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The 139 Artworks containing the word abstract

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Natacha Vanhoolandt - SparksSparksNatacha Vanhoolandt

Glittering sparks that abound and are light up a heart, a mind, that make feel alive, happy, to apprehend the future with a bright smile ...

Sipo Liimatainen - Eden - Modern fractal artEden - Modern fractal artSipo Liimatainen

'Eden' was born when I start thinking man and the stories associated with the beginning of time. This modern fractal artwork belongs to my 'Listen with your eyes' series. “Eden” is the pilot work of my art collection “Eden”.

Natacha Vanhoolandt - BeatsBeatsNatacha Vanhoolandt

A heart that beats, that if debate, which is in all its forms, is a beating heart, anarchic beats, which stop and then again run wild, and are back to life in a body and a soul. ..

Sipo Liimatainen - Abstract fine art print - Somnus futurusAbstract fine art print - Somnus futurusSipo Liimatainen

Lovely modern fractal artwork “Somnus futurus” is a member of my fine art collection “Futura”

Arttauta Painting - Birthday. Melting kiss.Birthday. Melting kiss.Arttauta Painting

Tautvydas Davainis
For more information about me and my creation: / embed / OE68KomiLxY / embed / -DcJLw5LP5U / embed / -DcJLw5LP5U
If you are interested, you should contact him at: artt...

Natacha Vanhoolandt - Between usBetween usNatacha Vanhoolandt

'Between her and me is upside to the place, two mirrors stepper send us a picture where time disappears ....'

Natacha Vanhoolandt - Towards a new hopeTowards a new hopeNatacha Vanhoolandt

Moving forward, never looking back, just to see ahead and believe, believe that everything is possible if one has the means to get there .... Hope this is already to get there ....

Sipo Liimatainen - Elegant beautyElegant beautySipo Liimatainen

This tender artwork belongs to my new 'Listen with your eyes' series which I have designed for home and business interiors. ( floral, flowers, botanical, fractal, decorative, interior design, abstract, modern, contemporary, expressive, expressionism, abstract expressionism, expression, painterly, i...