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All 20 artists from country Czech Republic

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Alfons Maria Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha (1860 - 1939) - Czech Republic (Ivančice)

Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau

Alfons Maria Mucha (Czech: [ˈalfons ˈmuxa] ( listen) 24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939), known as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs. Alphonse Maria Mucha was born in the town of Ivančice, Moravia (curre......

Anton Raphael Mengs

Anton Raphael Mengs (1728 - 1779) - Czech Republic (Ústí Nad Labem)

Neo-Classicism, Neo-Classicism

Anton Raphael Mengs (March 22, 1728 – June 29, 1779) was a German Bohemian painter, active in Rome, Madrid and Saxony, who while painting in the Rococo period of the mid-17th century became one of the precursors to Neoclassical painting that replaced Rococo as the dominant painting syle. Mengs was born in 1728 at Ústí nad Labem (German: Aussig) in ......

Georg Flegel

Georg Flegel (1566 - 1638) - Czech Republic (Olomouc)

Georg Flegel (1566 Olomouc – 23 March 1638, Frankfurt-am-Main) was a German painter, best known for his still life works. Flegel was born in Olmütz (Olomouc), Moravia. Around 1580 he moved to Vienna, where he became an assistant to Lucas van Valckenborch I, a painter and draughtsman. Flegel and his employer later moved to Frankfurt, which at the ti......

Markus Lüpertz

Markus Lüpertz Czech Republic (Reichenberg)

Markus Lüpertz (born 1941) is a German contemporary artist. He also writes, publishes a magazine, and plays jazz piano. Lüpertz was born in Reichenberg in the Reichsgau Sudetenland of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia (now Liberec in the Czech Republic) in 1941. His family moved to West Germany when he was seven years old. In the 1960s, Lüpertz worked p......

Antonietta Brandeis

Antonietta Brandeis (1848 - 1926) - Czech Republic (Miskowitz)

Antonietta Brandeis (also known as Antonie Brandeisova and Antonio Brandeis) (1848–1926), was a Czech-born Italian landscape, genre and portrait painter, as well as a painter of religious subjects for altarpieces. She was born on January 13, 1848, in Miskovice (near Kutná Hora) in Eastern Europe. The first bibliographical indication of Antonietta B......

Norbert Joseph Carl Grund

Norbert Joseph Carl Grund (1717 - 1767) - Czech Republic (Prague)

Norbert Grund (4 December 1717 – 17 July 1767) was a Bohemian painter of the Rococo style. Grund was born in Prague. He was trained by his father who worked as a court painter in Kolovrat. Grund won in 1738 the first painting experience and then traveled to Vienna and Venice. In 1753 he joined the painters' guild of Malá Strana. His works were infl......

Martin Ferdinand Quadal

Martin Ferdinand Quadal (1736 - 1811) - Czech Republic (Niemtschitz)

Martin Ferdinand Quadal (born Czech: Chvátal 28 October 1736 – 10 January 1811) was a Moravian-Austrian painter and engraver. He was born at Niemtschitz (Czech: Němčice), near Kojetín in Moravia, in 1736. He came in early life to London, then visited France and Italy, worked at Vienna in 1787-9, and in St. Petersburg 1797-1804. After a second visit......

Felix Ivo Leicher

Felix Ivo Leicher (1727 - 1812) - Czech Republic (Bílovec)

Felix Ivo Leicher (May 18 or 19, 1727 - February 20, 1812) was a Czech-born Viennese painter of altarpieces and secular works, which was spread to a wide area throughout the Habsburg Empire and beyond. He was born in the Silesian town Bílovec, today on the wall to the right of the main entrance of the parish church is a plaque that hangs in his mem......

Vaclav Jansa

Vaclav Jansa (1859 - 1913) - Czech Republic

Václav Jansa (22 October 1859, Slatinice, near Most - 29 June 1913, Černošice) was a Czech landscape painter and illustrator best known for his watercolors of the Staré Město in Prague. When he was still a boy, his parents were hired as servants for Johann Joseph, Count Herberstein (de) (1854-1944), so they moved to Solany, near Děčany in Litoměřic......

Anton Pilgram

Anton Pilgram (1460 - 1516) - Czech Republic (Brno)

Anton Pilgram (also Anton Pilchramb) (around 1460, Brno (?) – 1516, Vienna) was a late medieval Austrian (German) architect and sculptor active in the area of today's Czech Republic (Moravia), Austria and western Germany. Pilgram is known as the sculptor of the portal of Old City Hall in Brno and craftsman of the pulpit in St. Stephen's Cathedral, ......

Wenceslaus Hollar

Wenceslaus Hollar (1684 - 1756) - Czech Republic (Prague)

Eduard Veith

Eduard Veith (1858 - 1925) - Czech Republic (Neutitschein)

George Emmanuel Opitz

George Emmanuel Opitz (1775 - 1841) - Czech Republic (Prague)

Maximilian Franz Viktor Zdenko Marie Kurzweil

Maximilian Franz Viktor Zdenko Marie Kurzweil (1867 - 1916) - Czech Republic (Bisenz)

Expressionism, Art Nouveau

Paul Heermann

Paul Heermann (1673 - 1732) - Czech Republic (Weigmannsdorf)

Johann Adalbert Angermayer

Johann Adalbert Angermayer (1674 - 1740) - Czech Republic (Bilina)

Josef Ritter Von Führic

Josef Ritter Von Führic (1800 - 1876) - Czech Republic (Kratzau)

Vaclav Levy

Vaclav Levy (1820 - 1870) - Czech Republic (Nebreziny)


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