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All 65 artists from country Hungary

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Laszlo Moholy Nagy

Laszlo Moholy Nagy (1895 - 1946) - Hungary (Bácsborsód)

László Moholy-Nagy (/məˌhoʊliˈnɒdʒ/ Hungarian: [ˈlaːsloː ˈmohojnɒɟ] born László Weisz July 20, 1895 – November 24, 1946) was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as a professor in the Bauhaus school. He was highly influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts. Moholy-Nagy was ......

Jozsef Rippl Ronai

Jozsef Rippl Ronai (1861 - 1927) - Hungary (Kaposvár)

József Rippl-Rónai (23 May 1861 – 25 November 1927) was a Hungarian painter. He first introduced modern artistic movements in the Hungarian art. He was born in Kaposvár. After his studies at the High School there, he went to study in Budapest, where he obtained a degree in pharmacology. In 1884 he travelled to Munich to study painting at the Academ......

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar (1871 - 1960) - Hungary (Budapest)

Socialist Realism, Post-Impressionism, Pointillism, Realism, Neoplasticism, Art Nouveau

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar (Russian: Игорь Эммануилович Грабарь, 25 March 1871 in Budapest – 16 May 1960 in Moscow) was a Russian post-impressionist painter, publisher, restorer and historian of art. Grabar, descendant of a wealthy Rusyn family, was trained as a painter by Ilya Repin in Saint Petersburg and by Anton Ažbe in Munich. He reached his pe......

Karoly Ferenczy

Karoly Ferenczy (1862 - 1917) - Hungary (Vienna)

Károly Ferenczy (February 8, 1862 – March 18, 1917) was a Hungarian painter and leading member of the Nagybánya artists' colony. He was among several artists who went to Munich for study in the late nineteenth century, where he attended free classes by the Hungarian painter, Simon Hollósy. Upon his return to Hungary, Ferenczy helped found the artis......

Arpad Szenes

Arpad Szenes (1897 - 1985) - Hungary (Budapest)

Árpád Szenes (also French: Árpád Szenès May 6, 1897, Budapest – January 16, 1985, Paris) was a Hungarian-Jewish abstract painter who worked in France. He and the Portuguese-French painter Maria Helena Vieira da Silva married in 1930 and became French citizens in 1956. The Árpád Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation, which was inaugurated in November 19......

Lajos Tihanyi

Lajos Tihanyi (1885 - 1938) - Hungary (Budapest)

Lajos Tihanyi (29 October 1885 – 11 June 1938) was a Hungarian painter and lithographer who achieved international renown working outside his country, primarily in Paris, France. After emigrating in 1919, he never returned to Hungary, even on a visit. Born in Budapest, as a young man, Tihanyi was part of the "Neoimpressionists" or "Neos", and later......

Gyula Benczur

Gyula Benczur (1844 - 1920) - Hungary (Nyíregyháza)

Gyula Benczúr (28 January 1844, Nyíregyháza - 16 July 1920, Szécsény) was a Hungarian painter and art teacher. He specialized in portraits and historical scenes. His family moved to Kassa when he was still very young and he displayed an early talent for drawing. He began his studies in 1861 with Hermann Anschutz and Johann Georg Hiltensperger (1806......

Lajos Vajda

Lajos Vajda (1908 - 1941) - Hungary (Zalaegerszeg)

Lajos Vajda (Hungarian: Vajda Lajos 1908, Zalaegerszeg – 1941, Budakeszi) was a Hungarian painter. He was a student of István Csók at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1927-30. He studied together with Dezsõ Korniss at Fernand Léger in Paris in 1930-34 where he was introduced to cubism and surrealism. He lived and worked in Szentendre, Hungary.......

Bertalan Szekely

Bertalan Szekely (1835 - 1910) - Hungary (Kolozsvár)

Bertalan Székely (8 May 1835, Kolozsvár - 21 August 1910, Budapest) was a Hungarian history and portrait painter who worked in the Romantic and Academic styles. Born into a family that was originally part of the Transylvanian nobility, his father was a court clerk. Although his family wanted him to become an engineer, he studied at the Academy of F......

Joseph Kleitsch

Joseph Kleitsch (1885 - 1931) - Hungary (Banad)

Joseph Kleitsch (1882–1931) was a Hungarian-American portrait and plein air painter who holds a high place in the early California School of Impressionism. Born in the village of Sânmihaiu Român, old Hungarian province of Banat, now in Romania, on June 6, 1882, Kleitsch, an ethnic German, began painting at the age of seven. He later pursued art tra......

Odon Marffy

Odon Marffy (1878 - 1959) - Hungary (Budapest)

Ödön Márffy (born Budapest 30 November 1878 died Budapest 3 December 1959) was a Hungarian painter, one of The Eight in Budapest, credited with bringing cubism, Fauvism and expressionism to the country. Following a short basic training, he obtained a grant to study art in Paris, from the autumn of 1902. He started as a student of Jean-Paul Laurens ......

Bela Kadar

Bela Kadar (1877 - 1956) - Hungary (Budapest)

Béla Kádár (1877–1956) was a Hungarian painter influenced by Der Blaue Reiter, Cubism, Futurism, Neo-Primitivism, Constructivism, and Metaphysical painting. Kádár was born into a working-class Jewish family. After only six years of schooling he was apprenticed as an iron-turner. He began painting murals in Budapest. He visited Paris and Berlin in 1......

Istvan Csok

Istvan Csok (1865 - 1961) - Hungary (Sáregres)

István Csók (February 13, 1865, Sáregres – February 1, 1961) was a Hungarian Impressionist painter. Csok lived and exhibited in Paris for a portion of his life. He became most famous in Hungary for his nudes, portraits, and landscapes of the Lake Balaton. Csok had many international exhibitions in such cities as Rome, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and......

Bertalan Por

Bertalan Por (1880 - 1964) - Hungary (Budapest)

Bertalan Pór (1880–1964) was a Hungarian painter associated with the development of modernist Hungarian art. He was a member of The Eight, a movement among several Hungarian painters in the early twentieth century who represented the radical edge in Budapest. They introduced Fauvism, cubism, and expressionism to Hungarian art. Born in Budapest in 1......

Karoly Marko The Elder

Karoly Marko The Elder (1791 - 1860) - Hungary (Lõcse)

Károly Markó, also known as Carlo Marco (23 November 1793, Lőcse – 19 November 1860, at the Villa Medici di Lappeggi near Bagno a Ripoli, Italy) was one of the first Hungarian landscape painters. He is often referred to as "The Elder", to distinguish him from his son, Károly Markó the Younger. In the early 1800s, although he was already interested ......

Istvan Farkas

Istvan Farkas (1887 - 1944) - Hungary (Budapest)

István Farkas (October 20, 1887 in Budapest died on July 1944 in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau) was a Hungarian painter, publisher and victim of the Holocaust. István Farkas's father Jozsef Wolfner (1856-1932), a prominent art collector, was the founder of the book publishing house Singer and Wolfner. István’s mother, Anna Goldberger, d......

Sandor Ziffer

Sandor Ziffer (1880 - 1962) - Hungary (Eger)

Sándor Ziffer (1880, in Eger - 1962, in Baia Mare) was a Hungarian painter characterized by his strong decorative paintings and use of definite contours and colour in his works. Ziffer studied at the School of Design, and he was later a pupil of Raupp at the Munich Academy and at Simon Hollósy's school of art in 1904. After 1906 he worked in Nagybá......

Janos Vaszary

Janos Vaszary (1867 - 1939) - Hungary (Kaposvár)

János Miklós Vaszary (30 November 1867, Kaposvár - 19 April 1939, Budapest) was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. He was born into a prominent Catholic family and his uncle was Kolos Ferenc Vaszary, the Archbishop of Esztergom. His art studies began at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts under János Greguss (hu). In 1887, he went to Munich,......

Charles Edouard Boutibonne

Charles Edouard Boutibonne (1816 - 1897) - Hungary (Budapest)

Charles Édouard Boutibonne (Budapest, 8 July 1816 – Wilderswil, 7 February 1897) was a French painter of the academic classicism school. He was born to French parents in Hungary. As a 22-year-old he painted a portrait of Liszt. He was a student of Franz Winterhalter. More......

Henrik Weber

Henrik Weber (1818 - 1866) - Hungary (Pest)

Henrik Weber (24 May 1818, Pest - 14 May 1866, Pest) was a Hungarian portrait and history painter in the Realistic style. He received his first formal training as a painter from a local artist named János Tóbiás Kärgling (1780-1845). In 1835, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where he studied with Johann Ender and Leopold Kupelwieser,......

Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes Hungary (Budapest)

Agnes Denes (Dénes Ágnes Budapest, 1931) is a Hungarian-born American conceptual artist based in New York. She is known for works in a wide range of media - from poetry and philosophy writings, to complex hand and computer rendered diagrams (which she terms Visual Philosophy), sculpture, and international environmental installations, such as Wheatf......

Gyula Derkovits

Gyula Derkovits (1894 - 1934) - Hungary (Szombathely)

Gyula Derkovits (13 April 1894, Szombathely, 18 June 1934, Budapest) was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist whose work shows elements of Expressionism, Cubism and Constructivism. His father was a master carpenter and, despite showing some early artistic talent, he was forced to pursue the same trade. A friend who was a sign painter gave him his......

Janos Kmetty

Janos Kmetty (1889 - 1975) - Hungary (Miskolc)

Aurel Bernath

Aurel Bernath (1895 - 1982) - Hungary (Marcali)

Aurél Bernáth (1895–1982) was a Hungarian painter and art theorist. He studied at Nagybánya with István Réti and János Thorma. Bernath fought as a soldier in the First World War and moved to Vienna in 1921. Bernath's painting style was heavily influenced by the onslaught of German Expressionism. He was invited to Berlin by Herwarth Walden where his......

Antal Ligeti

Antal Ligeti (1823 - 1890) - Hungary (Nagykároly)

Antal Ligeti (10 January 1823, Nagykároly - 5 January 1890, Budapest) was a Hungarian landscape painter. Born Antal Hekler, he was expected to follow in the family's footsteps and become a merchant, but he was so intent on being an artist that he abandoned the comforts of home and went to Italy. He travelled through Naples and spent some time in Fl......

Michele Pannonio

Michele Pannonio (1400 - 1464) - Hungary

Michele Pannonio, in Hungarian language Pannóniai Mihály, also known Michele Ongaro o Michele Dai Ungheria (born before 1415 – Ferrara, before 1464) was a Hungarian-Italian painter, active in Ferrara, Italy. He is documented as the painter of the Muse Thalia for the Studiolo di Belfiore, now present in the Museum of Fine Arts of Budapest. The Pinac......

Bela Ivanyi Grunwald

Bela Ivanyi Grunwald (1867 - 1940) - Hungary (Som)

Béla Iványi-Grünwald (6 May 1867 – 24 September 1940) was a Hungarian painter, a leading member of the Nagybánya artists' colony and founder of the Kecskemét artists' colony. Born in Som, Iványi-Grünwald began his artistic studies under Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (1882–86) and continued them at Munich i......

George Legrady

George Legrady Hungary (Budapest)

George Legrady (born Légrády György, Tamás, Antal, Tivadar, January 8, 1950) is a multidisciplinary digital media artist and university professor in photography and computational media arts. Legrady was born in Budapest, Hungary, and emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada at age 6 with his parents and brothers Miklos and Thomas under political refug......

Gyula Tornai

Gyula Tornai (1861 - 1928) - Hungary (Görgö)

Gyula Tornai (1861 in Görgő – 1928 in Budapest) was a Hungarian painter, now featured in the Hungarian National Gallery. He was a noted painter in the Orientalist genre. Tornai was born in Görgö, Hungary in 1861. He received his art education at academies in Vienna, Munich and at Benczúr's Studios in Budapest where he studied under Hans Makart and ......

Janos Tornyai

Janos Tornyai (1869 - 1936) - Hungary (Hódmezővásárhely)

János Tornyai (January 18, 1869 – September 20, 1936) was a renowned Hungarian painter born in Hódmezővásárhely. Tornyai, the son of day labourers, studied at the School of Decorative Art in 1886-88, then a guest pupil of Bertalan Székely, Károly Lotz and János Gregus in 1888-89. He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris from 1894 where he was inf......

Mariska Karasz

Mariska Karasz (1898 - 1960) - Hungary (Budapest)

Mariska Karasz (1898 in Budapest, Hungary – August 27, 1960 in Danbury, Connecticut) was an American fashion designer, author, and textile artist. She had a passion for fashion design and created colorful, patterned garments largely inspired by the folk art of her native country. Her abstract wall hangings mixing fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, ......

Tivadar Zemplényi

Tivadar Zemplényi (1864 - 1917) - Hungary (Eperjes)

Tivadar Zemplényi (1864, Eperjes – 1917, Budapest) was a Hungarian painter, noted for his realism. A medalist at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, he also exhibited at the 1900 Exposition Universelle, as well as the Venice Biennales of 1901, 1905, and 1909. Zemplényi was a disciple of Mihály Munkácsy, where he began en plein air painting. He was a s......

Karoly Patko

Karoly Patko (1895 - 1941) - Hungary (Budapest)

Margit Anna

Margit Anna (1913 - 1991) - Hungary (Borota)

Jozsef Nemes Lamperth

Jozsef Nemes Lamperth (1891 - 1924) - Hungary (Budapest)

Gulacsy Lajos Kalman

Gulacsy Lajos Kalman (1882 - 1932) - Hungary (Budapest)

Antal Berkes

Antal Berkes (1874 - 1938) - Hungary (Budapest)

Gyula Hincz

Gyula Hincz (1904 - 1986) - Hungary (Budapest)

Tibor Duray

Tibor Duray (1912 - 1988) - Hungary (Budapest)

Sandor Bortnyik

Sandor Bortnyik (1893 - 1976) - Hungary (Marosvásárhely)

Soma Orlai Petrich

Soma Orlai Petrich (1822 - 1880) - Hungary (Mez?Berény)

Karoly Brocky (Charles Brocky)

Karoly Brocky (Charles Brocky) (1808 - 1855) - Hungary (Banat)

Erzsebet Korb

Erzsebet Korb (1899 - 1925) - Hungary (Budapesi)

Kunffy Lajos

Kunffy Lajos (1838 - 1934) - Hungary (Orci)

Jeno Gabor

Jeno Gabor (1893 - 1968) - Hungary (Pécs)

Denes Rudolf Diener

Denes Rudolf Diener (1889 - 1956) - Hungary (Nyíregyháza)

Geza Meszoly

Geza Meszoly (1844 - 1887) - Hungary (Sárbogárd)

József Dorffmeister

József Dorffmeister (1764 - 1807) - Hungary (Sopron)

Bela Veszelszky

Bela Veszelszky (1905 - 1977) - Hungary (Budapest)

François Gall

François Gall (1912 - 1987) - Hungary (Kolozsvár)

Jeno Remsey

Jeno Remsey (1885 - 1980) - Hungary (Nagyk?Rös)

Aladar Korosfoi Kriesch

Aladar Korosfoi Kriesch (1863 - 1920) - Hungary (Budapest)

Mihaly Kovacs

Mihaly Kovacs (1818 - 1892) - Hungary (Abádszalók)

Jeno Gadanyi

Jeno Gadanyi (1896 - 1960) - Hungary

Bela Kontuly

Bela Kontuly (1904 - 1983) - Hungary

Istvan Boldizsar

Istvan Boldizsar (1897 - 1984) - Hungary

Gyula Batthyany

Gyula Batthyany (1887 - 1959) - Hungary

Agost Benkhard

Agost Benkhard (1882 - 1961) - Hungary

Bela (Adalbert) Czobel

Bela (Adalbert) Czobel (1883 - 1976) - Hungary

Master Paul Of Lõcse

Master Paul Of Lõcse Hungary

Master Thomas De Coloswar

Master Thomas De Coloswar Hungary


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