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James Henry Beard

James Henry Beard (1812 - 1893) - United States (Buffalo)

James Henry Beard (April 22, 1812 – October 20, 1893) was an American painter who specialized in the genre of portraits. Portraits consist of a sculpture, painting, or photograph representing a person, in which the facial expressions are dominant. He was elected as a member of the National Academy of Design in 1872. Beard was born in Buffalo, New Y......

John Haberle

John Haberle (1856 - 1933) - United States (New Haven)

John Haberle (1856–1933) was a 19th-century American painter in the trompe l'oeil (literally, "fool the eye") style. His still lifes of ordinary objects are painted in such a way that the painting can be mistaken for the objects themselves. He is considered one of the three major figures—together with William Harnett and John F. Peto—practicing thi......

Ernest Martin Hennings

Ernest Martin Hennings (1886 - 1956) - United States (Penns Grove)

Ernest Martin Hennings (1886–1956) was an American artist and member of the Taos Society of Artists. E. Martin Hennings was born in Penns Grove, New Jersey on February 5, 1886 to German immigrant parents. Two years after he was born, Hennings’ father moved his family to Chicago. Looking back on his early exposure to art and his decision to pursue a......

Esteban Jordan

Esteban Jordan (1530 - 1598) - United States (Texas)

Anne Ryan

Anne Ryan (1889 - 1954) - United States (Hoboken)

Anne Ryan (1889–1954) belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist artists. Her first contact with the New York Avant-garde came in 1941 when she joined the Atelier 17, a famous printmaking workshop that the British artist Stanley William Hayter had established in Paris in the 1930s and then brought to New York when Fr......

Charles Peale Polk

Charles Peale Polk (1767 - 1822) - United States (Annapolis)

Charles Peale Polk (March 17, 1767 – May 6, 1822) was an American portrait painter and the nephew of artist Charles Willson Peale. Polk was born in Annapolis, Maryland, to Elizabeth Digby Peale and Robert Polk. At age eight or ten (sources vary on the exact age), after being orphaned, he was sent to Philadelphia to live with his uncle and study art......

Maynard Dixon

Maynard Dixon (1875 - 1946) - United States (Fresno)

Maynard Dixon (January 24, 1875 – November 11, 1946) was an American artist whose body of work focused on the American West. He was married for a time to American photographer Dorothea Lange. Dixon was born in Fresno, California, into a family of aristocratic Virginia Confederates who had found a new home there after the American Civil War. His mot......

Charles Buckles Falls

Charles Buckles Falls (1874 - 1960) - United States (Fort Wayne)

Charles Buckles Falls, also known as C.B. Falls (December 10, 1874 – April 15, 1960), was an American artist, most known for his illustrations and writings. He is the author and illustrator of several books, including The ABC Book. He is also known for his World War I poster advertisements, such as Books Wanted. Charles Buckles Falls was born on De......

George Charles Aid

George Charles Aid (1872 - 1938) - United States (Quincy)

George Charles Aid or George Aid (1872–1938) born in Quincy, Illinois, was an American painter, etcher and teacher known for portrait, landscape and genre painting. Aid was active in France, the Netherlands and The Carolinas. George Charles Aid studied at the School of Fine Art in St. Louis and started working as an illustrator for various St. Loui......

Walter Emerson Baum

Walter Emerson Baum (1884 - 1956) - United States (Sellersville)

Walter Emerson Baum (December 14, 1884 – July 12, 1956) was an American artist and educator active in the Bucks and Lehigh County areas of Pennsylvania in the United States. In addition to being a prolific painter, Baum was also responsible for the founding of the Baum School of Art and the Allentown Art Museum. Born in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, ......

Leon Kroll

Leon Kroll (1884 - 1974) - United States (New York City)

Leon Kroll (December 6, 1884 – October 25, 1974) was an American painter and lithographer. Known as a figurative artist, Life Magazine described him as "the dean of U.S. nude painters," yet he was an exceptional landscape painter and also produced an exceptional body of still life compositions. Born into a musical family on lower Second Avenue in N......

Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams (1873 - 1934) - United States (Maesteg)

Christopher David Williams (7 January 1873–1934) was a Welsh artist. Williams was born in Maesteg, Wales. His father Evan Williams intended him to be a doctor, but he disliked the idea. A visit to the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, in 1892, where he spent some hours in front of Frederick Leighton's Perseus and Andromeda, revealed a new world to him......

Olin Levi Warner

Olin Levi Warner (1844 - 1896) - United States (Suffield)

Olin Levi Warner (April 9, 1844 – August 14, 1896) was an American sculptor and artist noted for the striking bas relief portrait medallions and busts he created in the late 19th century. Warner was born in Suffield, Connecticut. Warner's great-great-uncle was the Revolutionary leader Seth Warner. As a young man he worked as an artisan and a telegr......

Gilbert Munger

Gilbert Munger (1837 - 1903) - United States (Madison)

Gilbert Munger (April 14, 1837 – January 27, 1903) was a late 19th century American landscape painter whose romantic yet topographically accurate landscapes helped to introduce the newly opened West to the American public. Gilbert Davis Munger was born on April 14, 1837, in Madison, Connecticut, to Sherman and Lucretia (Benton) Munger, the last of ......

Coles Phillips

Coles Phillips (1880 - 1927) - United States (Springfield)

Clarence Coles Phillips (October 3, 1880 – June 13, 1927) was an American artist and illustrator who signed his early works C. Coles Phillips, but after 1911 worked under the abbreviated name, Coles Phillips. He is known for his stylish images of women and a signature use of negative space in the paintings he created for advertisements and the cove......

Walter Launt Palmer

Walter Launt Palmer (1854 - 1932) - United States (Albany)

Walter Launt Palmer (1854, Albany, New York – 1932, Albany, New York) was an American Impressionist painter. Palmer's father Erastus Dow Palmer was a prominent sculptor, and their Palmer residence was frequented by his father's friends, notably landscape painter Frederic E. Church. Palmer began his formal artistic training under Charles Loring Elli......

Anna Huntington Stanley

Anna Huntington Stanley (1864 - 1907) - United States (Yellow Springs)

Anna Huntington Stanley (April 20, 1864 – February 25, 1907) was an American Impressionist artist. She was born on April 20, 1864 in Yellow Springs, Ohio to Anna Maria Wright and General David Sloan Stanley, US Army. She died in 1907. Her works are found in numerous institutional collections including The Smithsonian American Art Museum. An exhibit......

George Cochran Lambdin

George Cochran Lambdin (1830 - 1896) - United States (Pittsburgh)

George Cochran Lambdin (1830–1896) was an American Victorian artist, best known for his paintings of flowers. The son of portrait painter James Reid Lambdin, he was born on January 6, 1830 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and exhibited there beginning in 1848. During the American ......

Ernest Parton

Ernest Parton (1845 - 1938) - United States (Hudson)

George James Coates

George James Coates (1869 - 1930) - United States (South Melbourne)

George James Coates (8 August 1869 – 27 July 1930) was an Australian painter. Coates was born in Emerald Hill (now South Melbourne, Victoria), the son of John Coates, an artist-lithographer of English stock, and his wife Elizabeth, a daughter of Ephraim Irwin who came from Ireland. George Coates was educated at St James Grammar School, then at the ......

Frank Tenney Johnson

Frank Tenney Johnson (1874 - 1939) - United States (Pottawattamie County)

Frank Tenney Johnson (June 26, 1874 – January 1, 1939) was a painter of the Old American West, and he popularized a style of painting cowboys which became known as "The Johnson Moonlight Technique". Somewhere on the Range is an example of Johnson's moonlight technique. To paint his paintings he used knives, fingers and brushes. Johnson was born in ......

John Francis Murphy

John Francis Murphy (1853 - 1921) - United States (Oswego)

John Francis Murphy (December 11, 1853 – January 30, 1921) was an American landscape painter. He was born at Oswego, New York. He first exhibited at the National Academy of Design in 1876, and was made an associate in 1885 and a full academician two years later. He became a member of the Society of American Artists (1901) and of the American Waterc......

Edgar Samuel Paxson

Edgar Samuel Paxson (1852 - 1919) - United States (East Hamburg)

Edgar Samuel Paxson (April 25, 1852 – November 9, 1919) was an American frontier painter, scout, soldier and writer, based mainly in Montana. He is best known for his portraits of Native Americans in the Old West and for his depiction of the Battle of Little Bighorn in his painting "Custer's Last Stand". Paxson was born in 1852 to a Quaker family i......

John Hauser

John Hauser (1859 - 1913) - United States (Cincinnati)

John Hauser (January 30, 1859 – October 6, 1913) was an American painter best known for his portraits of American Indians / Native Americans and depictions of various aspects of Indian life. He had academic training at art schools in Europe, including the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In the United States he became fascinated with Native Am......

Edmund Darch Lewis

Edmund Darch Lewis (1835 - 1910) - United States (Philadelphia)

Edmund Darch Lewis (October 17, 1835 - August 12, 1910) was an American landscape painter known for his prolific style and marine oils and watercolors. Lewis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a well-to-do family. He started training at age 15 with German-born Paul Weber (1823–1916) of the Hudson River School. At age 19 he exhibited at the ......

William James Stillman

William James Stillman (1828 - 1901) - United States (Schenectady)

William James Stillman (June 1, 1828 – July 6, 1901) was an American journalist, diplomat, author, historian, and photographer. Educated as an artist, Stillman subsequently converted to the profession of journalism, working primarily as a war correspondent in Crete and the Balkans, where he served as his own photographer. For a time, he also served......

Anna Richards Brewster

Anna Richards Brewster (1870 - 1952) - United States (Germantown)

Anna Richards Brewster (1870–1952) was an American painter. She was born in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were the poet and playwright Anna Matlack and the landscape painter William Trost Richards. One of her brothers, Theodore William Richards, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1914. She studied at Cowles......

Sydney Mortimer Laurence

Sydney Mortimer Laurence (1865 - 1940) - United States (Brooklyn)

Sydney Mortimer Laurence (1865–1940) was an American Romantic landscape painter and is widely considered one of Alaska's most important historical artists. Sydney Mortimer Laurence was born in Brooklyn, New York and studied at the Art Students League of New York. He married Alexandrina Fredricka Dupre in 1889. He exhibited regularly by the late 188......

Abbey Williams Hill

Abbey Williams Hill (1861 - 1943) - United States (Grinnell)

Abbey Williams Hill (1861-1943) was an American plein-air painter most known for her landscapes of the American West. Hill also advocated for children's rights, attended the 1905 Congress of Mothers in Washington, D.C., and founded the Washington (state) Parent-Teacher Association. Hill was born Abby Rhoda Williams, the daughter of Henry W. and Han......

Charles Walter Stetson

Charles Walter Stetson (1858 - 1911) - United States (Tiverton Four Corners)

Charles Walter Stetson (1858–1911) was an American artist often described as a "colorist" for his rich use of color. Stetson was born in Tiverton Four Corners, Rhode Island on March 25, 1858. His father was a Baptist preacher, and the family faced economic worries. Stetson was a self-taught painter. At the age of 14 he began painting, and at the ag......

Anne Estelle Rice

Anne Estelle Rice (1877 - 1959) - United States (Conshohocken)

Anne Estelle Rice (1877–1959), sculptor and artist, was one of the chief illustrators for the British periodical Rhythm, edited by John Middleton Murry and Michael Sadleir from 1911 to 1913. She established a close relationship with Katherine Mansfield, and famously painted her wearing red. Rice was born in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania in 1877 and gr......

George Wright

George Wright (1872 - 1951) - United States (Fox Chase)

George Hand Wright (1872–1951) was an American painter, illustrator and printmaker. Born in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of a blacksmith, he attended the Spring Garden Institute, a local technical school, and was apprenticed to a lithographer. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts under Robert Vonno......

Harriet Whitney Frishmuth

Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (1880 - 1980) - United States (Philadelphia)

Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (September 17, 1880 – January 1980) was an American sculptor known for her works in bronze. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents divorced when she was in her teens, and she moved to Europe with her mother and sisters, living there for eight years. She studied briefly with Auguste Rodin at the École des B......

Frederic Clay Bartlett

Frederic Clay Bartlett (1873 - 1953) - United States (Chicago)

Frederic Clay Bartlett (June 1, 1873 – June 25, 1953) was an American artist and art collector known for his collection of French Post-Impressionist and modernist art. Bartlett was committed to promoting the work of fellow contemporary artists and was a founding member of the Arts Club of Chicago, a pioneering organization dedicated to the advancem......

Allen Tupper True

Allen Tupper True (1881 - 1955) - United States (Colorado Springs)

Allen Tupper True (May 30, 1881 – November 1, 1955) was an American illustrator, easel painter and muralist who specialized in depicting the American West. Allen Tupper True, born May 30, 1881 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was the son of Margaret Allen and Henry Alfonso True, both of New England parentage. (pp3) Henry True was a pioneer who had fo......

Verner Moore White

Verner Moore White (1863 - 1923) - United States (Lunenburg County)

Verner Moore White (October 5, 1863 - August 30, 1923), born Thomas Verner Moore White but informally known as Verner White, was an American landscape and portrait painter. White painted works for many of the business and political leaders of his time including commissions for three United States Presidents. White was born in Lunenburg County, Virg......

Selwyn Image

Selwyn Image (1849 - 1930) - United States (Bodiam)

Selwyn Image (February 17, 1849, Bodiam, Sussex – August 21, 1930, London) was an important British artist, designer, writer and poet associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement. He designed stained glass windows, furniture, embroidery, and was an illustrator of books. Image was the first Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford from 1910 to 1916. Se......

Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson (1876 - 1965) - United States (Elgin)

Jane Peterson (1876–1965) was a graduate of Pratt Institute and an American Impressionist and Expressionist painter. Her works are created in Impressionist and Expressionist styles using broad swaths of vibrant colors to combine an interest in light and in depiction of spontaneous moments and are well known for vivid, rich painted still life, beach......

Ira Diamond Gerald Cassidy

Ira Diamond Gerald Cassidy (1869 - 1934) - United States (Covington)

Gerald Cassidy (November 10, 1869 – February 12, 1934) was an early 20th-century artist, muralist and designer who lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cassidy was born in Covington, Kentucky on November 10, 1869 as Ira Dymond Gerald Cassidy. He studied art at the Institute of Mechanical Arts under Frank Duveneck, and the Art Students League in New York.......

William Harrison Scarborough

William Harrison Scarborough (1812 - 1871) - United States (Tennessee)

William Harrison Scarborough (November 7, 1812 – August 16, 1871) was an American painter, active mainly as a portraitist. A native of Tennessee, he spent much of his career in South Carolina. Scarborough was born in Dover, Tennessee to John and Sally Bosworth Scarborough, whose family origins were in Scarborough, Yorkshire. He often employed a fam......

Frank Virgil Dudley

Frank Virgil Dudley (1868 - 1957) - United States (Delavan)

Frank V. Dudley (November 14, 1868 – March 5, 1957) was an American landscape painter, known especially for his paintings of scenes in the Indiana Dunes. Dudley was born in Delavan, Wisconsin, but he spent most of his life in the Chicago area. His studio was located in what is now the Indiana Dunes State Park. Not only did he frequently paint the d......

Henry Lee Mcfee

Henry Lee Mcfee (1886 - 1953) - United States (St. Louis)

Henry Lee McFee (April 14, 1886 – March 19, 1953) was a pioneer American cubist painter and a prominent member of the Woodstock artists colony. McFee was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1886. From 1902 to 1905, he attended Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri. In 1907, he inherited a large sum of money, allowing him to enroll in the Stevens......

Mabel Woodward

Mabel Woodward (1877 - 1945) - United States (Providence)

Mabel May Woodward (September 28, 1877 – August 14, 1945) was a prominent Rhode Island impressionist painter during the late 19th and early 20th century. Woodward was born to a stable, affluent family in Providence, Rhode Island, where she spent most of her life, except for a brief period in San Francisco and many summers in Ogunquit, Maine. Her fa......

Mabel May Woodward

Mabel May Woodward (1877 - 1945) - United States (Providence)

Mabel May Woodward (September 28, 1877 – August 14, 1945) was a prominent Rhode Island impressionist painter during the late 19th and early 20th century. Woodward was born to a stable, affluent family in Providence, Rhode Island, where she spent most of her life, except for a brief period in San Francisco and many summers in Ogunquit, Maine. Her fa......

Guy Orlando Rose

Guy Orlando Rose (1867 - 1925) - United States (San Gabriel)

Alonzo Chappel

Alonzo Chappel (1828 - 1887) - United States (New York)

Charles Rettew Sheeler Junior

Charles Rettew Sheeler Junior (1883 - 1965) - United States (Philadelphia)

Precisionism, Precisionism

George Henry Durrie

George Henry Durrie (1820 - 1863) - United States (Hartford)

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer (1879 - 1931) - United States (Nebraska)

Alfred Heber Hutty

Alfred Heber Hutty (1877 - 1954) - United States (Michigan)

Levi Wells Prentice

Levi Wells Prentice (1851 - 1935) - United States (Harrisburgh)

Felix Octavius Carr Darley

Felix Octavius Carr Darley (1822 - 1888) - United States (Philadelphia)

Alvan Fisher

Alvan Fisher (1792 - 1863) - United States (Needham)

Francis A Silva

Francis A Silva (1835 - 1886) - United States (New York)

Henry Roderick Newman

Henry Roderick Newman (1833 - 1918) - United States (Easton)

James Madison Alden

James Madison Alden (1834 - 1922) - United States (Boxborough)

William Macgregor Paxton

William Macgregor Paxton (1869 - 1941) - United States (Baltimore)

Carleton Emmons Watkins

Carleton Emmons Watkins (1829 - 1916) - United States (Oneonta)

Henry Alexander Ogden

Henry Alexander Ogden (1856 - 1936) - United States (Philadelphia)

Julius Garibaldi Melchers

Julius Garibaldi Melchers (1860 - 1932) - United States (Detroit)

William Louis Sonntag

William Louis Sonntag (1822 - 1900) - United States (Pittsburgh)

Charles Ethan Porter

Charles Ethan Porter (1847 - 1923) - United States (Hartford)

Samuel Lovett Waldo

Samuel Lovett Waldo (1783 - 1861) - United States (Windham)

Elliott Dangerfield

Elliott Dangerfield (1859 - 1932) - United States (West Virginia)

Richard Edward Miller

Richard Edward Miller (1875 - 1943) - United States (St. Louis)

Samuel Coleman Junior

Samuel Coleman Junior (1832 - 1920) - United States (Portland)

Robert Bruce Crane

Robert Bruce Crane (1857 - 1937) - United States (New York)

Francis Coates Jones

Francis Coates Jones (1857 - 1932) - United States (Baltimore)

Matthew Harris Jouett

Matthew Harris Jouett (1788 - 1827) - United States (Mercer County)

Regionalism, Regionalism

William Samuel Horton

William Samuel Horton (1865 - 1936) - United States (Grand Rapids)

Jerome B Thompson

Jerome B Thompson (1814 - 1886) - United States (Middleborough)

Allen Tucker

Allen Tucker (1866 - 1939) - United States (New York)

Thomas Waterman Wood

Thomas Waterman Wood (1823 - 1903) - United States (Montpelier)

Charles De Wolf Brownell

Charles De Wolf Brownell (1822 - 1909) - United States (Providence, Rhode Island)

Charles James Theriat

Charles James Theriat (1851 - 1906) - United States (New York)

Abbott Fuller Graves

Abbott Fuller Graves (1859 - 1936) - United States (Weymouth)

Jacob Simon Hendrik Kever

Jacob Simon Hendrik Kever (1880 - 1920) - United States (Nunda)

Benjamin Tanner

Benjamin Tanner (1775 - 1848) - United States (New York)

Alson Skinner Clark

Alson Skinner Clark (1870 - 1949) - United States (Chicago)

William Smith Jewett

William Smith Jewett (1812 - 1873) - United States (South Dover)

Theodore Wores

Theodore Wores (1859 - 1939) - United States (San Francisco)

Edward Williams Clay (After)

Edward Williams Clay (After) (1799 - 1857) - United States (Philadelphia)

Arthur Parton

Arthur Parton (1842 - 1914) - United States (New York)

Harry Herman Roseland

Harry Herman Roseland (1867 - 1950) - United States (Brooklyn)

Albert Fitch Bellows

Albert Fitch Bellows (1829 - 1883) - United States (Milford)

Helen Maria Turner

Helen Maria Turner (1858 - 1958) - United States (Louisville)

Rae Sloan Bredin

Rae Sloan Bredin (1880 - 1933) - United States (Butler County)

James Wells Champney

James Wells Champney (1843 - 1903) - United States (Boston)

Carducius Plantagenet Ream

Carducius Plantagenet Ream (1837 - 1917) - United States (Lancaster)

Addison Thomas Millar

Addison Thomas Millar (1860 - 1913) - United States (Warren)

Claude Raguet Hirst

Claude Raguet Hirst (1855 - 1942) - United States (Cincinnati)

Harry Pettit

Harry Pettit (1867 - 1941) - United States (Rock Island)

Reynolds Beal

Reynolds Beal (1866 - 1951) - United States (New York City)

Chauncey Bradley Ives

Chauncey Bradley Ives (1810 - 1894) - United States (Hamden)

Nathaniel Currier

Nathaniel Currier (1813 - 1888) - United States (Roxbury)

Pedro De Cordoba

Pedro De Cordoba (1881 - 1950) - United States (New York City)

Edward Pearce

Edward Pearce (1864 - 1940) - United States (Portland)

Samuel Joseph May

Samuel Joseph May (1797 - 1871) - United States (Boston)

Arthur Clifton Goodwin

Arthur Clifton Goodwin (1864 - 1929) - United States

Nicholas Alden Brooks

Nicholas Alden Brooks (1840 - 1904) - United States


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