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All 48 artists from country Ireland

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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1909 - 1992) - Ireland (Dublin)

Expressionism, Romanticism

Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his emotionally charged, raw imagery. He is best known for his depictions of popes, crucifixions and portraits of close friends. His abstracted figures are typically isolated in geometrical cages, set against flat, nondescript backgrounds. Bacon s......

William Newenham Montague Orpen

William Newenham Montague Orpen (1878 - 1931) - Ireland (Stillorgan)

Romanticism, Romanticism

Major Sir William Newenham Montague Orpen, KBE, RA, RHA (27 November 1878 – 29 September 1931), was an Irish artist who worked mainly in London. Orpen was a fine draughtsman and a popular, commercially successful, painter of portraits for the well-to-do in Edwardian society, though many of his most striking paintings are self-portraits. During Worl......

Augustus Saint Gaudens

Augustus Saint Gaudens (1848 - 1907) - Ireland (Dublin)

Augustus Saint-Gaudens (/ˌseɪntˈɡɔːdənz/ March 1, 1848 – August 3, 1907) was an American sculptor of the Beaux-Arts generation who most embodied the ideals of the American Renaissance.[citation needed] Raised in New York City, he traveled to Europe for further training and artistic study, and then returned to New York, where he achieved major criti......

John Lavery

John Lavery (1856 - 1941) - Ireland (Belfast)

Sir John Lavery RA (20 March 1856 – 10 January 1941) was an Irish painter best known for his portraits and wartime depictions. Belfast-born John Lavery attended Haldane Academy in Glasgow in the 1870s and the Académie Julian in Paris in the early 1880s. He returned to Glasgow and was associated with the Glasgow School. In 1888 he was commissioned t......

Paul Kane

Paul Kane (1810 - 1871) - Ireland (Mallow)

Paul Kane (September 3, 1810 – February 20, 1871) was an Irish-born Canadian painter, famous for his paintings of First Nations peoples in the Canadian West and other Native Americans in the Columbia District. A largely self-educated artist, Paul Kane grew up in Toronto (then known as York) and trained himself by copying European masters on a study......

Martin Archer Shee

Martin Archer Shee (1769 - 1850) - Ireland (Dublin)

Sir Martin Archer Shee PRA (23 December 1769 – 13 August 1850) was an Irish portrait painter and president of the Royal Academy. He was born in Dublin, of an old Irish Roman Catholic family, the son of Martin Shee, a merchant, who regarded the profession of a painter as an unsuitable occupation for a descendant of the Shees. Martin Shee nevertheles......

James Barry

James Barry (1795 - 1865) - Ireland (Cork)

Dr. James Miranda Steuart Barry (c. 1795 – 25 July 1865) was a military surgeon in the British Army, born in Ireland. Barry obtained a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh Medical School, then served first in Cape Town, South Africa and subsequently in many parts of the British Empire. Before retirement, Barry had risen to the rank of In......

George William Russell

George William Russell (1867 - 1935) - Ireland (Lurgan)

George William Russell (10 April 1867 – 17 July 1935) who wrote with the pseudonym Æ (sometimes written AE or A.E.), was an Irish writer, editor, critic, poet, painter and Irish nationalist. He was also a writer on mysticism, and a central figure in the group of devotees of theosophy which met in Dublin for many years. Russell was born in Lurgan, C......

Daniel Maclise

Daniel Maclise (1806 - 1870) - Ireland (Cork)

Daniel Maclise RA (25 January 1806 – 25 April 1870) was an Irish history, literary and portrait painter, and illustrator, who worked for most of his life in London, England. Maclise was born in Cork, Ireland, the son of Alexander McLish (also known as McLeish, McLish, McClisse or McLise), a tanner or shoemaker, but formerly a Scottish Highlander so......

Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke (1889 - 1931) - Ireland (Dublin)

Harry Clarke (17 March 1889 – 6 January 1931) was an Irish stained-glass artist and book illustrator. Born in Dublin, he was a leading figure in the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement. Henry Patrick (Harry) Clarke was born 17 March 1889, younger son and third child of Joshua Clarke and Brigid Clarke (née MacGonigal). Church decorator Joshua Clarke move......

Roderic O'conor

Roderic O'conor (1860 - 1940) - Ireland (Castleplunket)

Roderic O'Conor (17 October 1860 – 18 March 1940) was an Irish painter who spent much of his later career in Paris and as part of the Pont-Aven movement. O'Conor's work demonstrates Impressionist and Post-Impressionist influence. Born in Milltown, Castleplunket, County Roscommon, Ireland, O'Conor attended the Metropolitan School and Royal Hibernian......

Sean Scully

Sean Scully Ireland (Dublin)

Sean Scully RA (born 30 June 1945) is an Irish-born American-based painter and printmaker who has twice been named a Turner Prize nominee. His work is collected in major museums worldwide. Scully was born in Dublin and raised in South London. He studied at Croydon College of Art and Newcastle University. He was a recipient of a graduate fellowship ......

William Michael Harnett

William Michael Harnett (1848 - 1892) - Ireland (Clonakilty)

William Michael Harnett (August 10, 1848 – October 29, 1892) was an Irish-American painter known for his trompe-l'œil still lifes of ordinary objects. Harnett was born in Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland during the time of the potato famine. Shortly after his birth his family emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia. Becoming a United States ......

William Mulready The Younger

William Mulready The Younger (1786 - 1863) - Ireland (Ennis)

William Mulready RA (1 April 1786 – 7 July 1863) was an Irish genre painter living in London. He is best known for his romanticizing depictions of rural scenes, and for creating Mulready stationery letter sheets, issued at the same time as the Penny Black postage stamp. William Mulready was born in Ennis, County Clare. Early in his life, in 1792, t......

Louis Le Brocquy

Louis Le Brocquy (1916 - 2012) - Ireland (Dublin)

Louis le Brocquy ([lwi lə bʁɔki] 10 November 1916 – 25 April 2012) was an Irish painter born in Dublin to Albert and Sybil le Brocquy. His work received many accolades in a career that spanned some seventy years of creative practice. In 1956, he represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale, winning the Premio Acquisito Internationale (a once-off awar......

James Francis Danby

James Francis Danby (1793 - 1861) - Ireland (County Wexford)

Francis Danby ARA (16 November 1793 – 9 February 1861) was an Irish painter of the Romantic era. His imaginative, dramatic landscapes were comparable to those of John Martin. Danby initially developed his imaginative style while he was the central figure in a group of artists who have come to be known as the Bristol School. His period of greatest s......

Hugh Douglas Hamilton

Hugh Douglas Hamilton (1740 - 1808) - Ireland (Dublin)

Hugh Douglas Hamilton (c. 1740 – 10 February 1808) was an Irish portrait-painter. He spent considerable periods in London and Rome before returning to Dublin in the early 1790s. Until the mid-1770s he worked mostly in pastel. His style influenced the English painter Lewis Vaslet (1742-1808). Hamilton was born in Crow Street, in Dublin, Ireland, in ......

Alfred Elmore

Alfred Elmore (1815 - 1881) - Ireland (Cork)

Alfred Elmore RA (1815–1881) was a Victorian history and genre painter. He was born in Clonakilty, Ireland, the son of Dr. John Richard Elmore, a surgeon who retired from the British Army to Clonakilty. His family moved to London, where Elmore studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. His early works were in the troubadour style of Richard Parkes Bonin......

Thomas Hovenden

Thomas Hovenden (1840 - 1895) - Ireland (Dunmanway)

Thomas Hovenden (December 28, 1840 – August 14, 1895), was an Irish artist and teacher. He painted realistic quiet family scenes, narrative subjects and often depicted African Americans. Hovenden was born in Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland. His parents died at the time of the potato famine and he was placed in an orphanage at the age of six. Apprentic......

Henry Jones Thaddeus

Henry Jones Thaddeus (1859 - 1929) - Ireland (Cork)

Henry Jones Thaddeus (1859 – 1929) was a realist and portrait painter born and trained in County Cork, Ireland. Born Henry Thaddeus Jones in 1859, he entered the Cork School of Art when he was ten years old. There he studied under the genre painter James Brenan. Thaddeus won the Taylor Prize in 1878 enabling him to go to London, and then again in 1......

Francis Danby

Francis Danby (1793 - 1861) - Ireland (County Wexford)

Francis Danby ARA (16 November 1793 – 9 February 1861) was an Irish painter of the Romantic era. His imaginative, dramatic landscapes were comparable to those of John Martin. Danby initially developed his imaginative style while he was the central figure in a group of artists who have come to be known as the Bristol School. His period of greatest s......

Charles Jervas

Charles Jervas (1675 - 1739) - Ireland (Clonlisk)

Charles Jervas (also Jarvis c. 1675 – 1739) was an Irish portrait painter, translator, and art collector of the early 18th century. Born in Clonlisk, County Offaly, Ireland around 1675, the son of John Jervas and Elizabeth, daughter of Captain John Baldwin of Shinrone Castle & Corolanty, High Sheriff of County Offaly. Jervas studied in London, Engl......

George Barret The Elder

George Barret The Elder (1732 - 1784) - Ireland (The Liberties)

George Barret Sr. RA (c. 1730 – 29 May 1784) was an Irish landscape artist who is best known for his Oil paintings, but also sometimes produced watercolours. He left Ireland in 1762 to establish himself as an artist in London and rapidly gained recognition as a leading artist of the period. He exhibited at the Society of Artists of Great Britain an......

Thomas Frye

Thomas Frye (1710 - 1762) - Ireland (Edenderry)

Thomas Frye (c. 1710 – 3 April 1762 ) was an Anglo-Irish artist, best known for his portraits in oil and pastel, including some miniatures and his early mezzotint engravings. He was also the patentee of the Bow porcelain factory, London, and claimed in his epitaph to be "the inventor and first manufacturer of porcelain in England," though his rival......

Walter Frederick Osborne

Walter Frederick Osborne (1859 - 1903) - Ireland (Rathmines)

Walter Frederick Osborne (17 June 1859 – 24 April 1903) was an Irish impressionist and Post-Impressionism landscape and portrait painter, best known for his documentary depictions of late 19th century working class life. Most of his paintings are figurative and focus on women, children, the elderly, the poor, and the day-to-day life of ordinary peo......

Mainie Jellett

Mainie Jellett (1897 - 1944) - Ireland (Dublin)

Mary Harriet "Mainie" Jellett (29 April 1897, Dublin – 16 February 1944, Dublin) was an Irish painter whose Decoration (1923) was among the first abstract paintings shown in Ireland when it was exhibited at the Society of Dublin Painters Group Show in 1923. Jellett was born on 29 April 1897 at 36 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, the daughter of William ......

Thomas Hickey

Thomas Hickey (1741 - 1824) - Ireland (Dublin)

Thomas Hickey (1741–1824) was an Irish painter. Born in Dublin, Hickey was the son of Noah, a confectioner in Capel Street, and Anne Hickey. A younger brother was John Hickey, the sculptor. He was trained at the Royal Dublin Society schools under Robert West. Hickey painted primarily portraits and genre scenes. He traveled widely, working in India,......

Letitia Marion Hamilton

Letitia Marion Hamilton (1878 - 1964) - Ireland (Dunboyne)

Letitia Marion Hamilton (30 July 1878 – 11 August 1964) was an Irish landscape artist. Letitia Marion Hamilton was born in Hamwood House, County Meath on 30 July 1878. She was the daughter of Charles Robert Hamilton and Louisa Caroline Elizabeth Brooke. She attended Alexandra College. Letitia and her sister Eva were great-granddaughters of the arti......

Margaret Clarke

Margaret Clarke (1888 - 1961) - Ireland (Newry)

Margaret Clarke RHA (1 August 1884 – 31 October 1961) (née Crilley) was an Irish portrait painter. Margaret Crilley was born in Newry, County Down on 1 August 1884, one of six children of Patrick Crilley. Her date of birth is often given as 29 July 1888, though local records do not support this. Having initially trained at Newry technical school wi......

William John Hennessy

William John Hennessy (1839 - 1917) - Ireland (Thomastown)

William John Hennessy (July 11, 1839 – December 27, 1917) was an Irish artist. William John Hennessy (originally Ó hAonghusa) was born in Thomastown, County Kilkenny in 1839. His father, John Hennessy, was forced to leave Ireland in 1848 as a result of his involvement in the Young Ireland movement. He landed in Canada and settled in New York City. ......

Rose Maynard Barton

Rose Maynard Barton (1856 - 1930) - Ireland (Rochestown)

Cubism, Cubism

Rose Mary Barton RWS (Dublin 21 April 1856 – 1929) was an Anglo-Irish artist a watercolourist who painted landscape, street scenes, gardens, child portraiture and illustrations of the townscape of Britain and Ireland. Barton exhibited with a number of different painting societies, most notably the Watercolour Society of Ireland (WCSI), the Royal Ac......

Ronald Ossory Dunlop

Ronald Ossory Dunlop (1894 - 1973) - Ireland (Dublin)

Ronald Ossory Dunlop RA (28 June 1894 – 1973) was an Irish author and painter in oil of landscapes, seascapes, figure studies, portraits and still life. Dunlop was born in Dublin, Ireland, to a Scottish-Irish Quaker family. His mother painted in watercolour. He studied at Manchester School of Art, at Wimbledon College of Art and in Paris, having sp......

Nathaniel Hone

Nathaniel Hone (1831 - 1917) - Ireland (Dublin)

Nathaniel Hone the Younger (26 October 1831 – 14 October 1917) was an Irish painter, the great-grand-nephew of a better-known painter, Nathaniel Hone. Hone began his career as a railway engineer but gave this up to study art in Paris. Most of his later paintings are landscapes, very often enlivened with animals and occasionally with figures. He was......

John Ramage

John Ramage (1748 - 1802) - Ireland (Dublin)

John Ramage (1748 – 24 October 1802) was an Irish American artist, goldsmith, patroller, and second lieutenant. He was best known for painting portrait miniatures, and being the first artist to paint George Washington while serving as the President of the United States. Ramage was born in Dublin, Ireland. He entered the Dublin Society of Artists in......

Sine Mackinnon

Sine Mackinnon (1901 - 1996) - Ireland (Newcastle)

Sine MacKinnon (11 February 1901 – 1996) was an Irish landscape artist. Selina Mairi Sine MacKinnon was born in Newcastle, County Down to Ranuld Edmund Eliot MacKinnon of Binfield, Surrey and Clementina Alicia née D'Arcy. Her father was a clerk in the law courts in London. She was educated in the Slade School of Fine Art in London between 1918 and ......

Gerard Dillon

Gerard Dillon (1916 - 1971) - Ireland (Belfast)

Gerard Dillon (1916 – 14 June 1971) was an Irish artist. Born in Belfast, he left school at the age of fourteen and for seven years worked as a painter and decorator, mostly in London. From an early age he was interested in art, cinema, and theatre. About 1936 he started out as an artist. His Connemara landscapes provided the viewer with context, p......

Gretta Bowen

Gretta Bowen (1880 - 1981) - Ireland (Dublin)

Margretta Bowen, best known as Gretta Bowen (1 January 1880–8 April 1981) was a self-taught Irish artist. She only started painting late in life, after her sons Arthur and George Campbell were already established as artists. Born in Dublin, Margetta Bowen lived most of her life in Belfast. She was married to Matthew Campbell, a veteran of the Boer ......

Patrick Swift

Patrick Swift (1927 - 1983) - Ireland (Dublin)

Patrick Swift (1927–1983) was an Irish painter who worked in Dublin, London and Algarve in southern Portugal. In Dublin he formed part of the Envoy arts review / McDaid's pub circle of artistic and literary figures. In London he moved into the Soho bohemia where, with the poet David Wright, he founded and co-edited X magazine. In Portugal he contin......

Stanhope Alexander Forbes

Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857 - 1947) - Ireland (Dublin)

Realism, Realism

James Arthur O Connor

James Arthur O Connor (1792 - 1841) - Ireland (Dublin)

William Guy Wall

William Guy Wall (1792 - 1864) - Ireland (Dublin)

David Woodlock

David Woodlock (1842 - 1929) - Ireland (Eire)

George Bernard Oneill

George Bernard Oneill (1828 - 1917) - Ireland (Dublin)

James Hamilton

James Hamilton (1819 - 1878) - Ireland (Belfast)

Michael Craig Martin

Michael Craig Martin Ireland (Dublin)

William Percy French

William Percy French (1854 - 1920) - Ireland (County Roscommon)

Charles Collins

Charles Collins (1828 - 1873) - Ireland (Dublin)

Jon Patrick Riley

Jon Patrick Riley (1824 - 1850) - Ireland (Clifden)


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