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All 99 artists from country Austria

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Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918) - Austria (Baumgarten)

Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Realism, Neo-Classicism, Romanticism

What follows is an illustrative list of a selection of Gustav Klimt's paintings and represents a chronological look at some of his main pictorial production. The arrangement is ordered by year and title, with brief comments and showing the Austrian painter's progress in artistic development. More......

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000) - Austria (Vienna)

Friedrich Stowasser (December 15, 1928 – February 19, 2000), better known by his pseudonym Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser, was an Austrian-born New Zealand artist and architect who also worked in the field of environmental protection. Hundertwasser stood out as an opponent of "a straight line" and any standardization, expressing th......

Richard Gerstl

Richard Gerstl (1883 - 1908) - Austria (Vienna)

Expressionism, Pointillism, Art Nouveau, Post-Impressionism

Richard Gerstl (14 September 1883 – 4 November 1908) was an Austrian painter and draughtsman known for his expressive psychologically insightful portraits, his lack of critical acclaim during his lifetime, and his affair with the wife of Arnold Schoenberg which led to his suicide. Richard Gerstl was born in a prosperous civil family, Emil Gerstl, a......

Thomas Ender

Thomas Ender (1793 - 1875) - Austria (Vienna)

Thomas Ender (3 November 1793, Vienna – 28 September 1875, Vienna) was an Austrian painter. He was the twin brother of Johann Ender. He also studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under professor Joseph Mössmer, becoming a noted landscape painter. He won the grand prize at the Vienna Academy in 1816. Traveling to Brazil in 1817, he brought back......

Wolf Huber

Wolf Huber (1485 - 1553) - Austria (Feldkirch)

Wolf Huber (c. 1485 – June 3, 1553) was an Austrian painter, printmaker, and architect, a leading member of the Danube School. Records show that Huber was born in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, but that by 1515 he was living in Passau. His relationship with other painters of that name living in Feldkirch is unknown, although it is widely believed that he w......

Paul Troger

Paul Troger (1698 - 1762) - Austria (Welsberg)

Paul Troger (30 October 1698 – 20 July 1762) was an Austrian painter, draughtsman and printmaker of the late Baroque period. Troger's illusionistic ceiling paintings in fresco are notable for their dramatic vitality of movement and their palette of light colors. Paul Troger’s style, particularly in his frescoes, dominated Austrian painting until th......

Franz West

Franz West (1988 - 2012) - Austria (Vienna)

Franz West (16 February 1947 – 25 July 2012) was an Austrian artist. He is best known for his unconventional objects and sculptures, installations and furniture work which often require an involvement of the audience. West was born on 16 February 1947. His father was a coal dealer, his mother a dentist who took her son with her on art-viewing trips......

Hans Makart

Hans Makart (1840 - 1884) - Austria (Salzburg)

Academicism, Academicism

Hans Makart (28 May 1840 – 3 October 1884) was a 19th-century Austrian academic history painter, designer, and decorator most well known for his influence on Gustav Klimt and other Austrian artists, but in his own era considered an important artist himself and a celebrity figure in the high culture of Vienna, attended with almost cult-like adulatio......

Rudolf Von Alt

Rudolf Von Alt (1812 - 1905) - Austria (Vienna)

Romanticism, Romanticism

Rudolf Ritter von Alt ( listen (help·info) 28 August 1812 – 12 March 1905) was an Austrian landscape and architectural painter. Born as Rudolf Alt, he could call himself von Alt and bear the title of a Ritter (knight) after he gained nobility in 1889. Born in Vienna, he was the son of the lithographer Jakob Alt (1789–1871) and the brother of the pa......

Giovanni Segantini

Giovanni Segantini (1858 - 1899) - Austria (Arco)

Symbolism, Post-Impressionism

Giovanni Segantini (15 January 1858 – 28 September 1899) was an Italian painter known for his large pastoral landscapes of the Alps. He was one of the most famous artists in Europe in the late 19th century, and his paintings were collected by major museums. In later life, he combined a Divisionist painting style with Symbolist images of nature. He ......

Josef Franz Danhauser

Josef Franz Danhauser (1805 - 1845) - Austria (Wien)

Josef Danhauser (August 19, 1805 in Laimgrube (now a part of Mariahilf or Neubau) – May 4, 1845) was an Austrian painter, one of the main artists of Biedermeier period, together with Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Peter Fendi, among others. His works, not very appreciated in his days, dealt with very moralising subjects and had a clear influence of Wi......

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 - 1865) - Austria (Vienna)

 Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (help·info) (15 January 1793 in Vienna – 23 August 1865 in Hinterbrühl, Austria) was an Austrian painter and writer. Waldmüller was one of the most important Austrian painters of the Biedermeier period. In 1807 Waldmüller attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He lived in Bratislava and, in 1811, he worked as a teache......

Joseph Anton Koch

Joseph Anton Koch (1768 - 1839) - Austria (Elbigenalp)

Joseph Anton Koch (27 July 1768 – 12 January 1839) was an Austrian painter of Neoclassicism and later the German Romantic movement he is perhaps the most significant neoclassical landscape painter. The Tyrolese painter was born in Elbigenalp. Early in his life he was tending cattle. Through the recommendation of Bishop Umgelder (1785), he received ......

Marianne Stokes

Marianne Stokes (1855 - 1927) - Austria (Graz)

Marianne Stokes (1855–1927), born Marianne Preindlsberger, was an Austrian painter. She settled in England after her marriage to Adrian Scott Stokes (1854–1935), the landscape painter, whom she had met in Pont-Aven. Stokes was considered one of the leading women artists in Victorian England. Preindlsberger was born in Graz, Styria. She first studie......

Carl Rahl

Carl Rahl (1812 - 1865) - Austria (Vienna)

Carl Rahl, sometimes spelled Karl Rahl (13 August 1812 – 9 July 1865), was an Austrian painter. Rahl was born in Vienna to Carl Heinrich Rahl (1779–1843), an engraver. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and won a prize at the age of 19. From there he traveled to Munich, Stuttgart, Hungary, and in 1836 to Italy. He remained in Italy from 18......

Moritz Von Schwind

Moritz Von Schwind (1804 - 1871) - Austria (Vienna)

Moritz von Schwind (21 January 1804 – 8 February 1871) was an Austrian painter, born in Vienna. Schwind's genius was lyrical—he drew inspiration from chivalry, folklore, and the songs of the people. Schwind died in Pöcking in Bavaria, and was buried in the Alter Südfriedhof in Munich. Moritz von Schwind received rudimentary training and spent a hap......

Gottfried Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein Austria (Vienna)

Gottfried Helnwein (8 de octubre de 1948, Viena) pintor, fotógrafo y artista de performance austro-irlandés maestro del reconocimiento sorpresivo. ​ Helnwein estudió en la Universidad de Artes Plásticas en Viena (Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wien). Le fue otorgado el premio de Master Class (Meisterschulpreis) en la Universidad de Artes Plásticas ......

Friedrich Gauermann

Friedrich Gauermann (1807 - 1862) - Austria (Miesenbach, Lower Austria)

Friedrich Gauermann (10 September 1807, Scheuchenstein (de) – 7 July 1862) was an Austrian painter. The son of the landscape painter Jacob Gauermann (1773–1843), he was born at Miesenbach near Gutenstein in Lower Austria. He was an early representative of the Veristic style devoted to nature in all its diversity. It was the intention of his father ......

Alfred Kubin

Alfred Kubin (1877 - 1959) - Austria (Bohemia)

Alfred Leopold Isidor Kubin (10 April 1877 – 20 August 1959) was an Austrian printmaker, illustrator, and occasional writer. Kubin is considered an important representative of Symbolism and Expressionism. Kubin was born in Bohemia in the town of Leitmeritz, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Litoměřice). From 1892 to 1896, he was apprenticed to the lands......

Albin Egger Lienz

Albin Egger Lienz (1868 - 1926) - Austria (Dölsach)

Albin Egger-Lienz (29 January 1868 – 4 November 1926) was an Austrian painter. He was born in Dölsach-Stribach near Lienz, in what was the county of Tyrol. As an artist, he had a special preference for rustic genre and historical paintings under the influence of Ferdinand Hodler, Egger-Lienz abstracted his formal language into monumental expressive......

Balthasar Permoser

Balthasar Permoser (1651 - 1732) - Austria (Salzburg)

Balthasar Permoser (13 August 1651 – 18 February 1732) was among the leading sculptors of his generation, whose evolving working styles spanned the late Baroque and early Rococo. Permoser was born in Kammer bei Waging, Salzburg, today a part of the Bavarian town of Traunstein. He was trained first in Salzburg, in the workshop of Wolf Weißenkirchner......

Wolfgang Paalen

Wolfgang Paalen (1905 - 1959) - Austria (Vienna)

Wolfgang Robert Paalen (July 22, 1905 in Vienna, Austria – September 24, 1959 in Taxco, Mexico) was a German-Austrian-Mexican painter, sculptor and art philosopher. A member of the Abstraction-Création group from 1934–35, he joined the influential Surrealist movement in 1935 and was one of its prominent exponents until 1942. Whilst in exile in Mexi......

Franz Von Defregger

Franz Von Defregger (1835 - 1921) - Austria (Stronach)

Franz Defregger (after 1883 Franz von Defregger) (30 April 1835 – 2 January 1921) was an Austrian artist known for producing genre art and history paintings set in his native Tyrol. Franz Defregger was born on 30 April 1835 at the Ederhof in Stronach, Tyrol in the Austrian Empire. He was the second son of Maria (née Fercher) and Michael Defregger, ......

Moritz Michael Daffinger

Moritz Michael Daffinger (1790 - 1849) - Austria (Lichtental)

Moritz Michael Daffinger (25 January 1790 – 21 August 1849) was an Austrian miniature painter and sculptor. Daffinger was born in Vienna, the son of Johann Daffinger (1748–1796), a painter at the local Vienna Porcelain Manufactory. The eleven-year-old likewise was accepted as an apprentice and later went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, whe......

Johann Baptist I Lampi

Johann Baptist I Lampi (1751 - 1830) - Austria (Romeno)

Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder (German: Johann Baptist von Lampi der Ältere, Polish: Jan Chrzciciel Lampi 31 December 1751 – 11 February 1830) was an Austrian-Italian historical and portrait painter. He settled in the Russian Empire after the third and final partition of Poland, enticed by an extremely generous offer from the Tsar. Johann Baptist L......

Mordecai Ardon

Mordecai Ardon (1896 - 1992) - Austria (Tuchów)

Mordecai Ardon (Hebrew: מרדכי ארדון‎, July 13, 1896 – June 18, 1992) was an Israeli painter. Ardon was born Max Bronstein in 1896 in Tuchów, Galicia (then Austria-Hungary, now Poland). In 1933 he emigrated to Jerusalem in Mandate Palestine. He was granted Palestinian citizenship in 1936 and changed his name to Mordecai Ardon. He participated in the......

Johann Christian Brand

Johann Christian Brand (1723 - 1795) - Austria (Vienna)

Johann Christian Brand (6 March 1722 – 12 June 1795) was an Austrian painter (son of the German painter Christian Hilfgott Brand (1694–1756) who taught in Vienna with Karl Aigen) and brother of Friedrich August Brand. Johann Christian Brand influenced ending the baroque era of landscape painting. He died in Vienna. Johann Christian Brand was born i......

Edward Jakob Von Steinle

Edward Jakob Von Steinle (1810 - 1886) - Austria (Vienna)

Eduard von Steinle (2 July 1810, in Vienna – 19 September 1886, in Frankfurt) was a historical painter and member of the Nazarene movement. Steinle came successively under the influence of the painters Leopold Kupelweiser, Johann Overbeck, and Peter von Cornelius, and was thus introduced into the methods of the German painters who had formed themse......

Olga Wisinger Florian

Olga Wisinger Florian (1844 - 1926) - Austria (Vienna)

Olga Wisinger-Florian (1844 – 1926) was an Austrian impressionist painter, mainly of landscapes and flower still life. She was a representative of the Austrian "Stimmungsimpressionismus (de)" (Mood Impressionism), a loose group of Austrian impressionist painters that was considered avant-garde in the 1870s and 1880s. Wisinger-Florian was born and l......

Johann Baptist Ii Lampi

Johann Baptist Ii Lampi (1751 - 1830) - Austria (Romeno)

Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder (German: Johann Baptist von Lampi der Ältere, Polish: Jan Chrzciciel Lampi 31 December 1751 – 11 February 1830) was an Austrian-Italian historical and portrait painter. He settled in the Russian Empire after the third and final partition of Poland, enticed by an extremely generous offer from the Tsar. Johann Baptist L......

Hans Zatzka

Hans Zatzka (1859 - 1945) - Austria (Vienna)

Hans Zatzka (8 March 1859 – 17 December 1945 (or 1949) ) was an Austrian Academic and fantasy painter. He has sometimes been known as P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, or H. Zabateri, and had signed many of his works as Joseph Bernard, J. Bernard, or Bernard Zatzka. The purpose of Zatzka's vast array of pseudonyms was to avoid penalties of breaking co......

Carl Moll

Carl Moll (1861 - 1945) - Austria (Vienna)

Carl Julius Rudolf Moll (23 April 1861 – 13 April 1945) was a prominent art nouveau painter active in Vienna at the start of the 20th century. He was one of the artists of the Vienna Secession who took inspiration from the pointillist techniques of French Impressionists. Moll was born in Vienna, Austria. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts V......

Valie Export

Valie Export Austria (Linz)

Valie Export (often written as 'VALIE EXPORT') (born May 17, 1940 in Linz as Waltraud Lehner, later Waltraud Höllinger) is an Austrian artist. Her artistic work includes video installations, body performances, expanded cinema, computer animations, photography, sculptures and publications covering contemporary arts. Educated in a convent until the a......

Raphael Kirchner

Raphael Kirchner (1875 - 1917) - Austria (Vienna)

Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Orientalism

Raphael Kirchner (1876 – 2 August 1917) was an Austrian artist, principally a portrait painter and illustrator best known for Art Nouveau and early pin-up work, especially in picture postcard format. His work served as an early inspiration to Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas, who had a career in the United States for the film and men's magazine indu......

Peter Fendi

Peter Fendi (1796 - 1842) - Austria (Vienna)

Peter Fendi (4 September 1796 – 28 August 1842 ) was an Austrian court painter, portrait and genre painter, engraver, and lithographer. He was one of the leading artists of the Biedermeier period. Peter Fendi was born in Vienna on 4 September 1796 to Joseph and Elizabeth Fendi. His father was a schoolmaster. He fell from a changing table as an infa......

Fausto Zonaro

Fausto Zonaro (1854 - 1929) - Austria (Masi)

Fausto Zonaro (18 September 1854 – 19 July 1929) was an Italian painter, best known for his Realist style paintings of life and history of the Ottoman Empire. Fausto Zonaro was born in Masi, a municipality in the Province of Padua, then part of the Austrian Empire. He was the eldest child of the mason Maurizio and his wife Elisabetta Bertoncin. Mau......

Franz Richard Unterberger

Franz Richard Unterberger (1838 - 1902) - Austria (Innsbruck)

Giacomo Francesco Cipper

Giacomo Francesco Cipper (1664 - 1736) - Austria (Feldkirch)

Giacomo Francesco Cipper, also known as Il Todeschini, (Feldkirch, 1664 - Milan, 1736) was an Austrian painter in Milan from 1696 to 1736. Of Austrian origin, Cipper was working in Milan in the first half of the 18th century. A highly productive painter of landscapes in the caravaggesca manner, his first attributed work is dated 1700 he operated in......

Peter Alexander Hay

Peter Alexander Hay (1926 - 2011) - Austria (Vienna)

Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer (30 June 1926 – 12 February 2011), commonly known as Peter Alexander, was an Austrian actor, singer and entertainer. His fame emerged in the 1950s and 1960s through popular film comedies and successful recordings, predominantly of Schlager and operetta repertory. Later, Alexander established himself as ......

Anton Romako

Anton Romako (1834 - 1889) - Austria (Atzgersdorf)

Anton Romako (20 October, 1832 – 8 March, 1889) was an Austrian painter. Anton Romako was born in Atzgersdorf (now a district of Liesing, Vienna), as an illegitimate son of factory owner Josef Lepper and his Czech housemaid Elisabeth Maria Anna Romako (Rhomako, Romakho, née Hromádko (cs)) . He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (18......

Joseph Rebell

Joseph Rebell (1787 - 1828) - Austria (Vienna)

Josef Rebell was a German/Austrian painter born January 11, 1787, at Vienna. He was a pupil of Michael Wutky at the Vienna Academy. In 1809 he travelled through Switzerland and proceeded thence to Milan, where for two years he resided at the Court of Eugene Beauharnais. Later on he went to Rome, and from 1811 to 1815 he was at the Court of Murat at......

Tina Blau

Tina Blau (1845 - 1916) - Austria (Vienna)

Tina Blau, later Tina Blau-Lang (15 November 1845, Vienna - 31 October 1916, Vienna) was an Austrian landscape painter. Blau's father was a doctor in the Austro-Hungarian Medical Corps (de) and was very supportive of her desire to become a painter. She took lessons, successively, with August Schaeffer and Wilhelm Lindenschmit in Munich (1869–1873).......

Anton Von Maron

Anton Von Maron (1733 - 1808) - Austria (Vienna)

Anton von Maron (January 8, 1733 – March 3, 1808) was an Austrian painter, active in Rome. Von Maron was born in Vienna, but moved at a young age to Rome. There, he studied under Anton Raphael Mengs, and became an accomplished portrait painter. He married a sister of Mengs, Therese Maron, who was a painter in her own right. He lived the rest of his......

Marie Egner

Marie Egner (1850 - 1940) - Austria (Bad Radkersburg)

Marie Egner (25 August 1850, Bad Radkersburg - 31 March 1940, Vienna) was an Austrian painter. She took her first drawing lessons in Graz with Hermann von Königsbrunn (de), then went to Düsseldorf from 1872 to 1875, where she studied with Carl Jungheim (de). In 1882, she went to Vienna to live with her mother, but spent her summers at the art colon......

Martin Johann Schmidt

Martin Johann Schmidt (1718 - 1801) - Austria (Grafenwörth)

Martin Johann Schmidt, called Kremser Schmidt or Kremserschmidt, (25 September 1718 – 28 June 1801), was one of the outstanding Austrian painters of the late Baroque/Rococo along with Franz Anton Maulbertsch. He was born at Grafenwörth, lower Austria, a son of the sculptor Johannes Schmidt. A pupil of Gottlieb Starmayr, he spent most of his life at......

Johann Nepomuk Schaller

Johann Nepomuk Schaller (1777 - 1842) - Austria (Wien)

Johann Nepomuk Schaller (30 March 1777, Vienna - 16 February 1842, Vienna) was an Austrian sculptor. His most famous work is a bust of Beethoven, created at the request of the composer's friend Karl Holz. It was later presented to the Royal Philharmonic Society, London, on the occasion of the Beethoven Centennial. He was the younger brother of the ......

Jakob Johann Zeiller

Jakob Johann Zeiller (1708 - 1783) - Austria (Reutte)

Johann Jakob Zeiller (8 July 1708 – 8 July 1783) was an Austrian painter. Zeiller was born in Reutte, trained by his father Paul who was also a painter. In 1723 he began his apprenticeship with Sebastiano Conca in Rome, and then from 1729 to 1732 with Francesco Solimena in Naples. From there, Zeiller moved directly to Vienna, where he operated from......

Martin Knoller

Martin Knoller (1725 - 1804) - Austria (Steinach Am Brenner)

Martin Knoller (18 November 1725 – 24 July 1804) was an Austrian-Italian painter active in Italy who is remembered for his fresco work. Born in Steinach am Brenner near the Austrian city of Innsbruck, Knoller studied under Paul Troger and Michelangelo Unterberger in Salzburg and Vienna. Specializing in frescoes and altarpiece paintings, his first f......

Carl Eduard Schuch

Carl Eduard Schuch (1846 - 1903) - Austria (Wien)

Carl Eduard Schuch (30 September 1846 – 13 September 1903) was an Austrian painter, born in Vienna, who spent most of his lifetime outside Austria, in Germany, Italy and France. He painted primarily still lifes and landscapes. From 1865 to 1867, he studied landscape painting under the academician Ludwig Halauska. Among his early works are studies o......

Eugene Von Guerard

Eugene Von Guerard (1811 - 1901) - Austria (Vienna)

Johann Joseph Eugene von Guérard[Note 1] (17 November 1811 – 17 April 1901) was an Austrian-born artist, active in Australia from 1852 until 1882. Known for his finely detailed landscapes in the tradition of the Düsseldorf school of painting, he is represented in Australia's major public galleries, and is referred to in the country as Eugene von Gu......

Johann Georg Platzer

Johann Georg Platzer (1704 - 1761) - Austria (Eppan)

Johann Georg Platzer (1704–1761) was a prolific Austrian Rococo painter and draughtsman. Platzer was born in Eppan in the County of Tyrol, and came from a family of painters. He painted primarily historical and mythical scenes. The Joanneum Alte Galerie in Graz houses the largest collection of Platzer's work under a single roof. Platzer worked with......

Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer

Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer (1719 - 1775) - Austria (Innsbruck)

Josef Ignaz Mildorfer (13 Oct 1719, Innsbruck – 8 Dec 1775, Vienna), was an Austrian painter. Mildorfer was born in Innsbruck, and was initially trained by his father Michael Ignaz Mildorfer. He later apprenticed with Paul Troger. In 1745 Mildorfer became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and starting in 1751 taught as a professor of pai......

Otto Pilny

Otto Pilny (1866 - 1936) - Austria (Budweis)

Otto Pilny (28 June 1866, Budweis - 22 July 1936, Zürich) was a Swiss painter who specialized in Orientalist genre scenes. Born in Bedweis in 1866, his family moved to Prague in 1873, and he presumably received his artistic education there but the details are unknown. He took his first painting trip to the Orient when he was nineteen, and travelled......

Joseph Anton Feuchtmayr

Joseph Anton Feuchtmayr (1696 - 1770) - Austria (Linz)

Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer (6 March 1696 (baptized) – 2 January 1770) was an important Rococo stuccoist and sculptor, active in southern Germany and Switzerland. J. A. Feuchtmayer was born in Linz, a member of the famous Feuchtmayer family of the Wessobrunner School. He was the son of Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer (1660–1718) the nephew of Johann Michael ......

August Von Pettenkofen

August Von Pettenkofen (1822 - 1889) - Austria (Vienna)

August von Pettenkofen (10 May 1822 – 21 March 1889) was an Austrian painter. Pettenkofen was born in Vienna his father was a merchant and landowner. He grew up on his father's estate in Galicia. After his father's death, he grew up with the family of his cousin Ferdinand von Saar in Vienna. In 1834, giving up a military career, he became a student......

Ignaz Stern

Ignaz Stern (1679 - 1748) - Austria (Mauerkirchen)

Ignazio Stern (January 17, 1679 – May 28, 1748), born in Mauerkirchen in Austria, was a Baroque painter who worked in Rome, dying there in 1748. He was a pupil of Carlo Cignani in Bologna, and worked in Lombardy, then in Rome. He painted an Annunciation for the church of the Nunziata in Piacenza. In Rome, he frescoed the sacristy of S. Paolino, and......

Arthur Georg Von Ramberg

Arthur Georg Von Ramberg (1819 - 1875) - Austria (Vienna)

Joseph Kreutzinger

Joseph Kreutzinger (1757 - 1829) - Austria (Vienna)

Joseph Kreutzinger (10 January 1757 – 14 July 1829) was an Austrian painter and engraver. Kreutzinger was born in Vienna. He was a pupil of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and specialized in portraits. Kreutzinger was later appointed Imperial Royal Court Painter. He died in Vienna in 1829. More......

Franz Christoph Janneck

Franz Christoph Janneck (1703 - 1761) - Austria (Graz)

Wilhelm List

Wilhelm List (1864 - 1918) - Austria (Vienna)

Franz De Paula Ferg

Franz De Paula Ferg (1689 - 1740) - Austria (Vienna)

Franz de Paula Ferg (2 May 1689 – 1740), also known as Francis Paul Ferg, was an Austrian painter, draughtsman, and printmaker. He painted primarily scenes of daily life, such as people interacting in markets and villages. Ferg was born in Vienna on 2 May 1689, the son of the history painter Adam Pancraz Ferg, from whom he received his initial arti......

Johann Georg Edlinger

Johann Georg Edlinger (1741 - 1819) - Austria (Graz)

Johann Georg Edlinger (1 March 1741 – 15 September 1819) was an Austrian portrait painter. Edlinger was born at Graz in 1741. He was a pupil of Desmarées, and became court painter at Munich, where he died in 1819. His portraits are well painted, and show a leaning towards the works of Rembrandt. Some of his portraits of eminent Bavarians, engraved ......

Henry Wolf

Henry Wolf (1925 - 2005) - Austria (Vienna)

Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach

Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach (1656 - 1723) - Austria (Graz)

Henry Koerner

Henry Koerner (1954 - 1991) - Austria (Vienna)

Henry Koerner (born Heinrich Sieghart Körner August 28, 1915 – July 4, 1991) was an Austrian-born American painter and graphic designer best known for his early Magical Realist works of the late 1940s and his portrait covers for Time magazine. Born in the Leopoldstadt District of Vienna to Jewish parents Leo Koerner (1879–1942) and Feige Dwora ("Fa......

Alois Schonn

Alois Schonn (1826 - 1897) - Austria (Vienna)

Hans Schwarz

Hans Schwarz (1922 - 2003) - Austria (Vienna)

Hans Schwarz, (29 December 1922 – 28 May 2003) was a prolific Austrian artist, who spent most of his life in Britain and was notable for his portrait painting, several examples of which are held by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Schwarz was Jewish and was forced to leave Austria in 1938 when the Nazis took over and he went into exile in B......

Franz Bischoff

Franz Bischoff (1864 - 1929) - Austria (Steinschönau)

Lorenz Adolf Schönberger

Lorenz Adolf Schönberger (1768 - 1846) - Austria (Bad Vöslau)

Joseph The Elder Bergler

Joseph The Elder Bergler (1718 - 1788) - Austria (Windischmatrei)

Joseph Bergler the Elder (1718–1788) was an Austrian sculptor. Bergler was born in Salzburg, the father of painter Joseph Bergler the Younger (1753–1829). The eleven Calvary chapels on the Capuchin mountain contain figures created in 1740 by Bergler as well as Lorenz Hörmbler. Bergler commenced with the initial training of his son in Passau in Lowe......

Rudolph Ernst

Rudolph Ernst (1854 - 1932) - Austria (Vienna)

Marianne Preindelsberger Stokes

Marianne Preindelsberger Stokes (1855 - 1927) - Austria (Graz)

Friedrich Loos

Friedrich Loos (1797 - 1890) - Austria (Graz)

Louis (Carrogis) De Carmontelle

Louis (Carrogis) De Carmontelle (1717 - 1806) - Austria (Salzbourg)

Gianantonio Guardi

Gianantonio Guardi (1699 - 1760) - Austria (Vienna)

Johann Hamza

Johann Hamza (1850 - 1927) - Austria (Vienna)

August Querfurt

August Querfurt (1696 - 1761) - Austria (Vienna)

Johann Lucas Kracker

Johann Lucas Kracker (1719 - 1779) - Austria (Wien)

Adolf (Constantin) Baumgartner Stoiloff

Adolf (Constantin) Baumgartner Stoiloff (1850 - 1924) - Austria (Linz)

Ferenc Markó

Ferenc Markó (1832 - 1874) - Austria (Eisenstadt)

Michael Wutky

Michael Wutky (1739 - 1822) - Austria (Krems)

Johann Nepomuk Schödlberger

Johann Nepomuk Schödlberger (1779 - 1853) - Austria (Vienna)

Leopold Kiesling

Leopold Kiesling (1770 - 1827) - Austria (Schöneben)

Johann Baptist Drechsler

Johann Baptist Drechsler (1766 - 1811) - Austria (Vienna)

Karl Kaufmann

Karl Kaufmann (1843 - 1905) - Austria (Neuplachowitz)

Johann Fischbach

Johann Fischbach (1797 - 1871) - Austria (Grafenegg)

Pietro Alemanno

Pietro Alemanno (1430 - 1497) - Austria (Göttweig)

Hans The Elder Bocksberger

Hans The Elder Bocksberger (1510 - 1569) - Austria (Salzburg)

Joseph Von Pichler

Joseph Von Pichler (1730 - 1808) - Austria (Kötschach)

Dionysio Miseroni

Dionysio Miseroni (1607 - 1661) - Austria (Vienna)

Józef Grassi

Józef Grassi (1758 - 1838) - Austria (Vienna)

Anton Hansch

Anton Hansch (1813 - 1876) - Austria (Vienna)

Baron Heinrich Von Angeli

Baron Heinrich Von Angeli (1840 - 1925) - Austria

Martin Ii Mytens

Martin Ii Mytens (1695 - 1770) - Austria

Albert Rieger

Albert Rieger (1834 - 1905) - Austria

Sigmund Elsässer

Sigmund Elsässer Austria

Master Of The Vienna Adoration

Master Of The Vienna Adoration Austria

Master Of Heiligenkreuz

Master Of Heiligenkreuz Austria


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