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All 46 artists from country Poland

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Adolph Menzel

Adolph Menzel (1815 - 1905) - Poland (Breslau)

Realism, Realism

Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel (December 8, 1815 – February 9, 1905) was a German Realist artist noted for drawings, etchings, and paintings. Along with Caspar David Friedrich, he is considered one of the two most prominent German artists of the 19th century, and was the most successful artist of his era in Germany. First known as Adolph Menze......

Tamara De Lempicka

Tamara De Lempicka (1898 - 1980) - Poland (Warsaw)

Art Deco, Surrealism

Tamara Łempicka (born: Maria Górska 16 May 1898 – 18 March 1980 colloquial: Tamara de Lempicka) was a Polish painter active in the 1920s and 1930s, who spent her working life in France and the United States. She is best known for her polished Art Deco portraits of aristocrats and the wealthy, and for her highly stylized paintings of nudes. Born in ......

Jan Matejko

Jan Matejko (1838 - 1893) - Poland (Kraków)

Romanticism, Romanticism

Jan Alojzy Matejko (Polish pronunciation: [jan aˈlɔjzɨ maˈtɛjko] ( listen) also known as Jan Mateyko June 24, 1838[nb 1] – November 1, 1893) was a Polish painter known for paintings of notable historical Polish political and military events. His works include large oil on canvas paintings like Rejtan (1866), Union of Lublin (1869) or Battle of Grun......

Lesser Ury

Lesser Ury (1861 - 1931) - Poland (Birnbaum)

Leo Lesser Ury (November 7, 1861 – October 18, 1931) was a German-Jewish Impressionist painter and printmaker, associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. Ury was born in Birnbaum in Prussia, the son of a baker whose death in 1872 was followed by the family's relocation to Berlin. In 1878 Lesser left school to apprentice with a tradesman, an......

Sigmar Polke

Sigmar Polke (1941 - 2010) - Poland (Oels)

Pop Art, Pop Art

Sigmar Polke (13 February 1941 – 10 June 2010) was a German painter and photographer. Polke experimented with a wide range of styles, subject matters and materials. In the 1970s, he concentrated on photography, returning to paint in the 1980s, when he produced abstract works created by chance through chemical reactions between paint and other produ......

Otto Mueller

Otto Mueller (1874 - 1930) - Poland (Liebau)

Otto Müller (16 October 1874 – 24 September 1930) was a German painter and printmaker of the Die Brücke expressionist movement. Mueller was born in Liebau (now Lubawka, Kamienna Góra County), Kreis Landeshut, Silesia. Between 1890 and 1892 he was trained in lithography in Görlitz and Breslau. From 1894 to 1896 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts......

Alexandre Kucharski

Alexandre Kucharski (1741 - 1819) - Poland (Warsaw)

Alexander Kucharsky (18 March 1741 – 5 November 1819) also Alexandre Kucharsky, was a Polish portrait painter who spent his adult life in France. He himself used the spelling Kucharsky, but Kucharski is also often used. In the past, in France, the name has been given as Couaski. Kucharsky was born in Warsaw. As a boy, he was a page to King Stanisła......

Julius Hübner

Julius Hübner (1806 - 1882) - Poland (Oels)

Rudolf Julius Benno Hübner (27 January 1806 – 7 November 1882) was a German historical painter of the Düsseldorf school of painting. He was also known as a poet and the father of Emil Hübner, a distinguished classical scholar. Hübner was born at Oels in Silesia, studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin under Schadow, and in Düsseldorf. He ......

Max Weber

Max Weber (1881 - 1961) - Poland (Bia?Ystok)

Max Weber (April 18, 1881 – October 4, 1961) was a Jewish-American painter and one of the first American Cubist painters who, in later life, turned to more figurative Jewish themes in his art. He is best known today for Chinese Restaurant (1915), in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, "the finest canvas of his Cubist phase," in th......

Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka Poland (Toruń)

Surrealism, Surrealism

Jacek Yerka (born Jacek Kowalski in 1952) is a Polish surrealist painter from Toruń. Yerka's work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Monaco, France, and the United States, and may be found in the museums of Poland. Jacek Yerka was born in Toruń, Poland, in 1952. He was born into an artistic family with both his parents graduates from a local Fi......

Aleksander Gierymski

Aleksander Gierymski (1850 - 1901) - Poland (Warsaw)

Ignacy Aleksander Gierymski (30 January 1850, Warsaw – d. 6–8 March 1901, Rome) was a Polish painter of the late 19th century, the younger brother of Maksymilian Gierymski. Aleksander Gierymski completed Secondary State School nr III in Warsaw in 1867, and in the same year commenced drawing studies in Warsaw. Between 1868 – 1872 he studied at the A......

Daniel Ii Schultz

Daniel Ii Schultz (1615 - 1683) - Poland (Danzig)

Jerzy (Georg) Daniel Schultz known also as Daniel Schultz the Younger (1615–1683) was a famous painter of the Baroque era, born and active in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. He painted many Polish and Lithuanian nobles, members of the royal family, local Patricians, such as the astronomer Johannes Hevelius animals, and hunts. His work can be fo......

Tadeusz Makowski

Tadeusz Makowski (1882 - 1932) - Poland (O?Wi?Cim)

Tadeusz Makowski (29 January 1882, Oświęcim - 1 November 1932, Paris) was a Polish painter who worked in France and was associated with the School of Paris. From 1902 to 1906, he studied classical philology at the Jagiellonian University. During that time, he also began studying art at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts with Jan Stanisławski and Józef......

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726 - 1801) - Poland (Danzig)

Daniel Niklaus Chodowiecki (16 October 1726 – 7 February 1801) was a Polish—and later German—painter and printmaker with Huguenot ancestry, who is most famous as an etcher. He spent most of his life in Berlin, and became the director of the Berlin Academy of Art. He was born in the city of Danzig (Gdańsk) in Poland, and in a letter “in typical Berl......

Pandolfo Reschi

Pandolfo Reschi (1643 - 1699) - Poland (Gdansk)

Pandolfo Reschi (1643–1699) was a painter who was born at Danzig (now Gdańsk) and active in Italy. He moved to Italy when he was young, and became one of the ablest pupils of Giacomo Borgognone. He painted battle-pieces and imitated the landscapes of Salvator Rosa. He also excelled in painting perspective and architectural views (quadratura). More.......

Eduard Von Grutzner

Eduard Von Grutzner (1846 - 1925) - Poland (Groß-Karlowitz)

Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner (May 26, 1846 – April 2, 1925) was a German painter and professor of art. He was especially noted for his genre paintings of monks. He also repeatedly portrayed Falstaff. Grützner was born in 1846 into a noble family in Groß-Karlowitz near Neisse, Upper Silesia, Prussia (now Poland). His father was a prominent mem......

Jack Tworkov

Jack Tworkov (1900 - 1982) - Poland (Biała Podlaska)

Jack Tworkov (15 August 1900 – 4 September 1982) was an American abstract expressionist painter. Yakov Tworkov, more commonly known as Jack Tworkov, was born in Biała Podlaska on the border between Poland and the Russian Empire. Because of the growing unrest in Europe leading up to World War I, his father, who was a tailor, immigrated to the United......

Otto Piene

Otto Piene (1928 - 2014) - Poland (Bad Laasphe)

Otto Piene (18 April 1928 – 17 July 2014) was a German artist specializing in kinetic and technology-based art. He lived and worked in Düsseldorf Cambridge, Massachusetts and Groton, Massachusetts. Otto Piene was born in 1928 in Bad Laasphe and was raised in Lübbecke. Between 1949 and 1953 he studied painting and art education at the Academy of Art......

Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert

Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert (1865 - 1926) - Poland (Opole)

Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert (September 18, 1865 – February 11, 1926) was a German painter, author and illustrator, who specialized in animal images. Kuhnert was born in Oppeln in 1865. In 1894, he married 18-year-old Emilie Caroline Wilhelmine Ottilie Alvine Herdikerhoff. They had a daughter, Emilie. The couple divorced in 1909 while Emilie was a stu......

Eduard Hildebrandt

Eduard Hildebrandt (1818 - 1868) - Poland (Gda?Sk)

Eduard Hildebrandt (9 September 1818 in Danzig – 25 October 1868 in Berlin) was a German landscape painter. He served as apprentice to his father, a house-painter at Danzig. He was not twenty when he moved to Berlin, where he was taken in hand by Wilhelm Krause, a painter of sea pieces. Several early pieces exhibited after his death—a breakwater, d......

Henry Mosler

Henry Mosler (1841 - 1920) - Poland (Tropplowitz)

Henry Mosler (June 6, 1841 - April 21, 1920), was a professional painter, wood engraver, sketch artist and illustrator who documented American life, including colonial themes, Civil War illustrations, and portraits of men and women of society. He was born in Tropplowitz, Silesia (now in Poland, on the Czech border) and moved with his family to New ......

Eugene Zak

Eugene Zak (1884 - 1926) - Poland

Eugeniusz Zak (15 December 1884 – 15 January 1926), also known as Eugène Zak and Eugene Zak, was a Polish artist. Eugeniusz Zak was born to Jewish family in Mogilno, Minsk Governorate (nowadays Belarus). As a boy he moved to Warsaw, where he graduated from a non-classical secondary school. In 1902, he left for Paris to undertake studies, first at t......

Samuel Hirszenberg

Samuel Hirszenberg (1865 - 1908) - Poland (Łódź)

Samuel Hirszenberg (also Shmuel Hirschenberg) (Łódź, February 22, 1865 – September 15, 1908, Jerusalem) was a Polish-Jewish realist painter active in the late 19th and early 20th century. Shmuel (Samuel) Hirszenberg was born in 1865, the eldest son of a weaving mill worker in Polish Łódź. Against the will of his father, but thanks to the financial ......

August Kopisch

August Kopisch (1799 - 1853) - Poland (Breslau)

August Kopisch (26 May 1799 – 6 February 1853) was a German poet and painter. Kopisch was born on 26 May 1799 in Breslau, Prussia (now Wrocław, Poland). In 1815 he began studying painting at the Prague academy, but an injury to his hand damaged his prospects of success as an artist, and he turned to literature. After residences in Dresden and Vienn......

Maryan S Maryan

Maryan S Maryan (1927 - 1977) - Poland (Nowy Sącz)

Pinchas Burstein (1927–1977), later known as Maryan S. Maryan, was a Polish-born Jewish post-expressionist painter. Born in Nowy Sącz, he was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. After the war, he spent the years 1945–1947 in Germany in the camps for displaced persons. In the years 1947 to 1950 he lived in Israel where he u......

Roman Kochanowski

Roman Kochanowski (1857 - 1945) - Poland (Krakow)

Roman Kochanowski (28 February 1857, Kraków - 3 August 1945, Freising) was a Polish painter and illustrator who lived in Germany. He is mostly known for his landscapes, although he occasionally did portraits as well. His father was a well-to-do craftsman. His first drawing lessons were with Maksymilian Cercha (1818-1907). He began his formal studie......

Julian Stanczak

Julian Stanczak (1928 - 2017) - Poland (Borownica)

Julian Stanczak (November 5, 1928 – March 25, 2017) was a Polish-born American painter and printmaker. The artist lived and worked in Seven Hills, Ohio with his wife, the sculptor Barbara Stanczak. Julian Stanczak was born in Borownica, Poland in 1928. At the beginning of World War II, Stanczak was forced into a Siberian labor camp, where he perman......

Zofia Rydet

Zofia Rydet (1911 - 1997) - Poland (Stanisławów)

Zofia Rydet (May 5, 1911 – August 24, 1997) was a Polish photographer, best known for her project "Sociological Record", which aimed to document every household in Poland. She began working on "Sociological Record" in 1978 at the age of 67, and took nearly 20,000 pictures until her death in 1997. Many of the pictures remain undeveloped. The photogr......

Albert Kretschmer

Albert Kretschmer (1825 - 1891) - Poland (Silesia Province)

Ross Martin

Ross Martin (1920 - 1981) - Poland (Gródek)

Stanislaw Wyspianski

Stanislaw Wyspianski (1869 - 1907) - Poland (Krakow)

Ladislaus Bakalowicz

Ladislaus Bakalowicz (1833 - 1903) - Poland (Chrzanów)

Louis Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus)

Louis Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus) (1878 - 1941) - Poland (Krakow)

Cubism, Cubism

Wladyslaw Slewinski

Wladyslaw Slewinski (1856 - 1918) - Poland (Bialynin)

Jan Van Chelminski

Jan Van Chelminski (1851 - 1925) - Poland (Brzustów)

Alfred Wierusz Kowalski

Alfred Wierusz Kowalski (1849 - 1915) - Poland (Suwa?Ki)

Karl Friedrich Lessing

Karl Friedrich Lessing (1808 - 1880) - Poland (Breslau)

Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart

Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart (1630 - 1703) - Poland (Gda?Sk)

Johannes Pollack

Johannes Pollack (1435 - 1519) - Poland (Kraków)

Enoch Seeman The Younger

Enoch Seeman The Younger (1694 - 1744) - Poland (Danzig)

Stanislaw Samostrzelnik

Stanislaw Samostrzelnik (1490 - 1541) - Poland (Krakow)

Bartolomeo Altomonte (Bartholomäus Hohenberg)

Bartolomeo Altomonte (Bartholomäus Hohenberg) (1694 - 1783) - Poland (Warsaw)

Christoph Nathe

Christoph Nathe (1753 - 1806) - Poland (Penzig)

Jerzy Faczynski

Jerzy Faczynski (1917 - 1943) - Poland


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