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The 16 Artworks containing the word glass

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Bust Glass - blown glass skullsblown glass skullsBust Glass

I represent for sale the author's work - a transparent crystal glass skull full-scale . It is executed from qualitative heat-resistant glass , it is filled in from within by very transparent reinforced plastic the colour cherry-amber , full impression cast crystal . The size - natural , weight - 5 k...

Makovoj Valerij - Fog in the Valley of Ireland.Fog in the Valley of Ireland.Makovoj Valerij

Watercolor large format ,, Bird s poleta.Dolina Ireland ,, work performed April 4, 2010 g.Bumaga Arches 300 gr. 72 * 90 cm. (Clearance in the frame and anti-reflective glass)

Martijn Limburg - La ChefLa ChefMartijn Limburg

In this painting you see my dear beautiful wife Monique joyfully busy with her business; Cooking and let Cook. As a Self-made Women, as la Chef de Cuisine for almost 10 years in command of her cooking studios. Here she is teaching you and your friends, with the right guidance and patience, the right...