, and as such he sought to portray the life of the common people with vivid frankness. His paintings centered on the working class of Berlin. He belonged to the Berlin Secession movement......

Louis Tuaillon

Louis Tuaillon (1862 - 1919) -

Elizabeth Olds

Elizabeth Olds (1896 - 1991) - United States (Minneapolis)

Elizabeth Olds (December 10, 1896 – 1991) was an American artist known for her work in developing silkscreen as a fine arts medium. She was a painter and illustrator, but is primarily known as a printmaker, using silkscreen, woodcut, lithography processes. In 1926, she became the first female honored with the Guggenheim Fellowship. She studied unde......

George Edward Lodge

George Edward Lodge (1860 - 1954) - United Kingdom (Scrivelsby)

George Edward Lodge FZS, (3 December 1860 – 5 February 1954) was a British illustrator of birds and an authority on falconry. George Edward Lodge was born at Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire. His father, Samuel Lodge (1829–1897), was a Canon of Lincoln Cathedral and rector of Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire. G E Lodge was the seventh child and fifth son of Samuel......

Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847 - 1933) - France (Paris)

Derwent Lees

Derwent Lees (1884 - 1931) - Australia (Hobart)

Derwent Lees (14 November 1884 – 24 March 1931) was an Australian landscape painter. Derwent Lees was born Desmond Lees in Hobart, Australia, in 1884. He lost a foot in a riding accident as a youth, while studying at Melbourne Grammar School in 1899-1900. Moving to London in 1905, Lees studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, joining its staff in 1......

Frederick Stuart Church

Frederick Stuart Church (1842 - 1924) -

Frederick Stuart Church (1842–1924) was an American artist, working mainly as an illustrator and especially known for his (often allegorical) depiction of animals. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father was an important figure in politics as well as a well-known lawyer. At the age of 13 he left school and took a job at the then newly est......

Isabel Codrington

Isabel Codrington (1874 - 1943) - United Kingdom (Bydown)

Isabel Codrington Pyke-Nott, later Isabel Konody then Isabel Mayer (1874-1943), was a British artist. She painted figures in watercolour and oils and also produced miniatures. Codrington was born in Bydown in Devon and in 1889, aged 15, was enrolled in the Royal Academy School in London where she was awarded two medals. In October 1901 she married ......

Andre Henri Dargelas

Andre Henri Dargelas (1828 - 1906) - France (Bordeaux)

Henry Le Jeune

Henry Le Jeune (1819 - 1904) - United Kingdom (London)

Henry Le Jeune ARA (12 December 1819 – 5 October 1904) was an English painter of landscapes, genre, literary and biblical scenes. He became well known for his genre paintings of children. Henry Le Jeune was born in London, the son of Anthony Le Jeune, a professional musician of Flemish origin, and the third of five children. After showing an early ......

Paul Henry

Paul Henry (1876 - 1958) -

Paul Henry (11 April 1876 – 24 August 1958) was an Irish artist noted for depicting the West of Ireland landscape in a spare post-impressionist style. Henry was born at 61 University Road, Belfast, Ireland, the son of Robert Mitchell Henry, a Baptist minister, and Kate Ann Berry. Henry began studying at Methodist College Belfast in 1882. During thi......

Emilio Longoni

Emilio Longoni (1859 - 1932) -

Emilio Longoni (July 9, 1859 – November 29, 1932) was an Italian painter. He was born in Barlassina on July 9, 1859, fourth of twelve children, from Garibaldi’s volunteer and horseshoer Matteo Longoni and from tailor Luigia Meroni. Since he was a child he felt a great passion for painting. After he finished elementary school he was sent to Milan to......

Georges Daniel De Monfreid

Georges Daniel De Monfreid (1856 - 1929) -

Rafael De Penagos

Rafael De Penagos (1889 - 1954) - Spain (San Fernando)

Gretta Bowen

Gretta Bowen (1880 - 1981) - Ireland (Dublin)

Margretta Bowen, best known as Gretta Bowen (1 January 1880–8 April 1981) was a self-taught Irish artist. She only started painting late in life, after her sons Arthur and George Campbell were already established as artists. Born in Dublin, Margetta Bowen lived most of her life in Belfast. She was married to Matthew Campbell, a veteran of the Boer ......

Joaquin Mir Trinxet

Joaquin Mir Trinxet (1873 - 1940) - Spain (Barcelona)

Ignaz Epper

Ignaz Epper (1892 - 1969) -

Walter Joseph Phillips

Walter Joseph Phillips (1884 - 1963) - United Kingdom (Barton-On-Humber)

Walter Joseph Phillips (October 25, 1884 – July 5, 1963) was an English-born Canadian painter and printmaker. He is credited with popularizing the colour woodcut in the style of the Japanese, in Canada. Phillips was born in Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire, England. As a youth, he studied at the Birmingham School of Art. After studying abroad in Sout......

Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson (1883 - 1982) -

Keith Henderson OBE RP RSW RWS ROI (17 April 1883 – 24 February 1982) was a Scottish painter who worked in both oils and watercolours, and who is known for his book illustrations and his poster work for London Transport and the Empire Marketing Board. He had a long professional career that included periods as a war artist in both the First World Wa......

Henry Roderick Newman

Henry Roderick Newman (1833 - 1918) - United States (Easton)

John Frederick Herring Junior

John Frederick Herring Junior (1820 - 1907) - United Kingdom (Doncaster)

Edmund Henry Osthaus

Edmund Henry Osthaus (1858 - 1928) - Germany (Hildesheim)

William Laparra

William Laparra (1873 - 1920) -

Elliott Dangerfield

Elliott Dangerfield (1859 - 1932) - United States (West Virginia)

Andrew W Melrose

Andrew W Melrose (1836 - 1901) - United Kingdom (Selkirk)

Nestor Cambier

Nestor Cambier (1879 - 1957) -

Nestor Cambier (1879–1957) was a Belgian artist and draftsman whose portraits were compared favourably with those of John Singer Sargent but who now is largely forgotten. He also painted landscapes, city and interior views, still-lives, murals and stained glass, and also produced numerous pencil and chalk drawings. He was born in Couillet (now part......

John Alfred Wheeler

John Alfred Wheeler (1821 - 1903) - United Kingdom (Andoverford)

James Wells Champney

James Wells Champney (1843 - 1903) - United States (Boston)

Edouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter

Edouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter (1844 - 1913) -

William Brown Macdougall

William Brown Macdougall (1868 - 1936) -

William Brown Macdougall (16 December 1868 – 20 April 1936) was a Scottish artist, wood engraver, etcher and book illustrator. Macdougall was born in Glasgow on 16 December 1868. He was married to Margaret Armour, the translator, poet and playwright. They collaborated with Aubrey Beardsley on many projects and were members of the prestigious New En......

Adolphe Déchenaud

Adolphe Déchenaud (1868 - 1926) -

Adolphe Déchenaud (28 June 1868, Saint-Ambreuil - 27 December 1926, Neuilly-sur-Seine) was a French painter who specialized in Biblical/historical scenes and portraits. He was the son of a Parisian restaurateur, born while his mother was visiting her parents. She remained there for two years before bringing him back to Paris. At the age of fifteen,......

Charles Busson

Charles Busson (1822 - 1908) -

Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson (1867 - 1939) - United States (Oregon)

Louis Auguste Auguin

Louis Auguste Auguin (1824 - 1903) -

Louis-Augustin Auguin (29 May 1824 - 30 July 1903) was a French landscape and seascape painter of the Saintonge school. Born in Rochefort, Charente-Maritime, he initially studied under his father and uncle, both painters. He then moved to Paris in 1842 to study under Jules Coignet and Jean-Baptiste Corot. He moved back to his birthplace in 1849 in ......

Charles Adams Platt

Charles Adams Platt (1861 - 1933) -

Charles Adams Platt (October 16, 1861 – September 12, 1933) was a prominent American artist, landscape gardener, landscape designer, and architect of the "American Renaissance" movement. His garden designs complemented his domestic architecture. Platt was born in New York City, the son of Mary Elizabeth (Cheney) and John Henry Platt. Platt trained ......

Adam Styka

Adam Styka (1890 - 1959) -

Antony Troncet

Antony Troncet (1879 - 1939) - France

Charles Crombie

Charles Crombie (1880 - 1967) - United Kingdom (London)

Kees Van Dongen (Cornelis Theodorus Maria Van Dongen)

Kees Van Dongen (Cornelis Theodorus Maria Van Dongen) (1877 - 1968) - Netherlands (Rotterdam)

Edmund William Greacen

Edmund William Greacen (1876 - 1949) -

Edmund William Greacen (1876–1949) was an American Impressionist painter. His active career extended from 1905 to 1935, during which he created many colorful works in oil on canvas and board. One of his works, a reproduction of which is at the Smithsonian Institution, was awarded the Salmagundi Club's Samuel T. Shaw Prize in 1922. In addition to hi......

August Willem Van Voorden

August Willem Van Voorden (1881 - 1921) -

August Willem van Voorden (25 November 1881, Rotterdam - 2 October 1921, Rotterdam) was a Dutch painter, best known for scenes of urban life in his hometown. His father was a decorative house painter and gave him his first lessons. His first formal studies were at the Academy of Visual Arts. Later, he took lessons from Alexander van Maasdijk (nl) a......

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