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The 12 Artworks of media Aquarelle and containing the word makovoj valerij, aquarelle, realizm, characters

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Makovoj Valerij - Dance with vyhodom.Indyuki on a farmstead.Dance with vyhodom.Indyuki on a farmstead.Makovoj Valerij

Composition with turkeys created by what he saw during a visit skit Rodiny.Vesenny-wedding ritual dance podsmotrena in the yard of his neighbor, to grow up these strange birds.

Makovoj Valerij - ,, ,, Viaduct 2.Irlandiya,, ,, Viaduct 2.IrlandiyaMakovoj Valerij

My demo in collaboration with his students studii.Ispolzovana watercolor paper Artistic Fabriano, 300 g gr.2014

Makovoj Valerij - Fog in the Valley of Ireland.Fog in the Valley of Ireland.Makovoj Valerij

Watercolor large format ,, Bird s poleta.Dolina Ireland ,, work performed April 4, 2010 g.Bumaga Arches 300 gr. 72 * 90 cm. (Clearance in the frame and anti-reflective glass)

Makovoj Valerij - REFLECTION 2REFLECTION 2Makovoj Valerij

Watercolor executed June 6, 2013 g.kak master class to students of the studio and invited guests after the celebration of my jubilee, 60th letiya.Eto 2nd performance in full leaf Arches (a) 300 gr.ponravivshegosya plot, 1st is in the gallery Dublin, the third version ,, ,, performed on order (38 * 5...

Makovoj Valerij - Altai Mountain stream.Altai Mountain stream.Makovoj Valerij

After more than 25 years from the day of my visit to the Altai Territory, I wrote watercolor as a reminder of a beautiful corner of nature taiga.

Makovoj Valerij - Yahtklub.Yurmala.Latviya.Yahtklub.Yurmala.Latviya.Makovoj Valerij

Watercolor prepared for the International Exhibition seascape ,, Marina2013, which was opened in Jurmala from July 5 to August 4, 2013 g.Bumaga Arches 300 gr.

Shandor Alexander - brookbrookShandor Alexander

Year of creation 2011
Technique: watercolor paper
Dimensions: 42 x 59 (A 2)