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All 17 artists from country Norway

Peder Severin Kroyer

Peder Severin Kroyer (1851 - 1909) - Norway (Stavanger)

Peder Severin Krøyer (Danish pronunciation: ['peːdə 'seveʁin 'kʁøjə] 23 July 1851 – 21 November 1909), professionally known as P. S. Krøyer, was a Danish painter. Krøyer was born in Stavanger, Norway, on 23 July 1851 to Ellen Cecilie Gjesdal. He was raised by Gjesdal's sister, Bertha Cecilie (born 1817) and brother-in-law, the Danish zoologist Henr......

Christian Krohg

Christian Krohg (1852 - 1925) - Norway (Vestre Aker)

Christian Krohg (13 August 1852 – 16 October 1925) was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist. Krohg was inspired by the realism art movement and often chose motives from everyday life. He was the director and served as the first professor at the Norwegian Academy of Arts from 1909 to 1925. Christian Krohg was born at Ve......

Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (1788 - 1857) - Norway (Bergen)

Johan Christian Claussen Dahl (24 February 1788 – 14 October 1857), often known as J. C. Dahl or I. C. Dahl, was a Norwegian artist who is considered the first great romantic painter in Norway, the founder of the "golden age" of Norwegian painting, and one of the greatest European artists of all time. He is often described as "the father of Norwegi......

Harriet Backer

Harriet Backer (1845 - 1932) - Norway (Holmestrand)

Harriet Backer (21 January 1845 – 25 March 1932) was a Norwegian painter who achieved recognition in her own time and was a pioneer among female artists both in the Nordic countries and in Europe generally. She is best known for her detailed interior scenes, communicated with rich colors and moody lighting. Backer was one of four daughters born to ......

Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow (1847 - 1906) - Norway (Christiania)

Impressionism, Realism

Frits Thaulow (Christiania, 20 October 1847 – Volendam, 5 November 1906) was a Norwegian Impressionist painter, best known for his naturalistic depictions of landscape. Johan Frederik Thaulow was born in Christiania, the son of the wealthy chemist, Harald Conrad Thaulow (1815–1881) and Nicoline ("Nina") Louise Munch (1821–1894). Thaulow was educate......

Peder Balke

Peder Balke (1804 - 1887) - Norway (Helgøya)

Peder Balke (November 4, 1804 – February 5, 1887) was a Norwegian painter. He is known for portraying the landscape of Norway in a romantic and dramatic manner. He was also active in the field of social justice. Peter Andersen was born on the island of Helgøya, in Hedmark county, Norway. He grew up in Ringsaker, but lived in the 1820s on the Balke ......

Hans Andreas Dahl

Hans Andreas Dahl (1849 - 1937) - Norway (Granvin)

Hans Dahl (19 February 1849 – 27 July 1937) was a Norwegian painter. Hans Dahl was famous for his paintings of Norwegian fjords and surrounding landscapes. Hans Dahl was born in the village of Granvin, on the Hardangerfjord, in the county of Hordaland in Norway. His talent was already evident when Dahl was 16 years old. However, it was only after s......

Adolph Tidemand

Adolph Tidemand (1814 - 1876) - Norway (Mandal)

Adolph Tidemand (14 August 1814 – 8 August 1876) was a noted Norwegian romantic nationalism painter. Among his best known paintings are Haugianerne (The Haugeans 1852) and Brudeferd i Hardanger (The Bridal Procession in Hardanger 1848), painted in collaboration with Hans Gude. Adolph Tidemand was born in Mandal, Norway as the son of customs inspect......

Martinus Christian Wesseltoft Rørbye

Martinus Christian Wesseltoft Rørbye (1803 - 1848) - Norway (Drammen)

Martinus Christian Wesseltoft Rørbye[needs IPA] (17 May 1803 – 29 August 1848) was a Danish painter, known both for genre works and landscapes. He was a central figure of the Golden Age of Danish painting during the first half of the 19th century. The most traveled of the Danish Golden Age painters, he traveled both north to Norway and Sweden and s......

Kitty Kielland

Kitty Kielland (1843 - 1914) - Norway (Stavanger)

Kitty Lange Kielland (8 October 1843 – 1 October 1914) was a Norwegian landscape painter. Kielland was born to an affluent family in Stavanger, the older sister of Alexander Kielland. Kielland's mutual interactions with her brother would be important to shaping her as an artist. Although she received some training in drawing and painting, it was no......

Adelsteen Normann

Adelsteen Normann (1848 - 1918) - Norway (Bodin)

Adelsteen Normann (1 May 1848 - 26 December 1918) was a Norwegian painter who worked in Berlin. He was a noted painter of landscapes of Norway. Normann was the artist who invited Edvard Munch to Berlin, where he painted The Scream. Normann's fjord paintings are credited with making the Norwegian fjords a more popular tourist destination. Eilert Ade......

Ludvig Karsten

Ludvig Karsten (1876 - 1926) - Norway (Christiania)

Ludvig Karsten (8 May 1876 – 19 October 1926) was a Norwegian painter. He was a neo-impressionist influenced by Edvard Munch, Henri Matisse and contemporary French painting. He first participated at the Autumn exhibition in Kristiania in 1901, and had his first separate exhibition in 1904. He is represented at museums in many Scandinavian cities, i......

Asta Nørregaard

Asta Nørregaard (1853 - 1933) - Norway (Oslo)

Asta Nørregaard (13 August 1853 - 23 March 1933) was a Norwegian painter who is best known for her portraits. Nørregaard was born in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. She was the daughter of Hans Peter Nørregaard (1818-1872) and Elise Jacobine Hesselberg (1821-1853). She and an older sister were orphaned early and both remained unmarried. Asta Nørreg......

Gustav Wentzel

Gustav Wentzel (1859 - 1927) - Norway (Christiania)

Gustav Wentzel (7 October 1859 - 10 February 1927) was a Norwegian painter. He was best known for interiors and domestic and rural scenes. His artistic style was associated with Naturalism and noted for accurate observations and attention to detail. Gustav Wentzel was born in Christiania. He was a pupil of painter Knud Bergslien (1879–81) of and Fr......

Hariton Pushwagner

Hariton Pushwagner (1940 - 2018) - Norway (Oslo)

Pop Art, Pop Art

Christian Skredsvig

Christian Skredsvig (1854 - 1924) - Norway (Modum)

Christian Skredsvig (12 March 1854 – 19 January 1924) was a Norwegian painter and writer. He employed an artistic style reflecting naturalism. He is especially well known for his picturesque and lyrical depictions of the landscape. Christian Erichsen Skredsvig was born and grew up on the Skredsvig farm in the parish of Modum in Buskerud, Norway. Wh......

Ludwig Munthe

Ludwig Munthe (1841 - 1896) - Norway (Aaröen)


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