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All 2 artists from country Dutch Empire

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Pieter Pietersz

Pieter Pietersz (1622 - 1683) - Dutch Empire (Amsterdam)

Pieter Pietersz the Elder, also Pieter Pietersz. (I), (1540–1603) was a Dutch Renaissance painter. Pietersz was born in Antwerp. According to Karel van Mander, who mentioned him in his biography of his father Pieter Aertsen, he followed in his father's footsteps but took to portrait painting because large commissions were not to be had. Van Mander ......

Pieter Pietersz Lastman

Pieter Pietersz Lastman (1583 - 1633) - Dutch Empire (Amsterdam)

Pieter Pietersz Nedek (1616–1686) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Nedek was born and died in Amsterdam. According to Arnold Houbraken he was the same age as Govert Flinck and was a landscape painter who had been a pupil of Pieter Lastman. He died a bachelor, aged 70. According to the RKD he was a pupil of Lastman, and is known for winter landscapes......


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